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Coronavirus Cleaning COVID-19 & Disinfecting Services In NYC

“Home Sweet Home” needs to be safe and sound for your family. We all want our homes to be free of infection and every type of bacteria. Imagine your home being free of all germs and viruses! Isn’t that what we all need!
The worry of germs and bacteria rises more if you have babies and toddlers in your home. Your main aim is to offer a healthy environment for your kids and family overall. A sanitized atmosphere is what we all wish and demand. But no matter how much you try to clean your house, you cannot wash away all the germs and bacteria. Even if you hire the best house cleaning services, they are not getting rid of the virus (God Forbid if there is any).
This is where home cleaning and home disinfecting services differentiate. Your home cleaning brushes off the dust and dirt from the nook and corners of your house and makes it look shiny and tidy. On the other hand, the disinfecting service helps you attain a germ, bacteria, and virus free home. They sanitize your home’s environment to get rid of all the unseen dirt.

Certified And Trained Team Is Here To Serve You

Our team at Green Choice Carpet is certified and highly-trained and has all the effective state of the art that is needed to make a disinfecting service stand out. From our sterilizing to our disinfecting equipment and products, everything is 100% eco-friendly.
Your carpets hold the most dirt, germs, bacteria, and viruses in them. A simple brush is not capable of sanitizing them or cleaning them in a way that you can state them perfectly clean and healthy. Carpet cleaning must be taken seriously, especially in times like this, where the world is struck by CoronaVirus. Through the use of non-corrosive cleaners, we make sure that your carpets and house, in all, are cleaned and sterilized perfectly. From your home to your office or your shop, our team at Green Choice Carpet can disinfect any space that you want us to. We have been cleaning, sterilizing, and disinfecting various places in NYC, and in these hard times, we have promised to deliver our services to the people of the nation to ensure safety for them.
Also, our prices are really affordable, and you won’t have trouble getting our services at all. You can visit us today at Green Choice Carpet and see how we have helped people disinfect their homes and offices for them.

What is Coronavirus?

Corona Virus is termed as a respiratory disease, which was first detected in Wuhan, China. And now, it has spread up to 195 countries. It is now abbreviated as COVID-19. Studying deeper about coronaviruses, you learn that there are two types of it. One affects animals only, and the other affects humans. It is very rare to experience an animal coronavirus to infect a human. But, this has happened as the medical team in China states that the outbreak has occurred due to animals and has infected humans. The most common symptoms of Coronavirus are shortness of breath, runny nose, dry cough, and fever. If the virus has infected you severely, due to a weak immunity system, then it can lead to pneumonia and then kidney failure. People who are infected seriously by it are usually above the age of 50.
But if you are young and your immunity is not that strong, then you are a potential carrier for the virus. Till date, the only way to stay safe from this virus is to practice self-isolation. You have to stay at home in order to stay safe.
Thus, our team at Green Choice Carpet has taken over the aim to sterilize and disinfect soft home people. If you have to stay home to be safe, then you need to ensure that the virus or bacteria is not in your home. Therefore, our expertise is on the go, to help the people of NYC, in keeping their homes disinfected. If you have to be in quarantine mode, you need to ensure cleanliness.

How Does The Virus Spread?

So why do we have to adapt to social distancing and self-isolation? Well, the only way this virus spreads is through close contact. It is not an airborne disease, but if someone coughs in your home, and is a carrier of the virus, then the cough droplets will remain in your home for hours. This is why you are requested to stay indoors and not meet anyone because you never know who might be carrying it.
Shaking hands, hugging, or any other close contact will spread the virus. Respiratory droplets from a person who sneezes and coughs can also spread it. Thus, maintaining a social distance is important to stop the spread of this pandemic disease.

Prevention From Covid-19:

We don’t have an approved vaccine or medicine that can help us prevent ourselves from this virus. A lot of vaccines are under production and under approval, which are being tested on people. But as for now, we have no perfect solution to it but to stay hygienic and clean and away from people.
In this time of self-isolation, you have to ensure that your house is utterly clean too. You have to wash your hands every hour, for at least 20-30 seconds. If you sneeze or cough, do that in your elbow or a handkerchief and not openly in the air because the droplets remain there. Also, sanitize your hands now and then and wear a mask if you have to step out in emergency cases.
Out of all the prevention measures, the most important one to follow is self-isolation and staying at home, making sure that we can play a role in stopping the spread. Our team at Green Choice Carpet is not staying at home so that you can be provided with the best disinfecting services. Our team has been tested and cleared from the virus, and thus, we have decided to help people in sterling their homes for the betterment of our country.

Elimination Of Virus And Infections:

Our disinfecting services have proven to be helpful in 147 different viruses and bacteria. We have been successful in cleaning homes, offices, and other spaces from germs that cannot be cleaned by simple house cleaning.
These are some of the most highly infected viruses and dangerous ones too, which we have been successful in disinfecting from homes and offices. You can opt from the following services as to which one you want:
We’re gratified to state ourselves as one of the best and premium carpet and house cleaning services in NYC. Our business has a huge customer bond, and people rely on us for a deep cleaning and disinfecting service for their homes and offices. We are not only promising in disinfecting your home, but we make sure that our clients are satisfied with the services that we render.
Our cleaners are highly trained to utilize the latest technology products to disinfect the space from all types of bacteria and viruses. Our team is always on time and is done with their task within no time without compromising on the quality of the outcome too.

Baby Safe Products

As most of the households in NYC have babies, we ensure their safety. We know that family comes first, and we make sure that we use baby-safe products in cleaning and disinfecting the house. Our products and equipment have no unbearable smell that might be harmful to the baby. We also make sure that the babies stay away while we disinfect and clean up so that they do not get in contact with our tools. Safety is our basic aim to achieve and provide to our clients, and we put in all efforts to fulfill that.

Steam Cleaning

Green Choice Carpet at NYC is dedicated to complete cleaning of the carpets, and thus, we ensure deep steam cleaning services for this purpose. In order to disinfect your carpets, here is what we have to offer:

Let The Experts Handle It For You

Yes, you cannot let the experts do your carpet cleaning every other day. But it is best if you hire them once a month or every second month to disinfect your carpets and furniture etc. Your home needs to be safe from germs and viruses, and in today’s world, where we are highly at risk due to COVID-19, we have to make sure that everything remains utterly clean for us.
In this period of self-isolation, you have to ensure the perfect disinfection of your carpets and home furniture so that you can keep yourself and your family safe. This is where our team is here to help you at all times. We have a wonderful, booming experience of 20 years, and we have been helping people in disinfecting their spaces efficiently well. At a very affordable price tag, we make sure to clean your carpets, rugs, and upholstery, etc. for you. Whether you want a steam cleaning or an eco- friendly cleaning process for disinfection, we are here to help you.

We Take Pride In Standing Out In NYC And Helping People Stay Safe And Sound

We cover all aspects of care of carpets and rugs etc. we take care of all local customers in NYC, and we also specialize in wall cleaning, stain odor removal, and water damage repair as well. Make sure that our customers get what they ended, and we are always on time to help you out. Give us a call today, and we will be at your doorstep within no time.
We know, and we understand that this is a time of panic, and everyone is super anxious about their safety. But don’t stress it out. With our disinfecting tools and products, we will stir your house of all bacteria, germs, and viruses. We are gratified to say that we have been doing so for 20 years, and we will continue to provide our services to people in NYC at this moment of crisis too. This is the time that we stand together and help each other, stay safe and healthy.
Practice self-isolation, and stay safe! This is a time to socially distance yourself for the betterment of everyone around you and your family too. But don’t forget that cleanliness is the key to fighting this off, and we are all in this together. Stay safe, and stay clean. And give us a call if you need to get your house disinfected from all germs. Let’s do this!

Get Your Home or Office Ready for Coronavirus {COVID-19}

At Green Choice Cleaning, we take pride in respecting the choices of our clients and value our bond with them. At this time of a serious pandemic, hitting the entire world, we take it as our responsibility to help people understand the crisis it is bringing along with the prevention measures that can be taken to get ready to fight this virus. With no vaccine produced till yet, we are all struggling to keep ourselves in self-isolation and protect our homes and offices from all types of germs and bacteria.
In these hard times, our team at Green Choice Carpet is not holding back in helping people in NYC. We are here to provide you with your services of disinfecting your workplaces and your homes from all types of viruses, including the COVID-19 which has shook the world and is none less than plaque. Before we let you know about our services in this pandemic time, we are going to educate you about the Corona Virus so that you can take care of yourself and your loved ones, in the right way. Self-prevention is the only way right now and medical systems are struggling to find a solution. Till they are at their work, it is important for us, to do as much as we can, to stop the spread.

What Is Covid-19?

CoronaVirus, now named as COVID-19, has caused destruction all around the world. Hardly 2-3 countries are safe from this pandemic disease and every country is struggling to find a solution for this deadly disease. Originated from Wuhan, China it has now spread across 192 countries and is causing endless cases and deaths around the globe. It is stated that it is an animal coronavirus which has infected humans and thus, no permanent solution has yet been discovered for it.

Symptoms Of Coronavirus?

Here is what you should know about the symptoms of coronavirus (however, remember that mild symptoms are not too serious):
If the virus is affecting you harshly, it might cause pneumonia or acute respiratory syndrome. It can then lead to kidney failure and death.

How Does The Covid-19 Spread?

Now that we all have been advised to socially distance ourselves, you definitely know how it spreads. If you are in close contact with someone or you are hugging or touching them; the virus can spread. More importantly, if the person close to you has a flu or cough, there are high chances for you to get infected. If you touch contaminated surfaces and then rub your eyes or nose with those hands, then you can also get infected. Thus, it is best to stay home to stay safe and take care of your home’s cleanliness and your personal hygiene too. 
What we fail to understand is that we are all potential carriers, whether aged 50 above or just as young as being 25 or 30. We all have the potential to catch the virus. Some people’s immune system is amazing which makes it possible for them to fight the virus by simply self-isolating themselves. On the other hand, young people with weak immunity can suffer from it severely. Thus, the most important thing to understand at the moment is that we are all potential carriers and we need to take care of the situation, on our own. It is our civil responsibility to stay indoors and maintain our cleanliness in all ways possible. And thus, we are making sure that the people of NYC can still look up to us! We are available for your help to clean your carpets, rugs and all corners of the house to disinfect them from all types of germs, bacteria and virus.

We Care

Our team at Green Choice Carpet understands the need of this time and we care. We know that we all want our homes to be clean of the Corona Virus and no matter how much you clean it, you cannot disinfect it. This is why we have made sure that our workers are clear of COVID-19 and we have provided them with masks and coats to be completely protected while they disinfect your home or workplace. It is a hard time for all of us but we promise to provide you with the best services that we can during this pandemic.

Advanced Equipments And Products

The equipment and products we use are advanced and we make sure that we update our technology, to provide you with outstanding outcomes. For the VOID- 19, we have brought some of the best sanitizing and disinfecting products and tools which have worked miraculously in disinfecting any space that you want. We also ensure that we do not use any product, against the manufacturers guidelines. Our team is excellent and trained in disinfecting and sanitizing spaces which makes us one of the most reputable and trustworthy companies in NYC at the moment. Our 20 years+ experience has helped us become a shoulder that people rely on during these times. We are proud that we continue to serve our customers in this pandemic as well.

Services We Offer

We are not only promising to clean your house of Coronavirus as we aim at getting rid of all types of germs and bacteria from your home for the best. Here is a list of services we offer. Aslo, during this time, all of this cleaning will focus on removing any bacteria of CoronaVirus to ensure that your home is at least the safest place that you can self-silhouette in. Also, we will be offering our services to disinfecting offices as well, once they restart working. We are dedicated to providing the best to NYC and the people residing in it. Our aim remains clear; disinfection of spaces so that we can all live healthily and happily. Here is what you can opt for:
At the moment, all these cleaning services will be including a COVID-19 disinfection service. No matter what you get cleaned by our team, we will be disinfecting your carpets and rugs or furniture from the CoronaVirus. Let’s get a plan to action after your house and office have been disinfected by our experts.

Plan To Action; How To Fight The Outbreak By Being Responsible

What most of the countries are lacking is “responsibility.” It is important to take this situation seriously. We will certainly be helping you by disinfecting your space but the rest is up to you to handle. As there is no anti-virus to CoronaVirus till now, we have to take the right measures to control the spread so that we all can lead back to a normal lifestyle.
During an outbreak of Covid-19 in your country, you can protect yourself and others through the following steps:

Small But Important Everyday Precautionary Measures:

Now that you are at home because you want to be a responsible citizen, it is crucial to take some small yet important everyday measures to stay healthy. We at Green Choice Carpet also practice these little measures throughout the day so that we ensure amazing cleanliness and can keep our team healthy and safe too.
At the end, be kind to yourself and everyone around you. Don’t forget to stay in touch with your friends and family during these hard times. Everyone is emotionally exhausted and anxious about this pandemic and we need to make sure that we are supportive towards one another. Pushing each other to believe that this hard time will come to and end is going to help us get through it. Stay motivated and positive and help others boost their moods and energies too. Taking care of your mental health at this moment is very important just like you are taking care of your overall health.

We Are A Call Away!

We are all stressed out and our team understands it. We have all called our plans to action in the quarantine time but we know that this is going to take a few months to settle down. But if you are worried about your home being infected; don’t be. Just visit us at Green Choice Carpet and give us a call. We are here to help our customers in NYC and we are proud to say that we have detected several homes from COVID-19 till yet. We are just a call away and arrive at your doorsteps within a matter of minutes. We are taking all the precautionary measures with our protective masks and suit gears. Your Health and safety is our utmost priority and we are not overlooking it at all. Our team is tested negative for CoronaVirus and we have made sure that every worker has the right gear to ensure protectivity.

At The End…

At the end, Green Choice Carpet is one of the most trustworthy disinfecting and cleaning service companies in NYC. During this pandemic, we are working to clean your homes and offices to ensure your safety. You can rely on us and we will not let you down. Visit our website or call us today and we will arrive at your doorstep.
You stay indoors and stay safe! We will come to you, don’t worry and disinfect your house from all types of germs and bacteria and viruses. Enjoy your quarantine and leave the rest to us.
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