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In many homes across Connecticut, plush carpet grace the floors and gives home owners a comfortable surface to walk across.

Carpeting does require regular cleaning, however, in order to maintain its aesthetic appeal in your home.

Vacuuming your carpeting at least once a week is required to keep the visible signs of dirt at bay, and you may vacuum more frequently if you have a high-traffic home with pets, kids or frequent visitors.

Some particles, however, have a tendency to stick to the carpet, and even the most frequent vacuuming efforts cannot extract all of these particles from the carpet.As more particles accumulate in the carpet over time, the floor can take on a dingy appearance. It will not only look dirty, but it actually can be unhealthy. The particles in a floor may include allergens, bacteria and more. With  professional carpet cleaning  from Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, you can remove embedded dust and restore the look of your carpet.

A Healthier Home

When excessive amounts of allergens, bacteria and more accumulate in your carpet, your home can become unhealthy to live  and breathe in.

Through professional carpet cleaning, however, the dual action of warm steam coupled with powerful steam cleaning machines can remove these particles and improve the cleanliness of your carpet. This can make your home a healthier place to live.

However, who you call for your professional cleaning service can make a difference in the level of clean you can enjoy. While many other companies use cleansers that have been deemed as unsafe for pets, kids and others, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning only uses organic cleansers in the cleaning process.

Nobody wants to replace allergens and bacteria in their carpet with unhealthy chemical cleansers. With Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, your can remove these unhealthy particles from your home in a safer, healthier way.

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Convenient Service

When you think about getting your carpets professionally cleaned, you may think about past experiences you have had with other cleaning companies.

Other cleaners may keep you waiting for hours for a professional to show up and clean your home.

You may be surprised with unexpected or extra charges after your home’s carpets have been cleaned, and you may have to contend with wet carpets for hours after the service has been completed. 

These are common complaints people have when working with inexperienced carpet cleaning companies, but you won’t experience these things with Green Choice Carpet Cleaning. With Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, a professional will arrive at your home at a time that is convenient for you to provide you with a free in-home quote.

This ensures there are no surprise expenses charged to you. Our staff will also arrive at the scheduled time to professionally clean your carpets. The process is designed to minimize dampness, and it utilizes less water and a more powerful extraction process than the competition. Call to schedule your in-home consultation at a time that is convenient for you.

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