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You know whether you have your lovely children or pets, whether you have your dear friends and family members at home, your upholstery is getting to use every time without any doubt. Sofas, couches, and chairs are those types of furniture that contains much dust, pollen, and the germs. These contain the unhealthy strains and blemished that sometimes can be difficult to handle. According to surveys, there are approx. 80% of the dust stuck in the upholstered fabrics. So, it is necessary to deep clean them to avoid health issues.
If you want an expert, professional and spotlessly cleaned and dried upholstery, sofas, and chairs, all you need is the service of a company that offers professional upholstery cleaning. Well, don’t worry about the upholstery cleaning, just inform us, and we will send the experienced and professional workers to assist you. They will provide a fresh and clean look to your favorite furniture and bring a new life in them. They are fully trained to handle any upholstery and do a deep cleaning and avoid any type of furniture damage.
At Green Choice, you not only get what you pay for but your get more than what you pay for! Our value-for-money and top quality upholstery cleaning services at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC gives your priceless fabrics the cleaning and restoration they need to keep them looking like brand new. We have been in this industry for so long and we have been servicing the whole of New York and Tri-State Area. You satisfaction is our main aim, and so we make sure that everything that we offer will give you complete satisfaction with our work.

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Why Clean Your Upholstery?

One of the most common questions asked by our clients is why is it that they need to get their upholsteries thoroughly cleaned. Your sofas, chairs, and linens are just like your carpets and rugs. They get worn over time, especially if you always sit on them. They can be prone to spill and dirt and therefore, end them up victims of stains and soil. A regular and thorough deep-clean of your upholstery will prolong the life of your favorite furniture. We at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC choose our upholstery cleaning solutions according to the type of fabric that you have. We have a team of expert upholstery cleaners in NYC who will give you an honest and exact estimate on what is the suitable cleaning service for your pieces. No matter what type of cleaning problem you have, we have our professional technicians to address your concerns, from simple to delicate fabrics.

We take care of:

  • Leather and fabric
  • All types of chairs, including sofas, love seats, etc.
  • Steam and dry cleaning.
  • Fabric wall cleaning.
  • Stains, Spots and Odor Elimination.
  • Mildew and Mold Cleanup.
  • Scotch Guard or Teflon.

We use the safest, non-toxic, organic, and Eco friendly cleaning agents. You can call our 24-hour Response Service anytime you want.


If you think your only option is replacing that seemingly worn-out and faded furniture. Think again! We at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning can make your chairs, sofas, fabrics, carpets, and rugs look like brand new! Save $$$ with our array of carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning services without hassle! Our upholstering restoration procedure will extend the life of your upholstered furniture with the help of our state-of-the-art treatment facilities ease the process and give you a brand new-like fabric! So don’t worry over your upholsteries, rugs, and carpets. Call us at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC and we will provide you with professional upholstery cleaning in NYC like no other.

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Customer Testimonials

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  • After our pet had an accident on our rugs we called Green Choice to remove it and the stain. The rug was off white and the stain ruined the appearance. After Green Choice was finished the stain we gone and the rug looked great. I thought we would have buy a new rug but Green Choice saved our rug for a very good price. They provided a great service and I recommend them highly.

  • I needed to have an Oriental rug cleaned after a few years of sitting in my living room. It was dusty and few food and drink spills on it. Given the price I paid for it, I check around for a service with good reviews and settles on Green Choice. A plus is that they also give free pick up and delivery. I got the rug back in a week and it looks great. No dirt and no stains. Great job of Oriental rug cleaning Green Choice.


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