Persian Area Rug Cleaner Queens

Persian Area Rug Cleaner Queens

If you have a fine Persian area rug in your Queens home, at some point, it will require professional cleaning. Many Persian rug owners will have their rugs professionally cleaned every six or 12 months as a part of a thorough scheduled cleaning process. Others will have their rug’s spots and stains cleaned as needed. If your home has kids or pets, you know that spots and stains are bound to happen. However, they can also occur from an accidental spill or other similar events.

The question, of course, is which Persian area rug cleaner in Queens should you call?

Green Choice Keeps It In-House

The fact is that you can go through a lot of time and effort researching companies to call on for Persian rug cleaning, but the company you decide to use may not actually clean your rug at all. It is very common for cleaning companies to contract a private rug cleaning company to handle this service. Even reading reviews about these rug cleaning companies can be misleading. This is because these companies can change which private company they use for these services without your knowledge. You simply never know who is cleaning your rug or how they are cleaning it when you use a company like this. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is different because we do keep the rug cleaning service in-house. We utilize an Eco-friendly cleaning method that is effective at removing even the most stubborn stains. Green Choice has its own rug cleaning facility which is staffed by rug cleaners with many years of experience. Combined with our state of the art rug cleaning machines, we delivery excellent rug cleaning services to Queens and the entire NYC area at an affordable cost.

Affordable Service

By keeping our Persian rug cleaning service in-house, Green Choice offers you the additional benefit of more affordable rug cleaning rates. When other companies outsource this work, they have to pay those companies a fee for their cleaning services. This inflates the price of rug cleaning needlessly. Our rug cleaning service is more affordable because we clean the rugs ourselves. More than that, by offering our own rug cleaning service, we also have the unique ability to offer you same-day pick up service. Because of our experienced staff, we know the best way to clean a Persian rug. Persian rugs need to handled different in order to protect it during the cleaning process. Our experts know the best way to clean your rugs while protecting its color and fiber during cleaning. When looking for the right rug cleaning company to call for your Persian rug, it is clear that there are benefits associated with using our service. You can call us to today for a free in-home Persian rug cleaning estimate. Our quote will include free Persian rug pick-up and delivery.

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