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Why Choose Green Choice Professional Area Rug Cleaners in NYC

While many wool rug owners have tried (and failed) to clean their wool rug successfully on their own, the best choice is to have the rug professionally cleaned to prevent the wrong balance of soap and/or water and steam.

Once a wool rug has sustained water damage, the damage is usually irreversible, essentially ruining a potentially expensive asset.

Moreover, residents of New York City find that moving a rug through the city for professional cleaning can be very difficult, if not impossible—which is why Green Choice Rug Cleaning NYC is the best choice for rug owners who are looking for Free Pick Up and Delivery with Wool Area Rug Cleaning in NYC.

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Green Choice Rug Cleaning NYC offers free pick up and delivery with wool area rug cleaning in the New York City area for professional cleaning.

This prevents owners from the struggle of trying to move a heavy wool rug through the city or the cost of having the rug picked up and delivered using a courier or delivery company.

In addition, Green Choice Rug Cleaning NYC offers professional rug cleaning, including steam cleaning and stain removal, including pet stains, liquid stains and the effects of dirt and debris, as well as bad odors.

Owners can rest comfortably knowing that our team of experts will carefully restore the rug to its former beauty.

Only a professional expert should clean a wool area rug and residents of NYC can trust Green Choice Rug Cleaning to pick up the rug, bring it to the factory for cleaning and stain removal, and deliver the carpet back to the residence, all free. Contact us today in  NYC.

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Most Advanced Rug Cleaning Machines

Green Choice Rug Cleaning NYC is committed to providing you with the best technology and the most up to date equipment to clean your wool rugs.

In doing so, we improve our level of effectiveness when cleaning and removing spots on your rug.

So rest assured, that the result is 100% guaranteed. Free Pick Up and Delivery with Wool Area Rug Cleaning in NYC.

What makes Green Choice Rug Cleaning NYC better than the rest?

At Green Choice Rug Cleaning NYC, we know picking a rug cleaner is vital to you.

It is our goal to remain focused on providing the highest quality service nearby.

We are prepared and globally affirmed and as a technology savvy company, stay up to date on all the latest and greatest cleaning procedures.

Above all, we regard our clients as our companions.

We need you to be fulfilled and feel sufficiently sure when recommending us to your neighbors.

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Let’s Keep it Clean with Green Guard

Green Guard is an 100% organic product that we apply to your rugs immediately after cleaning to keep it clean long after we leave.

Consider it a money saving solution!

With 20 years of industry experience, Green Choice Rug Cleaning NYC is a market leading wool rug cleaning provider.

Free Pick Up and Delivery with Wool Area Rug Cleaning in NYC!

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With our customer’s busy schedule the important of giving same day service is our top priority to make sure our customers getting the job done in the right time don’t hesitate to call us anytime for same-day service.

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The technician came in, explained the services, He really spent time scrubbing the problem spots on the carpet and making sure we were happy with the work.

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 I cannot say enough about the service Green Choice Rug Cleaning NYC gave me.

My carpets were a mess from the remodeling that was done in my apartment and there were plenty of stains. Oil and paints were dropped and my carpets look terrible. But Green Choice Rug Cleaning worked hard to remove the stains and got them out. Incredible! My carpets look clean and I am very satisfied that I called Green Choice.

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There are a lot of benefits that you will enjoy when you hire Green Choice

Your beautiful rug adds beauty and warmth to your home or living room; they also provide your carpet with much-needed break and also help in covering the unsightly carpet stains. However, rugs can be over-used because they are the favorite place for both kids and pets.

With kid’s dirty hands and pet’s dirty paws, not to mention the crumbs of food and wine spillage, your rug can become dirty quickly.

This is where Green Choice rug cleaning  NYC comes in.

We know every rug type requires a unique cleaning method and we know how to choose the perfect method to clean your rug without damaging it.

Our technicians are the most experienced rug cleaners in New York City and they are dedicated to cleaning your rug thoroughly.

We have invested heavily in the training and re-training of our technicians so that they can provide outstanding results when it comes to rug cleaning in NYC.

With our rug cleaning service in NYC, we help you maintain the value of your rug and keep the rug’s color shining.

For your convenience, we offer free pick up and delivery with wool area rug cleaning. There are a lot of benefits that you will enjoy when you hire Green Choice rug cleaning to clean your rug.

Your carpet will stay clean longer after our professional cleaning service, we will deliver a thoroughly cleaned rug in hours and our cleaning solution is very effective as it cleans your rug without leaving any residue behind.

If you are looking for the best, yet affordable rug cleaning service in NYC, talk to Green Choice rug cleaning  NYC Today!

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Oriental rug cleaning

Leading Name in Professional Rug Cleaning to Remove Pet Urine Stains and Odors.
Services: Luster Wash, Soap Wash, Rug Restoration, Spreading, Rug Blocking,

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Silk Rug Cleaning

Professional Silk Rug Cleaning NY. 100% money back service guarantee.
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Persian Rug Cleaning

Your rug will return to you just like new! Visit our website for a free quote.
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Wool Rug Restoration and Repair

Certified Rug Specialists Providing Expert Cleaning, Repair and Treatments.Rugs Look New Again And Last Longer. Call Now.

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Moth Treatment for Oriental Rug

Hand washing urine extraction .
Moth proofing fringe brightening.
No outsourcing.

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Organic Green Handmade Area Rug Cleaning

Green Choice only uses effective green rug cleaning in our rug factory and achieve top quality results at great prices.

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Can you take rug to the dry cleaners?

Taking your rug to a dry cleaner for cleaning is a bad decision because dry cleaner are not experts in rug cleaning and they can destroy your rug.

In fact, they may subcontract your rug cleaning by taking it to a subcontractor for cleaning. And that means double charges.

Aside from the fact that it means double cost, you don’t know the subcontractor your rug is being given to.

So if you want to clean your rug without damaging it or having to pay the double charge, hiring a professional rug cleaning company is the best decision you can make.

Green Choice is a professional rug cleaning company in NYC that can clean your rugs without using harsh chemicals, get in touch today. 

Free Pick Up and Delivery with Wool Area Rug Cleaning in NYC!

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How much does it cost to clean an area rug In NYC?

If you own a rug, you understand why you need to hire a professional rug cleaner to clean it for you. Most rug owners don’t give their rugs the extra care they deserve, so they end up neglecting the rugs and eventually destroying them.

Most people also fear that professional rug cleaning can be costly, but it is not true.

A professional rug cleaning cost is always by sq ft and it is in $2 – $5 per sq ft range.

So if you are looking to clean your rugs professionally, Green Choice provides you a professional rug cleaning service and free pick up and delivery with wool area rug cleaning in NYC.

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Can you steam clean area rugs on hardwood floors?

Steam cleaning has become so popular that almost every rug owners are practicing it.

Most steam cleaning can do a good job on vinyl tile and ceramic floors, but steam cleaning your rug on hardwood is not recommended because steam cleaning can damage your hardwood floors.

Steam mop heat water to 200 degrees, as you know that it essentially clean rugs with water and heat. This is a to damage your rug and you should never do it if you love your rug.

The best way to clean your rug thoroughly is to use the service of a professional rug cleaning company.

Green Choice has expertise in rug cleaning and you can talk to us today and ask for free pick up and delivery with wool area rug cleaning in NYC.

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Basic info about Oriental rug cleaning

Rugs are generally fragile, which is why you need to take care of them to prolong their lifespan.

Since most cleaning techniques render your oriental rug to some degree of wear and tear, certain cleaning methods are important to reduce the aging of your rug.

Organic cleaning is the best way to clean your oriental rug because, with organic cleaning, there is no use of harsh chemicals.

Also, the tech and latest organic cleaning equipment make it the best method of rug cleaning.

If you want to remove stains and dirt effectively, you need a professional rug cleaner that uses the organic method to clean rugs.

Green Choice Rug Cleaning NYC is the best organic rug cleaning company, contact us today in NYC.

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Basic info about handmade rug cleaning

Handmade rugs beautify home and offices and they also get dirty because of the traffic they receive daily, hence the need to clean them regularly.

These rugs beautify any space you put them, which is why you need to care for them always.

However, when it comes to handmade rug cleaning, you need a professional cleaner to get the job done.

When cleaning a handmade rug, you need to ensure the colors are not bleaching. So you need to test the test for color bleaching before you start cleaning it.

Green Choice Rug Cleaning NYC provides thorough color bleaching test before cleaning your handmade rug professionally to ensure it is shining and sparkling clean. Contact us today NYC.

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Recognize the value of gentle care?

We choose our process by considering your rug’s origin, the period of craftsmanship, fiber content and dyes.

The Area Rug Cleaning Process:

We clean oriental rugs in detail hand wash and the thorough way:

1. Thorough Inspection

Prior to any wash, we inspect the rug, for its origin, type of fiber, Silk, Wool, Cotton, synthetic, or if it is a mix of any. We perform a very thrall and detail examination to look for colorfast, color bleed, the damage that results from the sun, pet stains, moth, harsh chemicals that have been used on your rug before and the strength of your rug foundation. By all those factors we determine what the best way to wash the carpet is, according to its condition.

2. Area Rug Cleaning Dusting

We make sure your rug is thoroughly dusted to get rid of any small particles; vital in preserving the value of the rug. Regular foot traffic results in more dirt and dust that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Foreign material embedded in the pile of the rug is abrasive and may cause premature wear of the carpet. Greenchoice deep pile process ensures the carpet receives a thorough, removing all accumulated debris. If necessary, we will ask you to allow us to perform a moth-proofing, which will guarantee the longevity of your rug.

3. Detailed hand wash with low P.H. Balance Shampoo and water

All rug is washed using only the mildest soaps formulated from natural substances. Thorough rinsing is essential to regain its color richness and also to prevent new dirt from accumulating quickly. No rug is washed with machines; we use only hand!

4. Grooming and Drying

We groom each rug by following the proper pile path and gently comb its fringe. Slow drying in ambient air is used to dry your rug to protect the natural-colored dyes and also preclude shrinkage.

5. Replenishing of Lanolin

Annual changing of Lanolin, the wools conventional oil, restores the luster and suppleness of the rug’s fiber, hence raising its lifespan. This approach offers an added benefit of bringing out its pretty colors and motifs.

6. Rug Softening

Once the cotton basis gets softened, it’s less prone to dry rot, the widespread and dangerous issue that can be triggered by fungi.

Cleaning Pet Stains From Your Wool Rugs

Wool Rugs can be stunning, classy and beautiful.

They can help bring all the pieces of your room design together. For pet owners, rugs can provide a comfortable place to cuddle your animals.

This is not without challenges as even well-trained animals can still defecate, urinate, stain rugs with muddy paws, and accidentally vomit on your woolen rugs.

If left unattended to, all this can wreck your wool rugs and can even turn it into an eyesore. It is generally advised that you clean this stains immediately they occur.

Leaving them to clean later might make the stains very difficult to remove.

This is because of the absorbent nature of wool rugs. Cleaning the stains immediately they occur would help you totally remove the stain and prevent smell.

As you might not be able to monitor your pet’s activities throughout the day, some of this stains might go unnoticed and might prove very difficult to locate.

In this kind of situation, you should consider using ultraviolet light to explore all suspected areas thoroughly.

If ultraviolet lighting is not available, you can use a fluorescent black light to equally scan the area. Longer bulbs should be considered as they enable you to scan faster because they cover larger areas.

Pet urine can be very difficult to locate especially if they have stayed for long.

Searching at night will help you locate them better with the help of this lights.

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Free Pick-Up/Delivery for Wool Area Rug Cleaning in Service Areas: Manhattan,Brooklyn, Queens ,Bronx ,Westchester NY, Long Island NY

Removing Urine Stains From Your Wool Rug

Urine stains can cause serious damage to your wool rugs if left unattended to. This is because urine is basic, hence it can cause the dyes on your woolen rugs to run. The first step in cleaning urine stains from your woolen rugs is to absorb as much of the urine as you can. You can use wet towels or paper towels. After absorbing as much as you can use a clean towel. You should use another clean towel or you can rewash the first one you used. Place the towel on the stain, with a weight placed on it. A suitable weight could be books, cans, or anything in general that can be placed on the stain to increase absorption of the moisture or urine remnants. The towels should be damp and not dry, although care should be taken to ensure they are not wet. Leave the towels under the weights for about 10 minutes. After this, you should get another towel, or rewash the former and place it on the stain. The towel should be folded two times. Stand on the towel, while applying as much pressure as you can. After which you turn the towel to the other folded side and repeat the process. If the stain has stayed longer than 10 minutes, it would likely have been absorbed into the rug. In this case, you increase the length and width of your towel folding while making sure you increase the dampness of the towel. Also, you should ensure you use a heavier weight. Leave again for 10 minutes, after which should re-wet the area, pouring water from just outside the stain from its center. Blot out all the fluid with a clean damp towel.

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Following Up With Enzymatic Cleaners

After this steps listed above, some remnants of urine might sell be left. This little remnants can still cause your woolen rugs to smell. Enzymatic cleaners are very capable of eradicating this remnant from your woolen rugs. Enzymatic cleaners break down stains into basic elements. This helps prevent bad odors and smell. A large part of urines bio-makeup is from protein. Enzymatic cleaners help to dissolve and break this protein. This helps to totally eradicate all remnants of the urine. Most pets(dogs and cats) have very good senses of smell and thus have a tendency to defecate on former urine spots. As a result, enzymatic cleaners are very important because of their ability to breakdown and eliminate all remnants of urine and it’s smell. Apply the enzymatic cleaner over the area/stain. Enzymatic cleaners are usually applied over a wet area. They are then left for some hours for reaction to take place. On the safe side read the instructions as product differences may exist. Also, check for compactability on the instructions because some enzyme cleaners react badly with wool rugs. After leaving the enzymatic cleaner to react for some hours, you should apply another towel to absorb the cleaner. Repeat this same process with another towel. After which you use place another towel or rewash the former and place on the area. Place a heavy weight on the area, while leaving it over night of for about 8-12 hours. By morning or the exhaustion of the recommended hours, the stain should have disappeared. Enzymatic cleaners can be purchased in most pet stores.

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Using Oxidation

Another effective method of removing urine stains from your woolen rugs is by using oxidation.Although it should be noted that wool reacts badly with many oxidising agents.Some mild and suitable oxidising agents/powders exist but should only be used as a last resort, when urine stains refuse to come out after using the above methods. Oxidation is usually seen as an alternative to the use of enzyme cleaners. Oxidation has some advantages over enzymatic cleaners. Oxidation powders generally take a reduced amount of time to eradicate stains. Oxygen is released in an effervescence. Immediately it is released, it begins breaking down the urine into its basic components. Another advantage oxidation powders have over enzymatic cleaners is the fact that oxidation cleaners are not dependent on environmental conditions e.g. room temperature. Also oxidation works as a stain removing action, hence yellow coloration’s that might be caused by urine are more effectively removed. Oxidation powders can be purchased in most pet stores, although you can make a homemade solution yourself. This is done by mixing ½ teaspoon of bleach with about 950ml of distilled water. Before applying your homemade solution or your purchased oxidation powder, you should always test first on an isolated part of your woolen rugs, to confirm that it does not react badly. Allow the solution to soak into your rug. After which you repeat the same procedure stated above after applying enzymatic cleaners.
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Other Methods Used For Removing Urine Stains And Smell

Other methods exist for removing urine stains from woolen rugs. They include the use of baking soda and vinegar. To use this method, simply spray the stained area with vinegar. After which you sprinkle ample amount of baking soda on it. Cover the stain with a towel , while placing a weight on it to increase absorption. It should be left for 24 hours. You should then wash the area with cold water. Dry thoroughly with a damp towel. The stain should be gone after this procedures. Another method of removing urine from woolen rugs is by using hydrogen peroxide and soap. Before applying the hydrogen peroxide and soap, sprinkle baking soda around the stain. After which you mix a tablespoon of dish soap with a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Allow the baking soda to dissolve into the stain after which you apply enough quantity of the above mixture. Use a soft brush or an old tooth brush to dissolve the mixture into area. After the mixture has dissolved into the stain properly, you should now use a vacuum to dry up the mess. Concentrated mixtures of hydrogen peroxide can cause minimal damage to woolen rugs. Although this is not very common. Persistent urine smell can be tackled using a cornstarch mixture. Apply a generous amount of cornstarch around the suspected area. Ensure that it covers the suspected area totally. Allow it to get absorbed, after which you should wait for about 30 minutes. Rinse the area with cold water and dry thoroughly with a towel. You can place a fan on the area to increase drying.

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Cleaning Pet Poop From Your Woolen Rugs

Firstly ,remove as much of the poop as you can. You should do this while wearing gloves. This is done using a paper towel or a towel. It should be noted that your are only trying to scoop the poop at first. So avoid putting pressure on the stain, to avoid driving it further into the rugs fabric. If you have access to a spatula, you can use it instead of the towel. After removing as much of the poop as you can, you should apply a pet stain remover. Pet stain removers are available in in most pet stores or local groceries. You should always read the instructions to ensure that the stain remover is compatible with woolen rugs. Apply the stain remover on the stain, and allow it to get absorbed for a couple of minutes. After which you mix two or three spoons of a mild detergent in a bucket. Soak a clean towel in the mixture and use it to mildly scrub the stain. After which you use another towel or rewash the former to blot the stain. Flood the area with a small amount of water and dry with a damp towel. Ensure you dry up as much moisture as you can. To further ensure eradication of the smell you can add half cup of distilled white vinegar dissolved in half cup of warm water. Add the mixture to the area, allow to soak for a few minutes, after which you flood the area and then dry excess moisture with a towel. Ensure that you absorb as much moisture as you can. By choice all though not necessary, you can freshen up the spot using baking soda. This should be done when your woolen rug is dry. Sprinkle enough baking soda around the area. Gently massage with a soft brush or old tooth brush. Leave the baking soda to soak into the rug overnight after which you vacuum it up.
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How To Remove Food And Drink Stains

Food and drinks are frequently encountered stains of woolen rugs.It is normal to encounter food stains especially when pets are fed in the home. To remove this stains you first of all remove as much of the stain as you can a using a clean towel or paper towel. For liquids you can spoon out if possible. You then sponge using another clean towel or paper towel dipped in cold water, with another clean towel placed under the stain. After this you can then rinse and blot dry using a rug shampoo. A home made solution prepared by mixing ¼ cup of white vinegar, 2 cups of tepid water and ¼ cup of tap dish washing detergent can be used instead. You should avoid scrubbing or sponging with a stiff brush as this may cause the rug fibers to pull out. After using any of the above ensure you sponge clean with clean water. You can place a fan or warm hair dryer close to the sponged part to promote increase drying. If none of this is available, you can place something under the scrubbed part to help increase circulation of air.

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Caring And Maintaining Your woolen rugs

Every rug type has peculiarities and properties which make it different. This peculiarities form the basis of maintenance, while giving you a general idea of things to avoid. While cleaning your wooling rugs, there are mistakes you should avoid . Never scrub or rub you woolen rug when cleaning. Equally avoid using hard brushes or any hard tool on it. Next, you should try to use cleaning products when extremely necessary. If you feel a stain has been adequately cleaned using towel and water, leave it at that. Another thing to avoid is heat. Wool naturally shrinks from heat, woolen rugs equally share this property. Always ensure you do not place hot objects on your woolen rugs. Never use hot water when cleaning. Always use warm or cold water. Another precautionary measure to take us to ensure you rinse your woolen rug properly after applying any cleaning agents. Ultimately you should try to ensure that your pets are potty trained to reduce the chances of further stains occurring. It is also very important to ask questions before purchasing future woolen rugs. Manufacturers and rug sellers would give you the best possible woolen rugs that are adaptable to the demands of keeping pets New woolen rugs with better stain cleaning properties are now available. It is also important for pet owners to pad under their rugs to ensure that moisture from the stain does get absorbed into the root of the rugs fiber.

Woolen rugs are one of the most admired rug types. They are strong, durable and classy. If not managed well especially when you have pets, your woolen rugs can become a disaster. You can still enjoy the comfort of your woolen rugs without getting rid of your pet’s. To simply put it, you can have it all.Book Your Rug Cleaning in NYC Today

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Rugs have existed for many centuries. Their popularity and acceptance through the ages is an indication of the charm rugs hold. Rugs help to bring sophistication and class to our living space. They blend all the components of a room together, bringing about a sense of completeness.

Nothing good comes easy they say, this equally applies to rug caring and maintenance. Caring for your rugs requires understanding of its type/nature. For example we have wool rugs, natural fiber rugs,cotton rugs, synthetic rugs and many others. All though caring for rugs follow the same principles, peculiarities might exist among different rug-types. Some of the necessary caring and maintenance tips include:

Regular Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming helps to reduce the accumulative effects of dirt on your rugs. Many rug owners tend to wait till the rugs appear dirty before they vacuum clean. This is a maintenance mistake because it makes cleaning more difficult and stressful. It is recommended that you vacuum clean your rugs at least once a week. Care should be taken when selecting vacuum cleaners. A good vacuum cleaner should easily remove all dirt and dust. Very powerful vacuum cleaners should be avoided as they can cause damage to your rug. While vacuuming you should also note the fringe, as they can get caught in the vacuum,leading to pulling and damaging of your rug. For wool rugs, you should ensure you place a nylon screen over your rug while vacuuming. Hold down the screen with any suitable weighted object. Alternatively you can tie a nylon mesh over the vacuum attachment. This is necessary because wool rugs are very sensitive and fragile. For rug owners that have pets, they should note that most vacuums leave pet hairs behind. These hairs can be removed by brushing towards the direction of the rug nap. If possible, it is advisable to keep pets off valuable rugs.

Promptly Removing Stains

Better early than late they say. Promptly locating and removing stains is a very important part of rug maintenance. Due to the nature of some rugs, stains could easily get absorbed and may even become permanent. If the spill was noticed on time, you should place a clean towel or cloth under the rug.Next you should use paper towels or towels to try and remove/blot as much of the spill as you can. Rubbing a spill/stain should be strongly avoided as they can make stains permanent. To remove the stain, you should replace the towel underneath the rug with a clean one. Dip another clean towel in water or club soda. Squeeze it very well to ensure it is damp and not wet. The towel should then be used to blot the stain. If the stain still persists shaving cream or I tea spoon of a mild dish soap should be applied, while clean towel should be used to mildly mop. Care should be taken to avoid the use of harsh substances to remove stains.This can lead to permanent damage of your rug. If after following this steps and the stain persists. Call a professional as some stains ,nail polish, and shoe polish may prove difficult to remove on your own. Do not machine wash your rug.


Believe it or not, simply leaving your rug wet can cause significant damage to it. As above, when your rug is wet, you should place a clean towel under it. Focus should then be on blotting out as much water as possible. A fan can also be set on the wet part, to make it dry faster. A hair-dryer can also be used , but it should be set on cold or warm. Never set it on hot as this can cause damage to your rug. For wool rugs special care should be taken to avoid getting them wet. This is because the nature of its material makes it very difficult to dry. You should equally avoid drying your rug under scorching sunlight. Placing or exposing your rugs to constant sunlight would cause them to fade quickly. This would ultimately shorten the life span of your rug. Hence, it is advisable for you to place your rug in areas of your home that are least exposed to sunlight. Sunlight has a bleaching effect on rugs and this could lead to some parts of your rug looking new while the other areas exposed to sunlight looking worn out and old.

Supporting, Rotating And The Effects Of Heavy Furniture

Heavy furniture or sharp end furniture pieces can cause significant damage to your rug. This is due to its pressure causing a wearing effect on the rug. Moving furniture frequently can make your rug look out of shape. Furniture should be moved only when necessary.When moving furniture, care should be taken not to drag them. Especially furniture with sharp pointed edges. In situations where heavy furniture must be placed on your rug, you can place supports under the legs of such furniture. This would help to reduce wearing and the effects of pressure. If you can’t find a suitable support, you can place a small tile underneath each of the furniture legs. It is also advisable for you to rotate your rug at least every 6 months. This is especially important if you do not rotate your furniture often.Even if furniture are not much or heavy. Rugs located in areas where there is frequent tredding or areas where people pass frequently are also prone to getting worn out and should be rotated every 6 months .This periodic rotation will ensure that your furniture does not place pressure on the same part of your rug. For reversible rugs, you should ensure that you flip it over every 6 months.

How To Remove Pet Stains

Although stains are generally removed through the same process. Some frequently encountered stains can be removed better using specific techniques . Pet owners frequently encounter stains such as urine, poop and throw up. If not handled properly pet stains can cause serious damage to your rug. Urine would not only make your rug smell, but can also cause the rugs dye to run. If left unhandled it can ultimately damage the structure of your rug. Also urine smell can be very difficult to remove. Urine stains are removed just like other stains, except that you would need to add a cup of white vinegar for every gallon of water used. This is because most rug dyes are acid fast, so the vinegar helps to neutralize the acidity of the urine. Simply put a clean towel under the urine stain, while blotting out the urine stain with a damp towel dipped in the solution prepared above. When trying to clean more solid pet stains such as poop and throw up, you need to first scrape out all of the solid part. After scraping you now sponge the area with a rug shampoo. Care most be taken to reduce the quantity of water used. Very small quantity of water should be used. The sponge should be moisty and not dripping wet. Some products are now available in the market for specifically tackling pet stains. Before using this products, care should be taken to test it first on a hidden part of the rug. This is to confirm that the product does not react with your rug.

How To Remove Food And Drink Stains

Food and drinks are frequently encountered stains of rugs. It is normal for you to encounter this stains on rugs, especially rugs located in living areas or areas where visitors frequently patrol. . To remove this stains you first of all remove as much of the stain as you can a using a clean towel or paper towel. For liquids you can spoon out if possible. You then sponge using another clean towel or paper towel dipped in cold water, with another clean towel placed under the stain. After this you can then rinse and blot dry using a rug shampoo. A home made solution prepared by mixing ¼ cup of white vinegar, 2 cups of tepid water and ¼ cup of tap dish washing detergent can be used instead. You should avoid scrubbing or sponging with a stiff brush as this may cause the rug fibers to pull out. After using any of the above ensure you sponge clean with clean water. You can place a fan or warm hair dryer close to the sponged part to promote increase drying. If none of this is available, you can place something under the scrubbed part to help increase circulation of air.

How To Clean Specific Rug Types

Each type of rug comes with a different framework, hence possessing different properties. Cleaning would strictly have to follow and respect the delicate nature/properties of each rug type. Wool, like we said earlier, dries very slowly. So care has to be taken, to ensure very little amount of water is used when cleaning. Polyester rugs are quite similar to wool and should be treated same. For solid stains scoop as much of the foreign material possible, while for liquids blot out as much liquid as possible, using a clean paper towel or towel. Use appropriate cleaning agents while always ensuring that you test, before applying in large quantities. You can use a warm air fan to increase drying. Cleaning ArtSilk Rugs can be very challenging. This is because of the very delicate nature of artsilk fibres. Hence cleaning involves a very gentle and delicate approach when compared to wool rugs. For solid stains, gently scoop as much of the foreign material as you can. Care should be taken not to scrape because of its delicate nature. For liquids use a paper towel or towel to press the stain, to absorb as much as possible. If stains persist, a very mild or gentle cleaner should be applied,with gentle blotting. Generally this same procedures are applied for other rug types with minute differences or changes based on the texture, properties and framework.

Employing The Services Of Professionals

All this tips listed above are just to help you maintain your rug better. They generally would help you clean out those common stains you might encounter from time to time. This does not change or replace the fact that you need professional cleaning periodically. Some dry cleaning companies equally provide carpet cleaning and rug cleaning services, although specific carpet cleaning and rug cleaning companies exist. Before dropping your rugs for cleaning, you should provide details on your rug type and it’s manufacturers specifications . This details will further guide them in cleaning your rugs. You should provide professional cleaning for your rugs at least once a year. For rugs which are exposed to traffic eg area rugs, professional cleaning might be required more frequently. Care should taken in other not over do this, as cleaning weakens the rug gradually . If you are not sure of when to employ professional cleaning,the following tips will further guide you. This include include rubbing your hand vigorously in circles for about 10 seconds after vacuuming . If your hands are dirty after doing this, your rug should need a professional cleaning. Another tip is to pull the pile apart, and then inspect the base of your rug. If it appears dirty, especially the warp and weft, your rug needs professional cleaning. A rug with a very dirty base(warp and weft) shows it has become very dirty.

Some Minor Rug Conditions/Conclusion

Some minor conditions affect rugs. This conditions cannot be said to be faults, neither do they arise from poor maintenance. This are natural conditions arising from the rugs properties and framework. They include minor variations in rug thickness. This can occur as most rugs are hand made and are subject to human error. Another minor condition seen in rugs is shading. The pile and weaves of your rug might change direction. Some areas of your rug might appear to have changed colour in areas where the pile and weaves are facing another direction. Shading is natural, and cannot be prevented or said to have occurred from poor maintenance. Another natural condition rugs are exposed to is shedding. Some newly purchased rugs might appear fluffy. This is because of the presence of loose fibres that might sometimes remain after the manufacturing process. This is frequently encountered in woolen rugs. This loose fibres gradually reduce after regular vacuuming.

Rugs bring excitement, class and warmth to your home or office. They help complete your room designs by bringing all the pieces together. They might be quite delicate to handle but are worth every bit of the stress.

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natural green cleaning methods and effective tools.

Keep in mind that everyday your rug is being soiled with dirt and grime that accumulate as it is brought in from outside your home or place of business. Furthermore, loose particles of dust continuously settle on upholstered furniture as well as rugs. For this reason these items should be cleaned on a regular basis. Green Choice can also clean your furniture too! Green Choice utilizes natural green cleaning methods and effective tools. We strive to provide the very best rug New York rug cleaning service at the most affordable prices. For more information about our carpet and furniture cleaning services call us today In NYC!

10 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Area Rug with Organic Material

What are Area Rugs?

Area rugs are floor coverings that bring comfort and aesthetic value inside every home. There is a special place in our homes for beautiful and quality rugs. But beauty and comfort are not the only benefits that these rugs bring in the comfort of our homes.

Purpose of Area Rugs?

Area rugs are wonderful additions to your household as it brings benefits to you and your family. If you ever want to warm your feet, then this rug can help you if you want to decorate your floor space, then the area rug is a great addition.

But not only that, but these rugs also serve as air-filter that purposely collect dirt and dust particles. Surely our problem with dust and dirt will be minimized through the use of the old and reliable area rugs.


With this concept taken at hand, then the area rug needs a cleaning process that will surely rid-off foreign contaminants for it to be used again. If you don’t pay any attention to cleaning your area rug, significant damages may start to manifest, and this can pose a danger to these materials.

There are commercial cleaning services or products offered in the market. But the downside of these services or products is they contain chemicals that may bring adverse effects to your rugs. Chemical-based products do not only pose an extreme danger to your health but also to the earth.

If you wouldn’t want to resort to this kind of service, then there is a choice for you to use a safe and eco-friendly method, by using organic materials in cleaning your area rug. There are tons of ways of disinfecting and cleaning your area rugs, and one of them is through the use of organic ingredients or materials.

Organic materials such as baking soda, essential oils, lemon juice, and other ingredients found in your home. If you are a person that tends to do the cleaning by yourself, then the organic way should be your method. This offers a more safe and comfortable way of cleaning your area rugs.

To give you a definite idea stated below are ten reasons on why you should use organic materials in cleaning your area rugs:

Improved Air Quality

To kick off this article, one of the best reasons why you should start using organic materials in cleaning your precious and quite expensive area rugs is it can improve the air quality inside your house.

Let’s do the math here; if you are a rug owner that tends to avail of chemical-based services or products, then there is a greater chance that the air that you are breathing already contains several risky chemicals.

Whether you like it or not, the overall air quality of your home will be sacrificed due to your use of chemical-based products to clean your rug. There will always be chemical residues in the rug and at the same time, in the air waiting to be inhaled or absorbed by the skin.

Chemicals tend to be volatile, and by volatile, this means that those chemicals will evaporate even at normal temperature and blend with the air inside your home. This is where these chemicals become dangerous. Whenever they blend with the air inside your home, your air quality will surely pose a serious risk to every member of your family. If you want a safe environment for them, then maybe you should consider changing your solution or method in cleaning your area rugs.

Enough of chemicals, you should promote eco-friendly materials and use organic ingredients to clean your area rugs. These materials or ingredients are definitely on the side of nature and do not contain any potent chemicals that can alter the air quality of your homes.

Being all-natural it will provide everything positive for your rugs and your home. You will have a safe rug and improved air quality for you and your family to breathe. Start by crafting your very own cleaning solutions through the use of organic ingredients such as lavender oils, lemon extract, baking soda, and other essential oil that is readily available inside your home or even in the garden.

If you have indoor pollutions, then using organic materials to clean your rugs might just be the answer. These organic ingredients will drastically reduce the pollution inside the comfort of your home. Expect decreased levels of pollutants and increased air quality.

If you don’t have the luxury of time to craft your very own recipe for cleaning rugs, then you can buy organic solutions in the market. You just have to make sure that the ingredients are one hundred percent organic and do not contain any additives such as potent chemicals.

Anchoring your cleaning solutions to organic materials will pave the way to great benefits, and one of the vital advantages is improved air quality. The air must be of high quality to prevent diseases such as asthma or any breathing disorders from prevailing inside your home.

Although the trend is still on the usage of chemical-based products, you should still be wise and rethink your decision. You should always take into consideration the effects of using cleaning products. If you want a safer air quality, then you should go green, no with chemical-based products.

No Unfavorable Damages

Let’s face it, some people favor cleaning products or services that use chemical-based. This method is efficient and can do the job, but are you sure that it is not taking a toll on your precious area rugs? You may not notice it immediately, but chemical-based products may bring damages to your rugs.

Damages to your rugs may come in different forms. The most common form that you may start to see or even feel is the alteration of its texture and discoloration. With frequent use of chemicals, percentages of texture change and discoloration will be increased.

If they are significant changes in your rugs such as discoloration, it may affect the quality and aesthetic value of the said object. Your rug may not look as beautiful as you first bought it. Yes, chemicals are efficient solutions to clean your rug, but it also sacrifices the aesthetic and overall state of the object.

Chemical-based products contain high biological content that can damage your rugs. But wait, there’s more, chemicals contain toxins that may not only be harmful to your carpets but also to you and your family’s health.

In contrast with the chemical-based products, using organic materials to clean your area rugs is a safer and also efficient method. Organic materials can also level the performance or even outperform chemical-based products. But there is a great difference between these two. Organically cleaned rugs tend to manifest no damages at all.

With several cleaning processes on your rugs using organic materials, it will still not manifest any adverse effect. Organic materials such as essential oils, lemon juice, lavender, baking soda, organic shampoos, and these are ingredients that you can find mainly inside your home. There are also organic products sold in the market that you can use to clean your area rugs.

If you want your area rugs to maintain its physical state to be at the optimum state and with no damages at all? Then you should start using organic materials in your cleaning methods. A method that is safe for your rugs, your family, and also the environment.


Using organic materials may pave the way to several great benefits. One of these benefits is that it is cost-effective. There are commercially sold chemical-based products that are expensive but does not fulfill its job.

Also, there are carpet cleaning services that use chemical-based products that may be too expensive for you. But sometimes these services are not always effective. Thus a thumbs down when it comes to cost-effectiveness.

And besides, if you favor chemical-based products and services for your area rugs there will come a time that your funds and rugs may both suffer. If you want a cost-effective method of cleaning your area rugs, then you should resort to organic and eco-friendly methods.

Different organic materials are cheap compared with the chemical-based products. Why cheap? Organic materials are available everywhere, as you may know, it. There are organic cleaning materials that you can find outside your home and even inside your home.

But don’t let these organic materials fool you, they may come in the simplest of proportions, but they will bring significant effects to your area rugs that might leave you surprised. There are even instances that you will not even buy any ingredient because it is readily available. Definitely, the use of organic materials or ingredients is on the side of efficiency and low cost.

If you are comparing the two cleaning solutions both will be offering an efficient cleaning agent to your area rug. But when it comes to efficiency, in the long run, the solution containing organic material will rise on top. Why? If you continually use chemicals as a cleaning agent, it can affect the overall state of the area rug, different from the organic materials, which will not bear any significant damages in the long run.

Truly if you want a cost-effective method to use, then you should go and use solutions with organic materials as its effects are instants and at the same time, effective even in the long run.

If you don’t want to sacrifice too much money on cleaning services or chemical-based products, then you should be wise in your decision and start using organic materials. Readily-available, cost-effective, and far more efficient than your commercial cleaning products.

Materials are Always Available

You will never be out of organic materials; some are available inside your home, some can be cultivated, and some can even be bought in your local supermarket. You will have a never-ending source of organic materials in your surroundings. Different from chemicals that are harvested or even crafted through careful solutions and concepts of chemistry.

Chemical substances require experts or professionals to formulate them; to put it simply, you can never come up with your own chemical-based products as it is risky to your health. If you resort to chemical-based products you will always be spending a large number of bucks to buy effective solutions.

Some people tend to invest a huge sum of money for their beloved rugs without even knowing that their bank account or financial resources are closing into bankruptcy. If you want to save a whole lot of bucks, then you should consider cultivating your very own plants or fruits as these are going to be your key ingredients in your organic cleaning solution.

Organic materials are plants, fruits, and other organic materials that can be used to make a solution to be used as cleaning liquid for your area rugs. One good advantage of these materials is that they are readily available in your surroundings.

The different flora in your community, such as the lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus, or even rosemary oil. These are some of the finest essential oils that you can use as your organic ingredient for your cleaning solutions. And you have to know that these plants never go out.

You can set up your own garden and cultivate these different kinds of plants of harvesting their essential oil for your use. You can also cultivate fruit-bearing plants such as the lemon as these fruits are also used as organic ingredients in cleaning rugs.

If you don’t have any time or space to create your own garden for these organic materials, you can always go to a farm to buy them fresh or just simply go to any supermarket near you. They have available plants and fruits that you can use to craft your own organic solutions.

Nonetheless, with these materials readily available, you can always resort to using organic ingredients for your cleaning solutions. And if you already cultivated or planted your ingredients, then there is no need for you to buy ingredients.

Zero cost, available materials, and positive effects on your rugs? Well, you can get that through the use of organic materials.

Safe for your Family and the Environment

Every chemical or material that contains synthetic materials can pose a danger because of the toxins that they contain. They should be used at a recommended amount only, but still, they can pose a danger.

Talking about chemicals, cleaning products for area rugs contains chemicals that may be harmful to you and your family. They may not look like it at first, but they are harmful. These products may release volatile compounds in the air that may be inhaled by each of your family members that can even escalate into a health problem.

These volatile chemicals may also be absorbed by the skin that can bring forth skin irritations or even skin problems. Either inhalation or skin absorption, both still are dangerous to the health of your family members.

A chemical product contains multiple chemicals to increase its efficiency when it comes to cleaning. But the downside of it is, it will greatly affect the health of your family members. The higher the content and potency of the chemicals will result in higher risk in health.

If inhaled, it can also have an effect on your lungs and your windpipe. Diseases that hadn’t had before may start to manifest in you. It can also irritate your eyes, given that it has chemical substances.

If you want your family to be safe but also a clean area rug, then you should resort to using organic ingredients. Organic ingredients per se do not contain any volatile synthetic ingredients that can be detrimental to health.

Instead of letting off harmful chemicals in the air, the organic materials will completely do the opposite. It will clean your rug and at the same time, will give off this desirable scent (depending on the organic ingredient that you used). It may even improve the air quality inside your home and decrease the chances of obtaining diseases such as well-known asthma.

You and your family are not the only ones that can be benefited by using organic cleaning materials. These magic ingredients can also bring benefits to the environment. Decreased usage of chemical-based materials may help the environment to have better air quality in the process. Along with these organic materials does not bring any negative effects on the environment.

One of the essential reasons why you should use organic ingredients/materials in cleaning those rugs is to maintain the safety of your family when it comes to their health, even in the comforts of your home. Not only that, but you are also contributing to or helping the environment to be healthy, and that is by using eco-friendly organic materials.

The safety of your family is the top priority when choosing your method of cleaning area rugs. Thus, resorting to organically made solutions is the best decision that you will ever make.

Area Rugs will Last Longer

Another reason why organic materials are great is it lengthens the life of your area rugs. With the global trend of using chemical-based services or products has its own disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is that the rug will not experience longer life.

These products contain toxins or chemicals that are not safe for your rugs, thus reducing the life-span of it. These chemicals may alter the texture and the life of your rugs. Alteration in your rugs may result in the frailty of the said object.

You have to know that a chemical-based product does not contain only a single chemical ingredient. For you to be aware, it contains multiple chemicals to increase its effectivity. With this content of chemicals, surely, the life of your rugs will significantly decrease until it is not usable anymore.

If you tend to use chemical-based products in cleaning your rugs continuously, then you are decreasing its lifespan. You may start to notice patches of damages or holes in your rugs, and this a bad news for you. The life of your rugs, as you know, is slowly declining.

But with the use of organic materials, you are preserving the life of your area rugs. It may even increase the duration of use of your area rugs than the usual. You never know, your grandkids may even inherit your area rugs if you continue to use organic materials for cleaning.

Organic materials contain natural agents that can bring positive effects to your rugs, thus increasing its usability. Alterations or damages in your rugs may not even manifest.

So if you want to prolong the life of your precious and beautiful rugs, then you should quit using chemical-based products and go pro on using organic materials as your resort in cleaning those rugs.

Great Scent

The beauty of your area rug is another story, but the smell is a different story. Some rugs look beautiful but are not great when it comes to the smell. If your area rugs do not smell that great, then you should consider changing your cleaning process.

Rugs that are cleaned using chemicals such as ammonia or bleach tend to give off this foul stench that is somewhat irritating to the nose and can affect the health of an individual. Now tell me, have you smelled any weird stench or foul smell in your living room lately?

If your nose found something weird in your living room, then it may be from your rugs. If you find the smell of the rug a little bit weird, then it is because of the chemical that is used to clean them. Not only weird, but it can also be an irritant; this is a sign for you to change your cleaning materials.

If you want the smell of your rugs to be pleasant and desirable, then you should go green. Organic materials are much greater when it comes to the smell they emit. With the broad spectrum of organic materials you can choose from, it is possible to use various ingredients to make combinations and make the smell more desirable.

You can use essential oils such as the well-known lavender oil to clean your rug and give it this distinct smell of sweetness that can help you to relax your mind. Regardless of the ingredient that you are using, lemon extract, essential oils, or even the baking soda, it will surely smell different from chemical-based products.

The efficiency of the product is not the only thing that you will consider, you must also consider the scent that it is emitting. If you favor the side of the chemicals, then you should always bear the burden of smelling the irritable stench. But if you are on the side of eco-friendly materials, then there is a chance that you will be smelling nature inside the comforts of your home.

Truly a great smell from your rugs can bring you and anyone great relaxation. So start using green or organic materials and experience a greater scent from your area rugs.

Knowledgeable about the Ingredients

It is a great thing to be knowledgeable about the ingredients that you are using in cleaning your area rugs. But if you are using chemical-based products, then there is a greater chance that your knowledge about the ingredients is limited.

You may know some common ingredients like ammonia or bleach, but the other ingredients are somewhat not familiar to you, and that can pose a problem to you and your area rug. In the instance, you use a solution that contains unfamiliar chemicals or toxins, it may adversely affect the rug and the health of its surroundings, such as the environment and your family. You may not even know, but the material or solution that you are using to clean the rug may contain a potent chemical that can be dangerous.

There are instances where chemical-based products are not reliably labeled missing out on the important key points to consider, such as the recommended amount. Lack of knowledge about the product that you are using may lead to something serious in the whole procedure of cleaning your rugs.

That is the case for chemical-based products, with limited knowledge of the ingredients it can be risky to use that kind of solution for cleaning your rugs. However, with the use of organic materials, you are making yourself knowledgeable about the ingredients that you included.

If you are the one crafting the solution using different kinds of organic materials, then rest assured that your rug is in a good and safe condition. Through this, you will also be aware of the significant effects that your organic solution may give to your rugs.

Being aware does not only give benefits to the rugs but also to your family and environment. Being fully aware of the ingredients that you are using gives you the upper hand when it comes to conserving the life of your rugs and keeping it in optimum quality.

You have to be wise and knowledgeable in the products that you are using to prevent problems from arising in the future. In your case, using organic materials makes you fully aware of the ingredients and their effects on your precious rugs.

Safe even for Animals

Family members are not the only ones that are benefited by the comfort of the area rug. If you have pets such as dogs or cats, then they are also part of the circle. Then if you use chemical-based products in cleaning your rugs, it might not be safe for your pets.

The sensations or health problems that humans experience from chemicals may also likely be manifested by the pets. From these chemical-based products, they might also develop a disease or any health problems.

Pets have greater interaction with your rugs, they tend to lay down or sleep on it. If your rugs have chemical residues left in them, then it may be transferred to your pet that may result in irritations. They may even inhale the volatile chemical that can harm their overall health or escalate into something serious such as developing chronic diseases such as asthma.

Let’s face it, no one is safe around chemicals; whether you’re a person or animal, you are bound to be negatively affected by these harmful chemicals. If you want your pets to be safe from any health problems or risks, then you should go with organic materials.

With you using organic ingredients in your cleaning solutions, then it is guaranteed that your pet will be out of danger. Not only will you be benefitting from the positive effects of eco-friendly solutions but also your animal’s friends.

These are materials that are made to be technically safe for humans and animals. But not using chemicals will not only benefit the animals inside the comfort of your home, but you are also giving the animals in the outside world a chance to live in a greener environment.

Chemicals, as we know it is detrimental to all animals, using chemicals like cleaning solutions for your rugs, may be converted into air particles that can even go outside your home and contribute to the air pollution in the environment.

So if you lessen the usage of chemical-based products, then you are gradually improving the life of your pets inside your home and the animals found in the environment.

Promotes Green Living

Probably one of the greatest benefits of using organic materials in cleaning are rugs is it promote green living. Without the use of chemical substances in cleaning your rugs you are one of the few who promotes green living. As we all know it through the advancement of the human race, the demand for efficient and chemical-based products is growing, thus becoming more detrimental to our Mother Earth.

Chemicals, as we know it, are volatile and up to air pollution, decreasing the overall air quality. The low air quality will result in low-level oxygen and unhealthy air for breathing. But chemicals are not only harmful in forms or air particles.

It can also be in liquid form that can flow into rivers and lakes that can surely affect marine life in the process. Take this; for example, if there is an excess liquid chemical solution for cleaning rugs, we tend to flush them down in the drain because they are of no use anymore.

These liquid contaminated with chemicals will surely flow to different bodies of water that can add to water pollutions that will ultimately result in adverse effects on our marine life. Chemicals, regardless of their form, are still toxic to humans and to our earth.

Saving the earth, even by doing the littlest of things, is still significant; one thing that you can do is turn to organic materials or ingredients to clean your rugs.

By using organic materials or ingredients in cleaning your rugs or other furniture, you are promoting healthy and sustainable living not only to just you but also to our Earth. You are doing your part in saving the earth from adverse effects such as climate change and global warming.

Even though your part is small but it still brings great effects for the environment. Decreasing chemical usage is no joke, as everything in our daily life probably uses chemicals. By promoting the use of organic materials, you are becoming a model of green living.

They say prevention is better than cure. Then let’s prevent these negative effects y quitting on the use of chemicals and go pro on using organic materials.

There are tons of products that are chemically inclined sold in the local supermarket. Some of them have proven their worth when it comes to efficiency in cleaning area rugs. These products contain high potent chemicals that can bring risk to human health and even environmental health.

There are also rug cleaning services that are using the magic of chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia, and other chemicals. These may prove to be effective and efficient but still, have the downsides. Products or services as long as they are using chemicals in their cleaning procedure adverse effects will still be happening to your rugs. Another thing is you are wasting too many financial resources through these chemical-based products and services.

Organic materials also pack a punch when it comes to efficiency in cleaning area rugs. The only difference is that it does not contain any harmful chemicals. Different from chemical products in origin, solutions that are made of organic materials do not pose any health risks or threats to the user, and the surroundings.

Wait, there’s more, with the use of organic materials in cleaning there is a chance that you will not be using too much money. Basically, organic materials are low cost but still effective.

If you don’t believe me, then try and read the ten reasons why you should use organic materials in cleaning your area rugs.

Area Rug Cleaning Drop Off

Area rug cleaning drop off is when you “drop off” your rug in cleaning establishments, and after it is cleaned, you will be the one who is going to pick it up, no deliveries or such. Sometimes there are cleaning facilities that will offer you a discount if you drop off and pick up your area rug by yourself.

If there is an ultimate need for you to get your area rug cleaned, then you should trust the professionals in this one. If you don’t know a thing or two on cleaning your area rug/s, then you should go get help from a professional. There are cleaning facilities that will take care of your area rugs completely and safely.

There are a few advantages that you might have if you drop off your rugs at cleaning facilities rather than cleaning them at home:

Professional Cleaning Services

Your area rugs will be in good hands as they will be handled and cleaned by professionals. People who are experts and experienced in processing your precious rugs. Every bit of dust, dirt, or any contaminants will be removed without any damage.

Conducive Environment

If you clean your very own rug at your home, then there are chances that they will still have dirt and dust in them. Your home is not the most conducive cleaning area for your rugs, and you might not even have space. In contrast to cleaning facilities which have spacious and clean facilities that are very likely to be more conducive than your home.


Of course, the process will be involving a vacuuming process. The cleaning facilities will be vacuuming those dust and dirt particles both sides of the rug for a more thorough cleaning process.

Stain Action

There will be instances where your area rugs will have stains, and you will not know how to address them. This is where the professionals will use their expertise. These cleaning facilities will know what kind of action they will do to the stain on your area rugs.

Final Inspection

For your benefit, the cleaning establishments will be conducting their very own final inspections on your rugs. They will be evaluating the rugs if it needs a second time of cleaning procedure. If there are still residues of dust, dirt, and stains.

Finishing Touches

If the rugs pass the final inspection, then it will undertake the finishing touches, so by the time that you will be picking the rug it is clean, disinfected, and beautiful.

Although it’s a great idea to perform rug cleaning all by yourself, there are few disadvantages along with it. If you want your area rugs to be thoroughly cleaned then you should heed the help of some professional through cleaning facilities. Your rugs will be undertaking several cleaning sides that will rid-off foreign contaminants completely. And don’t forget that there are cleaning facilities that will offer discounts to those who drop off and pick up their own area rugs.

How often should You Clean Area Rugs?

There are people around the world that have their very own wonderful and beautiful area rugs. Well, who wouldn’t buy such a wonderful addition to their homes, it gives this distinct beauty to the family area and also having one offers a lot of benefits to the family.

But do you know a thing or two about area rugs when it is about to be cleaned? How often should you clean them? That is a question that most area rugs owner asks, and I believe that is why you are here.

Fortunately for you, this article will be able to answer that specific question in your mind. Sit back, sip our cup of coffee or tea, and read on.

When should I clean my Area Rugs? 

It is great for you to be fully aware of the cleaning schedule of your area rug. Mostly your area rugs will be collecting dust and dirt particles as it is used every day inside your home. It needs to be cleaned to remove those stagnant dust and dirt that might cause health risks to the family.

The general schedule for the area rugs to be cleaned is 12-18 months at most. But multiple factors will make it a great idea for you to clean your area rugs more often than that.

To give you an idea, here are the factors:

Dirty and Smelly

There are times that your rug will be looking dirty and emitting bad smell already, even though you cleaned a week ago. Definitely, this is a factor that you will consider to clean it again. If you see any spots or stains in your rug, then you should clean immediately; don’t turn a blind eye as it may escalate into something serious later on.

If you smell something weird in your living room, then it may be your area rug needed to be cleaned again.

Children and your Pets

Children and pets are one of the usual users of the area rug cleaned from that they are also the ones that bring the dirt and dust to your area rugs the most. Most children will be spending their day at school stepping on dirt, mud or other contaminants. And when they get home, they might step on the rug, thus disinfecting it in the process. Same concept with the pets who also carry dirt and muds.

Placed in High Traffic Areas

If the area rug is placed in high traffic areas, then there is a need for you to clean it more often. High traffic areas may include the living rooms and hallways. Since the probable place for the area rugs is in the living room, it is still highly susceptible to foreign contaminants.

If you placed the rug in the most used room, then you should always monitor the dust and dirt formation in the rug. You should also mind the smell as it can be one of the signs that it really needs cleaning.


Allergies can also be a factor for you to consider cleaning your area rugs more often than usual. Area rugs are dust and dirt filters, so they will more likely accumulate greater amounts daily. If you have allergies, then it is bad news for you. Constant sneezing or skin irritations may start to kick in.

If you see allergies manifesting from you or any of your family members and the cause is not biological, then maybe it’s the time for you to check out your rug and clean them.

Those are the factors that you have to consider for you to clean your area rug more often than usual. But there are also factors for you to clean your rug the usual schedule, which is 12-18 months. Here are the interesting factors:

Placed in Secluded Room

If you decide to place your area rug in a secluded room or a room that is rarely used, then you may follow the usual schedule of cleaning. Without heavy traffic in the room, the area rug may accumulate minimal dust and dirt.

Not much Elements

If the rug is not exposed to too many elements then you may clean them the usual schedule. If you don’t have any kids running around the living room or any pets leaving their tracks all over the rug, then you may prolong the cleaning schedule.

Cleaning Rugs More Often

Of course, there are advantages if you clean your rug more often than the usual cleaning date. Stated below are some of the advantages that your area rug may enjoy:

Beautiful Rugs

You’ll be surprised at the state your rug is in after it is clean. Keeping it clean maintains its beauty.

Longer Life

If you take care of your rugs and clean them more often, there are chances that your area rugs will live longer than its usual lifespan. If you really take care of it, then there is a chance that your kids may even inherit the area rug.

Desirable Smell

If your rug is clean, you will be smelling a more desirable scent. In contrast to that idea if you leave your rugs, then you may smell something a little bit weird. And the quality of your air may even improve if you clean daily.

Healthier Household

If you maintain the cleanliness of your area rugs, then you are decreasing the risks of obtaining health problems. As you know already, the rug will be stocking on dust, dirt, and other foreign contaminants that might pose a threat to your family. Cleaning it more often is a great idea to get rid of those contaminants.

Yes, there is a usual schedule that you will follow in cleaning your area rugs. But there are also factors that you might change your mind and clean those precious rugs the more often or even regularly.

Rug Cleaning NYC
Rug Cleaning New York City

Local Oriental Area Rug Cleaning In NYC

Green Choice Rug Cleaning NYC  cleans all oriental area rugs at our large state of the art rug facility located in the NYC area.

Your oriental rug will be treated with the best of care and handled only by trained and certified rug technicians.

Green Choice Rug Cleaning has years of experience working with the most expensive oriental rugs and we also receive great compliments about our work.

There is no charge for pick-up and delivery services.

Our experts have a great procedure for cleaning your oriental area rug.

How Will You Clean My Oriental Rug?

We will use our powerful air vacuum cleaner to pull out all of the dirt deep inside of the rug.

Once this is done, we will pre-treat any stains, marks and spots with a green friendly cleaner.

Our product will dissolve and remove some of the toughest stains in your oriental rug.

Our experts will wash the rug in the front and back. The rug is rinsed with a tool that is made for rinsing woven rugs.

Once the rinsing is done, it’s time to place the rug in our special climate controlled room for drying.

How Long Will You Have My Rug?

The entire process for cleaning oriental rugs takes 5 to 7 days.

Our staff gives each rug prompt service but we take no short cuts during our cleaning. Even though hand washing does take time, this is the only way we clean Oriental rugs.

We never clean Oriental rugs by machine because we know they can be easily damaged, even ruined, during machine cleaning. Our hand washing process is very effective and safe.

After cleaning we dry your rug carefully to avoid shrinkage.

Once the rug is dry, we will start the repairing process on holes and tears. All yarn used on your rug will match the color scheme.

We will re-knot, weave, stitch and repair any missing fringes on the Oriental rug.

The rug will be inspected prior to sending it back to your home or office.

Our experts are complete pros and can handle some of the most delicate Oriental rug with no problem.

Your rug will be in great hands at our facility.

Can Moth Damage Be Repaired?

Absolutely, during cleaning we can remove all moths from your rug.

After cleaning our repair shop can repair any damage cause by the moths including restoring areas eaten away by the moths.

After we are done your rug will look fully restored with no signs of any damage.

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  1. Mary

    Good Morning,I have two wool 8×10 rugs and a microfiber sofa that I needed cleaned. Can you give me an idea of the cost and do you work this weekend?
    I have two small children so I’m interested in the green cleaning option. How long does it take to do?

  2. Marta Stone

    Hi, I live in Soho and I have a an area rug that’s needs to be cleaned and repaired. The rug has a rip on one of the corners and I was wondering if you can fix that as well? It is a wool rug and it is a creamy color and it has a few stains. I was pet sitting for two weeks and I will be great if there is anti-bacterial cleaning option since there is some pet hair that cannot be removed with the vacuum cleaner.

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