Expert Persian Rug Cleaning Connecticut

A fine Persian rug is a decorative piece in your home that you likely chose with a great deal of care.

These rugs are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, which can make it difficult to find the perfect rugs for your home.

With the time and expense, you have gone through to carefully purchase the perfect Persian rugs for your space, you certainly want to take every step possible to clean and maintain them with care.

Regularly vacuuming your Persian rugs is one method for cleaning them, and this process is considered to be safe for rugs.

However, it is not entirely effective. Even after vacuuming, some spots, signs of foot traffic and germs may remain on the floor.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaner is an expert Persian rug cleaner Connecticut that provides you with a safe, effective and green rug cleaning service.

No Harsh Chemicals

If you have already taken the time to get a quote from other local rug cleaning companies for their rug cleaning services, you may have asked them about the actual cleaning process they use.

In many cases, the response you receive is rather vague.

Some may offer a pickup service, but most will outsource the actual task of rug cleaning to another company.

If the answer you receive about the rug cleaning process is vague and the company cannot tell you how spots and stains are removed from a carpet with specific detail, that may be a good sign that working with the company should be avoided.

When you get your Persian rugs cleaned through Green Choice Carpet Cleaner, your rugs will actually be cleaned by Green Choice Carpet Cleaner.

We will not ship your rugs to another company to clean them.

Who wants to work with a middleman that has no control of the actual cleaning process?

Because we clean Persian rugs in our own facility, we can guarantee that no harsh chemicals will be applied to your rugs.

We utilize a safe, effective and green cleaning process that removes dirt and stains without damaging your rug or the environment.

Carpet Cleaning

Rugs Cleaned the Same Day

When a company out sources rug cleaning to another company, they typically cannot offer you same-day Persian rug cleaning service like we can.

We control the entire cleaning process, and we perform the cleaning in our own facility.

Because of this, our process is faster as well as more affordable for you.

With a call to Green Choice Carpet Cleaner today, you can enjoy a free in-home estimate as well as complimentary pick-up of your Persian rugs to get the process started.

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