Wool Rug Cleaning Connecticut

Wool Rug Cleaning Connecticut

Many people love to decorate their home with wool rugs.
These natural fiber rugs are popular in part because they are so versatile and functional. There are numerous styles available that include a contemporary, modern, traditional or other look, and they can be found in numerous shapes and sizes. They add a textured focal point to your space as well as plush, soft comfort for your feet. If you are like so many others, you have used wool rugs to decorate various rooms of your home, and now you need to find a reputable wool rug cleaning Connecticut company to clean them for you. While you do want to vacuum your rugs regularly, just as you vacuum the carpet in a home, you also want to regularly clean them with a rug cleaning service from Green Choice Carpet Cleaning.

How Area Rug Cleaning Works

If you have never had your home’s area rugs professionally cleaned, you may be wondering how the process works. When you work with Green Choice Carpet Cleaning for green rug cleaning service, the process begins with a free in-home estimate. A representative will visit your home to determine the cleaning needs your rugs require. You will receive an on-site quote, and the quote will include free transportation of the rugs to our local cleaning facility. Unlike other local companies that contract a third party to clean the rugs, we maintain complete control over the rug cleaning process because our own skilled technicians clean the rugs in our private facility. The rugs will be professionally cleaned with speed, and same-day service is available in most cases. When the rugs are returned to your home, stubborn stains, foot traffic patterns and more will be erased. Your carpet will look and smell cleaner, when you use our services for wool rug cleaning in Connecticut. Our process not only removes dirt and stains, but it also removes bacteria and other pathogens.

A Cleaner Home

You can spend a lot of time cleaning your home each week. The goal of your cleaning efforts is to provide your family with a home that looks clean and that actually is clean to live in. While your own efforts at cleaning wool rugs is beneficial, periodically a more thorough type of cleaning is necessary. You can contact Green Choice Carpet Cleaning to schedule a free in-home consultation. Through this consultation, you can learn more about the wool rug cleaning process and get a quote for cleaning your home’s wool rugs.

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