Best ways to clean Karastan Carpet

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Best ways to clean Karastan Carpet

Having Karastan Rugs Cleaned

Karastan rugs are known for their beauty and intricate patterns, and they can be a stunning addition to any home.

With the delicate weave and unique look, you want to ensure that your carpet always looks its best, but do you know how to properly clean these textiles? The fact is that cleaning Karastan rugs takes a great deal of care and special skills.

Whether you have a rug now or you’re thinking about buying one, here’s what you should know about Karastan rug cleaning.

Invest in Prevention

Ideally, you’ll take steps to keep your rug clean to start with. Encourage people to take their shoes off, and don’t let anyone have food or drinks near the rug.

Use a pad under the rug to prevent it from sliding around and wearing out prematurely.

The rug should also be vacuumed regularly to remove loose dirt.

Quick Response to Accidents

No matter how careful you are, accidents will happen.

When something does spill on your rug, promptly blot up any liquid with a clean, white cloth.

Never use a scrubbing motion as this can damage the fibers. Continue blotting until the towels are coming up dry.

If you are not sure what to do it is time to call the professionals.

Call Our Professionals

There are countless sites online where you can find tips for cleaning different stains out of your rugs, but this really is a job best left to the professionals.

Here at Green Choice Carpet, we know what strength cleaner to use, how to minimize any color bleeding, and how to thoroughly remove the stain.

You’ve made an investment in your rug, and it’s wise to protect that investment by letting our professional crews take care of stains and other problems.

The Skills and Knowledge

Retailers who offer Karastan rugs recommend that you have them professionally cleaned about twice a year to remove dirt that may be trapped in the fibers and protect the rug.

In our cleaning facility we use a very gentle process to effectively clean the rugs without damaging them.

Special detergents are used, and we pay close attention to detail to ensure that your rug looks its best.

We also start with the most gentle detergents in order to protect your rug and avoid the unnecessary use of harsh chemicals. It’s carefully dried to leave it looking like new again.

The entire process can be time-consuming, but you’ll be rewarded with a rug that’s vibrant and beautiful once again.

We’re an experienced carpet cleaning company offering comprehensive services.

While we’re highly trusted to handle all types of wall-to-wall carpets, we’re also the right team to turn to when you’re dealing with fine Karastan rugs. Whether you’ve ordered your rug online or picked it up at a little shop in the Middle East, you want it to continue looking amazing for decades, and we’re ready to help you with this.

Our rates are quite competitive, and we hope that you’ll be pleased with our excellent service.

We offer free estimates, and we have quick turnarounds so that you can start enjoying your clean rug sooner.

Give us a call today at 1 (800) 589-4364 to schedule your service and see how beautiful your Karastan rugs can be again.

For our client’s convenience we offer free pick up and delivery and currently we have 20% off on all of our cleaning processes.

Don’t waste any more time and give us a call today!

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