Professional Rug Repair Connecticut

Nobody wants to have a torn, ripped or frayed rug laying on the floor of their home.

An area rug can serve as a focal point of the room it lies in, and a rug in less-than-perfect condition can create a shabby, drab look.

However, it can take a lot of time and effort to replace a rug. Finding the perfect rug that matches the décor and color scheme in your home is no easy feat to accomplish, and replacing a rug can be expensive as well.

The better solution is to seek out professional rug repair Connecticut.

By contacting Green Choice Carpet Cleaning today, you can easily repair the rug you already own and love.

Competitive Rates

It can be difficult to quote the price of rug repairs over the phone.

Area rugs can be made of different materials, and the repair needs can vary significantly.

Some rugs may have a simple frayed edge while others may have a large gash or tear.

If you call other local rug companies for rug repair, they may attempt to quote repair costs over the phone. However, you won’t find that when you call Green Choice Carpet Cleaning.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning strives to provide you with a firm estimate for repair services, and this is accomplished through an in-home consultation.

During this free consultation, a rug repair representative will inspect your rug and will provide you with an accurate price quote for the cost of repairs.

With this quote, you can determine if you want to repair your rug or replace it.

If you are like most, you will find that the competitive rates offered by Green Choice Carpet Cleaning are affordable, and rug repair is the preferred option.

Carpet Cleaning

The In-House Difference

If you have already called a few companies for rug repair quotes, you may be expecting the services of Green Choice Carpet Cleaning to be expensive.

However, unlike other companies that outsource the work and then mark up the fee to accommodate using a third party repair company, all rug repairs are completed by the local Green Choice Carpet Cleaning repair facility.

The savings offered by using a company with in-house repairs is passed along to you.

If you are interested in finding out how affordable it can be to restore the look of your area rug, simply call Green Choice Carpet Cleaning to schedule a complimentary in-home estimate for getting your rug professionally repaired.

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