The Art & Craft of Chinese Rug Cleaning in NYC

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The Art & Craft of Chinese Rug Cleaning in NYC

Chinese rugs are one of the many different kinds of area rugs made by Asian cultures.

Hand-knotted Chinese rugs have distinctive characteristics.

Each rug is unique.

The patterns on the back of the rug are almost as bright as the designs on the front.

The fringe is part of the area rug, not a sewn-on attachment.

The basic foundation for Chinese area rugs is the warp.

Traditionally these are formed from sheep’s wool.

Weavers tie a row of knots, made from wool or silk strands, across adjacent parallel strands in the warp.

Then these weavers insert a weft, a strand of yarn and weave it across the width for strength.

Your beautiful Chinese area rug is naturally resilient and durable, and you certainly want to protect it from damage.

Asian rug experts recommend only using the services of professional craftsmen, who are capable of providing effectual procedures for Chinese rug cleaning in NYC.

Our craftsmen specialize in Chinese and Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC is the benchmark for the carpet cleaning industry.

Anyone of our skilled artisans and craftsmen will happily give you a free cost estimate over the phone.

We can also make a convenient appointment for you to receive a free on-sight inspection and quote based on the condition of your Oriental rug in NYC and surrounding areas.

One of our trained, experienced workers will diligently examine your floor covering for stains, cigarette burns, and other signs of damage and wear.

When our technician has completed his analysis, he will provide you with a detailed description of our cleaning process, including the cost.

Our proficiency in Chinese rug cleaning is our distinction in NYC and the surrounding areas.

Every type of floor covering is diverse; the material, the colors, and the techniques used to make it are characteristically different.

We adjust our specialized cleaning process to ensure we provide optimum care for your Chinese heirloom.

Our Specially Designed Cleaning Methods

• Our cleaning methods in NYC consist of exacting strategies and techniques used to dust the carpet by hand and make it ready for the prewash cycle.

We carefully measure the correct solutions used in the prewash cycle.

This method will maintain the vibrant colors without weakening the carpet fibers.

• The type of area rug governs the selection of water temperature and the duration of the wash cycle.

We select the correct solutions for the wash cycle, after ascertaining the precise nature of your rug.

This method maintains the coloration without damaging any rug fibers.

• The final stage of our process is drying.

We hang these valuable floor coverings in a temperature-controlled environment.

The selection of the correct temperature is an essential step in Chinese rug cleaning in NYC.

This procedure protects the soft texture of the carpet fibers.

We hand vacuum and wrap your reconditioned floor covering and deliver it back to your home.

Call Us and Find Out About Our Specials and Deals

We have the expertise to care for all your carpet needs. Our elite craftsmen in NYC are adept in carpet making and repairing.

Our staff includes virtuosos in distinctive cultural carpet styles.

They have learned traditional methods of Chinese rug cleaning.

Our friendly employees will happily answer all your questions or schedule an appointment, at your convenience.

Call us today @ 1 (800) 589-4364 to find out more about our specials and deals and especially about the 20% discount we have on all of our services at the moment.

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