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Your carpet is subjected to all types of wear and tear on a daily basis, from heavy foot traffic to spills. 

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Queens is a green company based out of Queens, New York.

Our affordable and professional services, from steam cleaning to shampooing, are highly sought after by customers who enjoy getting a good value for their money.

The goal of Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is always to create a pleasant experience for each customer. Our philosophy is backed by a dedication to go the extra mile when doing the job.

Staff are trained, certified, and insured in all aspects of carpet cleaning.

Customers will sleep well at night knowing their carpets are being cleaned by top professionals in the industry.

Green Choice Is Affordable and Reliable

Affordability is just one advantage to choosing our reliable carpet cleaning company.

The first step to cleaner carpets is to talk with one of our representatives on the phone or chat or schedule a visit from one of our certified staff.

This on site estimate is free to the customer so they are at no obligation if they decide that it’s not for them.

After the free estimate, customers will have the option of same day service in which experienced staff will get started on the project the very same day.

This added convenience is ideal for both parties because it saves employees another trip and the customers can enjoy a sense of relief knowing their carpets have been cleaned.

The process involves two main types of approaches called shampoo and steam cleaning.When a carpet is in need of a shampoo, there is usually a distribution of dirt and stains throughout the entire floor.

Shampoo cleaning is for hard to remove spots and carpets with heavy dust and dirt. Steam cleaning is our most popular cleaning and is perfect for cleaning up carpets quickly by removing dirt and light stains.

Both methods use only certified green cleaners so you do not have worry about harsh chemicals being used during the cleaning. Our team of qualified professionals are focused on customer satisfaction and the results speak for themselves. The first step to cleaner carpet is to contact them for a free estimate today!

Our Service for Rug Cleaning in Queens

Green Choice also offers professional rug cleaning in Queens.

We have our own rug cleaning Queens factory with the most advanced cleaning machines on the market.

We can clean all types of rug. Plus we provide free pickup and delivery service throughout Queens.

Just call us and we can provide a free estimate, or, even better, send a rug cleaning technician over to provide a full estimate at no charge and can pick up the rug right there and bring into the factory for cleaning.

If you have a valuable rug, we have rug cleaning experts with the best equipment who will provide you with the best rug cleaning in Queens. 

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Free Pick Up and Delivery. Your Local Area Rug Specialists.

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