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There are many of professional carpet cleaning companies in New York. While most residents recognize the need of engaging the services of these companies, the more difficult question is which among these companies is perfect for the job.
We all want to live safe, clean and healthy and also want to see our families safe and healthy. However, to be capable of maintaining your home’s health, it is important to know about the facts which can be harmful and helpful.
One little and important known fact is Carpets, rugs etc. These easily contain bacteria and allergens that would circulate freely in a house. However, for this, a proper periodic carpet deep cleaning is necessary to remain healthy by removing unhealthy particles. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC knows how to capture these particles by a simple, effective, affordable method. We believe in customer satisfaction and in promoting a better healthy environment that what we do at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Company. We are recognized for our cleaner, safer and healthier cleaning process. When it comes to the professional carpet cleaning services, upholstery or rugs we never compromise on the quality of our work.
So there are many of reasons why you should go with Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, which is NYC’s best green carpet cleaning company.

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Different Carpets Have Different Fabrics

You may know how to take care of some of your carpets at home. But always keep in mind that different carpets have different fabrics, which means, different carpets require different carpet cleaning depending on what it is made of. The professionals of Green Choice Carpet Cleaning know exactly what has to be done. They are equipped with knowledge and tools to handle even the most delicate and sensitive carpet fabric. We also use certified green carpet cleaners on your carpet for a Eco-friendly carpet cleaning that is safe for your environment and your health. If your home has children or pets, you may be concerned about the chemical fumes caused by steam cleaning, but our green cleaners do not contain any harsh chemicals that can cause health problems in your home.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Condition

Carpet cleaning is not as simple as A B C. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for carpets. In carpet cleaning, the current condition of the fabric has to be taken into account as well. The magnitude, degree and process of cleaning could vary depending on its conditions, especially for carpets that have already have years of heavy foot traffic and need a deep shampoo cleaning. Remember, the fabrics of these carpets degrade and their quality diminishes through time. In which case, special care and diligence in cleaning the carpets are necessary. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning has trained personnel to handle delicate fabrics not only to preserve its present conditions but also to lengthen its life.

It Is Cheaper to Hire Pros

If you were maintaining an office which is carpeted, cleaning all those carpet through your own maintenance team can be very costly. Hiring professionals carpet cleaners in NYC to do the work will relieve your team of the burden. Just think of how huge companies outsource some works nowadays. If own a home and are thinking about renting a steam cleaning machine, you might find it cheaper and much easier to call a professional steam carpet cleaning company to save yourself the hassle of transporting the machine, buying the proper cleaning chemicals and then spending hours to use a unfamiliar machine. Green Choice can save you time and money so call us today and get your free estimate!

Trust only the professionals. Trust only the experts. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning can provide you with outstanding service for all kinds of carpets.

We Remove Stains & Odors in NYC

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Customer Testimonials

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  • After our pet had an accident on our rugs we called Green Choice to remove it and the stain. The rug was off white and the stain ruined the appearance. After Green Choice was finished the stain we gone and the rug looked great. I thought we would have buy a new rug but Green Choice saved our rug for a very good price. They provided a great service and I recommend them highly.

  • I needed to have an Oriental rug cleaned after a few years of sitting in my living room. It was dusty and few food and drink spills on it. Given the price I paid for it, I check around for a service with good reviews and settles on Green Choice. A plus is that they also give free pick up and delivery. I got the rug back in a week and it looks great. No dirt and no stains. Great job of Oriental rug cleaning Green Choice.


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