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Area rugs are found in homes across the state of Connecticut.

Whether you have Persian rugs, Oriental rugs or some other type of area rugs in your home, you know how difficult these floor coverings can be to keep clean.

While you may run your vacuum over your area rugs when you vacuum the rest of the floor, a vacuum will not remove stains, spots and ground-in dirt that can leave the rug discolored.

With area rug cleaning  from Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, however, the look of your rug can be renewed.

How We Clean Your Rugs

There are many cleaning companies you can call to clean your home’s area rugs today, but with a closer look at our rug cleaning service, you will find that we are the best choice.

We are a green company that is dedicated to providing you with high quality results with minimal waste and impact to the environment.

One way we work to ensure our rug cleaning process is green is by performing rug cleaning in our own facility.

Other companies will outsource rug cleaning to a third party, and they do not have control over the cleaning process that a third party offers.

We clean rugs in our own facility using our green cleaning process. Through our process, the ground-in dirt and stains on your rugs will be removed, and your rug will be beautifully restored.

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The Cost of Our Services

Because we offer in-house area rug cleaning Connecticut service in our own facility, we don’t have to incur additional fees by hiring a third party company to clean area rugs.

Other companies will pass these additional fees on to you, but you won’t find that with Green Choice Carpet Cleaning.

When you compare our rates against the rates other companies charge, you will see that we do offer the best rates for rug cleaning services.

We offer free in-home estimates, which makes it convenient to learn more about the cost of using our services.

Same-Day Services

Nobody wants their home’s floors to look bare for longer than necessary, and you won’t have to deal with a long area rug cleaning process when you choose Green Choice Carpet Cleaning.

In fact, because we clean rugs at our own facility, we have the unique ability to offer you same-day service.

If you have area rugs in your home that are discolored with ground-in dirt, rug cleaning.

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