Rug Cleaning Staten Island

With over two decade of experience in providing high quality rug cleaning services to our customers in , Green Choice is able to offer comprehensive rug cleaning services in Staten Island at an affordable price.

Our technicians have the knowledge and skill to easily find the type and weave of your unique rug and design a custom cleaning process.

Green Choice specializes in cleaning all types of rugs including oriental and Persian rugs.

We are a 100% Eco-friendly rug cleaning company that uses only green rug cleaning products.

We offer top quality green rug cleaning services in Staten Island at a price that will fit your budget.

With Green Choice you can be sure of the results and a safe and effective cleaning experience with no allergy causing chemical leftovers.


Our Rug Cleaning Services in Staten Island

After we inspect your rug, Green Choice will create a customized cleaning program that will produce the best results.

Our cleaning services here at Green Choice can be broadly classified into two parts. They are machine rug cleaning and hand washing.

We use mechanical rug washing for machine made area rugs and throw rugs depending on their condition.

We perform a special hand washing for more delicate rug types such as antique rugs or handmade rugs.

All of the cleaning services are performed by experts in the field.

We have the industry’s best rug cleaning technicians who are experienced professionals.

We give great importance to customer satisfaction because we want happy customers who will recommend us to their friends.

If you need a professional rug cleaning in Staten Island, contact Green Choice Rug Cleaning today for professional cleaning services at competitive prices.

Carpet Cleaning

Efficient Cleaning Services

With a group of highly experienced technicians, Green Choice Carpet is able to make rug cleaning service a hassle free job to our customers.

We specialize in special deep rug cleaning services and stain removal services.

If your rugs have not been cleaned for many years our deep cleaning services will be helpful to you, making them fresh and clean with all the deeply embedded dirt removed.

We clean all types of rugs including:

  • Persian Rugs
  • Oriental Rug
  • Wool Rugs
  • Silk Rugs

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