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Many homes across the Brooklyn area are decorated with gorgeous area rugs.
These rugs may be laid across tile, wood or carpeted floor surfaces. They add style and decor to your space, and they also provide comfort on your bare feet as well as the ability to minimize indoor noises in your home.
While area rugs can provide your home with numerous benefits, they can become dirty over time. Many Brooklyn area residents make the regular effort to clean their home’s areas rugs by vacuuming them, but professional rug cleaning will also be required periodically.

Professional rug cleaning services will remove ground-in dirt, dog and cat dander and more. The rugs will be restored to like-new condition, and even tough spots and stains can be removed.

Guidelines in Finding the Best Cleaning Services

To find the most qualified rug cleaning company, there several factors that you have to consider and these are:

Expert Cleaning Processes Brooklyn

There are several different companies that you can call for rug cleaning in the Brooklyn area, but it is important that you call Green Choice Carpet Cleaning for Oriental area rug cleaning.

Your rug is a fine, hand-crafted piece that you want to be cleaned with expert techniques and skills.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning’s process includes an in-home rug evaluation that determines the craftsmanship, dyes and other characteristics of the rug.

During this process, an expert rug technician will determine which method of cleaning will protect your rug while removing the deep-down levels of dirt that are creating a dirty, discolored look

. There are several different processes, which include both wet and dry cleaning methods.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is one of the only companies in the local area that uses a green cleaning method, offers complimentary pickup and delivery for the rug and uses its own private cleaning facility to expertly clean your rugs.

Some other companies state they are expert rug cleaners, but they outsource the cleaning of rugs to a third party cleaning facility.

Each Rug Gets Custom Cleaning Process

You certainly don’t want your home’s floors to look bare for days on end while your rugs are cleaned.

With our rug cleaning Brooklyn service, you can enjoy fast and affordable service through our fast and efficient cleaning process.

Many other companies that offer rug cleaning services will outsource this task to another company.

By outsourcing the work, the time it takes to clean your rugs as well as the cost required to clean rugs is increased.

Because we perform all our rug cleaning service at our own factory, our fees as well as our turn around time are quicker and more affordable to our clients.

Finally since we only use our factory and technicians, we can ensure the quality of the cleaning.

Clean Rugs Give Health Benefits

If your home is like so many others, your area rugs are just one of the many surfaces that would benefit from professional cleaning.

Your rugs can become a source of odors, and allergies if they do not receive regular professional cleaning.

Our rug cleaning service is very easy to use because we give you a free estimate and offer a free pick up and delivery service.

Once your rugs are cleaned, we schedule an appointment and return them to your home. Because our services remove pet dander, dust, spots, stains and more from your rugs, your home will look cleaner and will be more sanitary.

Further, our cleaning processes are Eco-friendly.

We only use green cleaners which are safe to with all types of rugs, especially with the valuable handmade rugs.  

When you call us, you can schedule a complimentary in-home consultation to learn more about our processes and get an estimate for your professional cleaning needs.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Facility In brooklyn NY

All rugs go to Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Facility, expert rug cleaning and repair services are performed to give your rug the impressive results you want to see.

Further, the rug cleaning service provided is a green service that is safe for rugs used in homes with pets and kids.

Call to schedule your service with Green Choice Carpet Cleaning today.

Our Cleaning Process

Green Choice Carpet


Heavy-Duty Cleaning for Your Carpets. Call Now to Schedule Your Appointment with Us! Get a Deep Carpet Clean from Experienced Cleaners. Schedule Your Service Now. We work hard to offer the best quality cleaning services available; we only use organic cleaning materials, offer a convenient service, and do it all at a great price. If you need a fast, reliable, and safe organic carpet, rug & upholstery cleaning service, we can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your questions for efficient and reliable for Green Choice Carpet Clean.

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Most manufacturers recommend at least once a year if not more. A lot depends on how much foot traffic you have, how often you vacuum and if you have pets or kids. If you need stains or odors that you cannot remove, then it is time to call for professional help.
When we clean your carpets we use very powerful machines that will remove most of water. But the carpets will still be moist. We recommend that you open the windows for air circulation Your carpets should be dry in 6 to 8 hours.
Our technicians have been trained in the best methods to identify and to find the best treatment for different types of spots. They will know the best process to remove even the toughest spots.
Yes, the green cleaning products we use have been tested by third parties and found to be just as effective as chemical cleaners and to be safe for the environment.
Yes we can do spot dying or even replace the replace the bleached areas with a similar piece of carpet.

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