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It can be very difficult to select the right Oriental rugs for your home.

You have to account for the size of the room, the layout of the furniture, the color scheme, the overall ambiance and more.

After spending so much time and money purchasing the best Oriental rugs for your home, you want to keep them looking great for many years to come.

However, these decorative rugs reside on the floor of your home.

They easily collect a variety of particles that can make a rug dirty and even unhealthy for your home’s occupants.

These particles can become ground in to the floor as people and pets walk across it regularly.

These rugs also may become spotted with various types of stains over time.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaner is a professional Connecticut Oriental rug cleaner that takes a green approach to cleaning area rugs.

A Safe Rug Cleaning Option

Some rug cleaning companies will clean Oriental rugs in your home, but most will remove them from your home and clean them off-site.

Whether Oriental rugs are cleaned in your home or off-site, you do want to make sure that the rug cleaning company only uses safe, organic cleansing products.

Some companies use cleansers that have unhealthy ingredients in them, and these unsafe substances are not what you want on the floor of your home.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is one of the few companies in the local area that cleans all Oriental rugs in its own facility.

The company uses only organic cleaning products.

These products can remove tough stains, foot traffic patterns and more.

This is a safe, healthy way to clean your Oriental rugs.

Carpet Cleaning

When to Clean Your Rugs

If your Oriental rugs are showing signs of visible dirt, stains and more, now is the ideal time to call for professional Oriental rug cleaning service from Green Choice Carpet Cleaning.

However, even rugs that are not visibly dirty may benefit from professional rug cleaning on a regular basis.

Keep in mind that vacuuming will not pull all of the dirt, dander, bacteria and more out of these rugs, so professional rug cleaning on a regular basis is beneficial.

This can help you to create a cleaner, healthier environment where your family can live.

With a call in to Green Choice Carpet Cleaning today, you can schedule an in-home estimate as well as pick-up of your rug for rug cleaning service.

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