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We are regarded as one of the best home cleaning service companies in the area because of our expertise in all areas of cleaning inside the home.

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About Us

How We Work in NYC

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC opened 20 years ago and we are still a family-owned and operated company.
We have expanded our service areas to include more cities in the US.
During these changes, our mission remains unchanged: to offer high quality and affordable service to our clients.
Call us and get a free quote and you will see that customer service and good prices remain our priority.
Even though we have low prices we do not take any short cuts to ensure we maintain a high level of service.
Affordable Prices
Professional Service
That is why Green Choice carpet cleaning has developed a unique solution that will not just deliver deep-down cleaning, but safe and natural solutions.
We only hire experienced and certified cleaning technicians.
Green Choice Carpet


You may think you would have to pay an arm and a leg for green carpet cleaning in your home. However, at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC we strive to provide you with a safe, healthy and entirely effective cleaning option for your carpets at a highly competitive rate.

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Serving the NYC Community for 26 Years

Premier Carpet Cleaning

One of The Premier Carpet Cleaning Companies in NYC

Green Choice is one of the premier carpet cleaning companies in all of New York City.
We are regarded as one of the best home cleaning service companies in the area because of our expertise in all areas of cleaning inside the home.
Our professional carpet cleaners are highly trained to provide our clients with the best carpet cleaning services possible.
When it comes to carpet cleaning or carpet shampooing, there is no parallel to our services in the New York City area.
Our cleaners are always on time and will complete your job up to your specifications.
There is no room too big or too small when it comes to carpet cleaning at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning.
If you have pets or children and are worried about adverse health effects as a result of chemicals that are used in cleaning products we have various green options available for our carpet cleaning.
Make sure that you include that you are interested in exploring green options when you are working on your estimate with one of our representatives.
You can receive a free estimate from us over the phone, online, or even in person via an in-home estimate. An in-home estimate is an ideal way to get a price because it is the best way to get an accurate quote on your carpet cleaning services in NYC. Any of our representatives will be more than happy to help you with an estimate and will provide the best price possible for the services that you request.
The Green Choice Way

Carpet Cleaning The Green Choice Way

Carpets hold a soft spot in our hearts and occupy a central place in our homes.
Aside from adding glamour and elegance, they also make any home comfortable and charming.
Buying a carpet is very easy, but we all know that it can be hard and time-consuming to maintain and keep them clean.
This is the only way to keep their beauty intact for a long period of time. This job, though, calls for time, attention, and expertise.
So, the task is better left in the hands of experts in professional Carpet Cleaning.
Professional Eco-Friendly Cleaning Of Your Furniture, Carpet, Area Rug, Mattress, Professional Team
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We Are Cleaning Experts

Serving the NYC community for 26 years.

Baby Safe Carpet Cleaning

Green Choice Carpet services are dedicated to providing our clients with excellent and professional carpet cleaning services at competitive and affordable prices that make you happy.
Because so many of our clients have small children in their house, many ask us if our cleaning is safe and non-toxic. The answer is yes.
No toxic chemicals will be used in your home.
We take pride that our cleaning services are baby safe and pet safe.
#1 Carpet Cleaning Company Eco-Friendly, Fast Drying & Efficient. No Harsh Chemicals.

Why Choose Green Choice ?

At Green Choice, we know that every carpet cleaning problem is unique and different.
For this reason, we start our cleaning services with a complete analysis of your house carpet condition by observing the heavily soiled areas of the carpet.
Then our highly-trained cleaning specialists use highly effective green carpet cleaning methods or techniques to remove the dust and ground-in dirt from every corner of the carpet that sometimes may or may not be visible to the naked eye of a human.

Great Benefits If You Use Green Carpet Cleaning

When you clean your carpets with green cleaning solutions you keep harmful chemicals out of your home.
This means that you do not have to worry about children or pets accidentally ingesting potentially dangerous chemicals.
Why let cleaning companies bring in toxic chemicals in your home when our green cleaning is just as effective and keeps your home safe.
We Clean All Type Of Fine Rugs. Non-Toxic Products
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Our Professional Cleaning Services.

Our services for professional carpet cleaning in New York cover every aspect of carpet care.
We cater to our local customers in NYC and throughout New York with our different services, including:
Learn More About Our $99 Cleaning Special Today! Deep Cleaning Experts. Asthma & Allergy Friendly.
Trained & Certified Technicians. Schedule Today in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island NY!Family Owned & Operated.
Award Winner

Why is Green Choice an Award Winning Company

Green Choice is honored to be a highly ranked and award-winning carpet cleaning company.
How did we earn this? First is our customer relations department. They are friendly and knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have about our service.
Throughout the entire process, they will make sure you are given expert carpet and rug cleaning. Secondly, our technicians are all experienced and certified in carpet and rug cleaning in New York City.
We send them out with the best equipment and cleaners on the market. A great carpet and rug cleaning service do not just use one type of cleaner because rugs and carpets and made differently from a variety of materials.
Our tech will match your particular carpet material to the correct cleaner. Finally, if there is a problem we will work to resolve it no matter how long it takes.
Our commitment is to fully satisfy our customers with every job we do. Call us at 1-212-390-0148 and see why we are the best carpet cleaning company.
Clean From The Roots of The Fibers, To The Tips of The Fabrics

Do You Need Rug Cleaning ?

Green Choice not only offers professional carpet cleaning but expert services for rug cleaning in NYC.
Our excellence starts in our certified and experienced staff and our state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility which other companies cannot match.
Professional Carpet Cleaning
If you need your rugs cleaned, you can call a representative to discuss your cleaning needs and get a quote or arrange to have a technician examine your rugs at a convenient time.
Once he gives you a quote, he can pick up the rugs right there and start the cleaning process.
Our staff has decades of experience in cleaning rugs and have cleaned every type of rug from shags rugs to antique Oriental rugs.
Call today and learn more about our outstanding rug cleaning service.

Same day service — 15% OFF

With our many location in the New York City area, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC can provide same day service who can ‏ fit your busy schedule call now and schedule your appointment
Steam Clean Area Rugs

Can You Steam Clean Area Rugs On Hardwood Floors?

The answer is definitely NO.
Why? It is great to add area rugs to the interior of your home but when it comes to cleaning the area rugs on hardwood floors, don’t steam clean your rugs on hardwood floors.
Steam cleaning your beautiful area rug on hardwood floors can damage it.
Aside from the fact that you will not be able to remove stains effectively, steam cleaning it on a hardwood floor can cause it to smell.
And when your rugs start giving out bad odors, you will eventually have to look for a professional to clean them and eliminate the odors.
So why not give it to a professional rug cleaning company like Green Choice to get it cleaned in the first place?
Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC

No Other Carpet Cleaning Company

No other carpet cleaning company cleans carpet thoroughly other than Green Choice carpet cleaning.
Whether your kids can’t stop tracking dirt across your carpet, guests who forget to remove their shoes, or pets that leave drool and hair, over time the carpet will start building up a huge amount of debris and dirt.
Although vacuuming is a good stopgap measure, it doesn’t truly clean your carpet or remove the dirt and soil trapped in the carpet’s fibers.
Deep-Clean Your Carpet
The only way to keep your carpet clean is to hire a professional cleaner who is experienced enough to deep-clean your carpet. That is where the Green Choice carpet comes in. We have been serving New York City residents of and environs for over ten years. Our great customer service, professional and efficient cleaning services, and reasonable pricing are the reasons residents of NYC love our service. We have a reputation for providing the best quality carpet cleaning service. No matter how dirty or stained your carpet is, our professional cleaners can deal with it. Just discuss it with us and we will restore your carpet to its attractive state.
Our Deep-Cleaning Process
We’ve developed a unique cleaning process to clean your carpet and we have the safest cleaning solutions that will ensure your carpet is thoroughly cleaned and safe for your family and environment.Our deep-cleaning process will get rid of spots/stains, grime, bacteria, ground-in dirt, unpleasant odors, soil stains, pollutants, indoor allergens, and contaminants that can trigger allergies and other health issues. Call us for a free quote today.
Unique Cleaning Method

Latest Technology And Unique Cleaning Method

We Use The Latest Technology And Unique Cleaning Method To Clean Your Rugs
Whether it is your home or office, the rug adds elegance and beauty to your space.
The addition of a rug to your home makes a great statement of warmth and elegance.
However, it is a shame that despite the warmth, elegance, and freshness rugs add to your home or office; they will get dirty over time.
At Green Choice rug cleaning, we provide the best quality service at an affordable price.
Our Technicians Are Certified
We use the latest technology and unique cleaning method to clean your rugs. Our technicians are certified and fully trained to deliver the best result. Rugs are beautiful and can make a great centerpiece for your room. Rugs are great investments but as beautiful as the rugs are, you need to have them cleaned to protect your investment. You wouldn’t want to trust just any cleaner with the task of cleaning your rug or cleaning your rugs with a home remedy that has harsh chemicals. You want your beautiful rugs to be cleaned by an expert. Even if you accidentally spill wine on your rug and try to treat it immediately, you may be causing a lot of damage to your expensive rug. While rubbing the stain on our rug may eliminate the appearance of the stain for a very short time, the stain will still find its way back through the rug fibers. Rugs are known for their delicate fibers, which is why you need to protect them. This is where Green Choice rug cleaning comes in. Our New York City-based rug cleaning service uses an organic cleaning method that is environmentally friendly. Let us help you clean your rug professionally!
Quality Upholstery Cleaning Service

Highest Quality Upholstery Cleaning Service

We Provide The Highest Quality Upholstery Cleaning Service That Will Keep Your Upholstery Looking Elegant And Fresh
When you purchase beautiful furniture for your home, you’re not just investing a big amount of money, but creating the perfect look for your home.
Furnishing is a great investment and you want to take care of your upholstered furniture.
To clean your upholstery thoroughly, you need professional upholstery cleaning.
Green Choice Upholstery Cleaning
Green Choice Upholstery Cleaning Specializes In Environmentally Friendly Upholstered Furniture Cleaning.
Life is already full of harsh chemicals, which is why you shouldn’t be using harsh chemicals to clean your upholstery again. Our cleaning strategies are safe for you, kids, and family members – even your pets! We start the upholstery cleaning process with stain removal. After detecting the type of stain and fibers of your upholstery, we can fine-tune our cleaning solution to ensure we remove the stain without damaging your upholstered furniture. With Green Choice upholstery cleaning NYC, you will not only see outstanding results, but your upholstery will also last longer. Our cleaning solution will eliminate undue stress and wear on the fabric of your furniture. It is not a secret that professional upholstery cleaning benefits your upholstered furniture a lot. If you are looking for professional upholstery cleaning, look no further because Green Choice upholstery cleaning is here to help. We provide the highest quality upholstery cleaning service that will keep your upholstery looking elegant and fresh. Call us today! in New York City

Are you tired of the clutter that’s been accumulating in your home or office? If so, it’s time to bring in the experts and regain control of your space. When it comes to reliable and efficient junk removal services, we wholeheartedly recommend Green Choice Junk Removal. With their exceptional service quality, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction, they are the ideal solution for all your junk removal needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your questions for efficient and reliable for Green Choice Carpet Clean.

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Most manufacturers recommend at least once a year if not more. A lot depends on how much foot traffic you have, how often you vacuum and if you have pets or kids. If you need stains or odors that you cannot remove, then it is time to call for professional help.
When we clean your carpets we use very powerful machines that will remove most of water. But the carpets will still be moist. We recommend that you open the windows for air circulation Your carpets should be dry in 6 to 8 hours.
Our technicians have been trained in the best methods to identify and to find the best treatment for different types of spots. They will know the best process to remove even the toughest spots.
Yes, the green cleaning products we use have been tested by third parties and found to be just as effective as chemical cleaners and to be safe for the environment.
Yes we can do spot dying or even replace the replace the bleached areas with a similar piece of carpet.

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