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If you happen to be in need of some great carpet cleaning services then you are in luck, because you have found one of the most thorough and professional companies in the business.

Green Choice is a company that is affordable while also being well trained and hard-working is always a plus.

Our top priority is to keep your rugs in tip top condition at an affordable price.

Make no mistake about it, we will leave your home with sparking cleaning carpets.

Call Green Choice today and see why were are Westchester’s favorite carpet and rug cleaner for the past 20 years.


What We Do Different

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning staff make a point to treat the cleaning of a family’s carpets as if they were their own, taking the time to be as thorough as is humanly possible.

Even the smallest stain is scrutinized and worked on so as to bring the carpet back to its former beauty.

It is this attention to detail that can really make a huge difference when you go to have your carpets cleaned.

There will not be a spot (no matter how small) that is overlooked, and if you happen to notice something we will happily go over it again.

A Whole Lot of Experience

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning boasts a large amount of experience with a number of different professionals under our roof that can handle just about any job out there.

Making sure that our jobs are done and done right by a seasoned team of professionals is something that we have excelled at for many years now.

Every chance to improve upon the customer’s experience is something we take advantage of, and this is why we have excelled for so long at providing excellent service to our customers with our carpet cleaning Westchester services.

Results That Matter

By incorporating the most effective materials and techniques, we are able to produce amazing results for our customers time and again.

Keeping your carpets not only clean but looking like new is one of our missions.

Many cleaning techniques tend to make a carpet appear aged or worn, but we go the extra step to avoid this possibility by using the best green cleaning compounds available for the job.

While some companies might boast these skills, we actually follow through in a way you can see and feel.

Our green carpet cleaning will leave your carpets clean of dirt and harmful chemicals.

Our Rug Cleaning Westchester Services

Our rug cleaning services provides you with easy to use services, affordable pricing, and the best rug cleaning you can find.When call and make an appointment with us, we will send a technician to provide you with a free and no obligation cleaning quote.

We can pickup the rug right there are schedule a more convenient time for you.We can even deliver the rug to another location if you are moving and store it while your new house get ready. 

All our cleaning is done in our exclusive rug cleaning factory. We have an experienced staff who knows the best way to clean all types of rugs. We specialize in cleaning handmade Persian and Oriental rugs. Our factory has the best rug cleaning machines to ensure your rug gets the best cleaning you can in New York. When your rug is done, we will call you and return your rug back to you. 

There is no easier or better service for rug cleaning in Westchester than Green Choice Carpet.

Free Pick Up and Delivery. Your Local Area Rug Specialists.

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