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Silk Rug Cleaning NYC

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Silk Rug Cleaning NYC


Silk is known as the natural protein fiber that is produced or obtained when the silkworm larvae make cocoons.

No doubt that silk is the strongest and the best natural fibers that are mainly composed of fibrin.

However, it is necessary to know that it loses almost 20% of its strength just due to wetness.

It is known for its impressive ability to refract light.

So due to this property, silk is used to produce or to create amazing and eye catchy rugs.

Silk is soft and delicate, so it is necessary to clean the rugs with professional ways.

There are a number of silk rug cleaning companies all offering similar cleaning packages.

If you were thinking of hiring a professional, you would most likely be confused and believe that all these offers are of the same quality.

But it is not. Bear in mind that similar services are not the same as the same quality.

But of all these silk rug cleaners in NYC, there is one that amazingly stands out.

These companies may have similar services and package offerings, but Green Choice Silk Rug Cleaning NYC undoubtedly offers the most effective cleaning of all these companies.

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Well Trained Staff

Providing special cleaning to unique rugs is necessary.

The silk rugs are sensitive, so these should not place in the areas with high foot traffic.

Moreover, heavy furniture should also not be placed on the silk rugs as it damages the pile.

Our devoted staff always ready to help you out regarding your carpets and upholstery and the rugs.

All you need is to call us and leave the rest on our responsible shoulders.

We promise to bring better and the best results for you by using our high-quality services.

Success in the industry of rug cleaning is not just about the cleansers or solutions you use, it is also about the competent personnel that will deliver these services to clients.

Green Choice Silk Rug Cleaning NYC  are professionals – well-trained individuals in the different aspects of rug cleaning.

Competent and professional manpower is one thing that separates us from the rest.

Indeed, our company’s professional personnel not only complements but also perfects the services we offer.

Trusted Name in Rug Cleaning  in NYC Since 1996. All Rugs Handled with Care & Respect. Guaranteed Quote. Chemical Free Process. Worry-Free Pricing. Online Specials. Family Owned and Operated. Certified Expertise. Services: Luster Wash, Soap Wash, Rug Restoration, Spreading, Rug Blocking, Rug Drying.

Superior Cleaning Methods in NYC

Rug cleaning methods are another thing that separates Green Choice Silk Rug Cleaning NYC from the rest.

Unlike the other companies, we use different kinds of approaches and methods to best attend to the needs of the clients.

This is premised on the fact that there is no a one kind of method that suits all kinds of rugs.

Remember, silk rugs have different compositions and are made of different fabrics.

These differences have to be taken into account in determining the right cleaning method for your rug. Do not worry.

You do not need to know the specifications of your rugs before the company attends to your needs.

The professionals will take care of all that.

There is no better way in delivering most effective cleaning service than devising a unique cleaning plan for your rug.

Silk rugs must be treated by specialist who understand how to clean and handle silk in way that protects the dyes and structure of the rug.

If the silk rugs are not clean properly, then these silk rugs make allergies for the people.

The fibers of the rugs contain much dust and the dirt due to the heavy traffic.

Obviously, care brings life to each and everything.

Same is the case with the silk rugs if we do proper cleaning, then these can be last for the extended period of life.

Green Choice Silk Rug Cleaning NYC is adept with what the latest technology has to offer. The company has the industry’s best and finest technology in carpet and rug cleaning, from the wash solution and cleansers to tools.

There may be a number of rug cleaning companies out there with identical services, but the quality of our service is never equal.

We have the most effective silk rug cleaning service because of our excellent personnel, unique methods and latest tools.

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Rugs looking new

Highly recommended. My rugs looks new!


Awesome work !!!

Nice rug cleaning

Good satisfying work from the group. Love the new and fresh looks for my rugs

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