Rug Cleaning Queens

Cleaning a rug is more than whipping out a vacuum or scrubbing out stains.

It is important to invest in the best rug cleaning professional options.

This ensures that a rug is not damaged during cleaning, that safe green products are used, and that experts are working on your modern or antique rugs.

Efficient Services

By investing in a quality rug cleaning Queens company, one can be sure that all stains and dirt and debris will be removed from the rug.

Because of the equipment and techniques of the experts, the cleaning will be deeper and more efficient than any that a general home owner could do.

Professionals like Green Choice Carpet Cleaning can return a rug to its original condition, which protects the initial investment.

And by the removed of embedded dust, the rug will last longer.

Safe Products

Another benefit in using Green Choice for your rug cleaning is that safe and green products will be used. This ensures that all children and pets in the home are safe from toxic products.

Additionally, such products are easier on carpets and rugs and ensure that no damage is done to such home accessories.

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Pick Up and Delivery

When you use our services, our professionals will come in, pick up the rug, and then deliver it when it is finished.

The rug is then brought to our factory and cleaned by the staff.

Thus, a home owner can be sure that the cleaning is not outsourced and that experts are working to return your back back to its original glory.

Our free pick up and delivery saves a home owner time and energy.

Our Rug Cleaning Factory

Green Choice has its own rug cleaning facility

Our staff has years of experience in cleaning all types of rugs and we have the best rug cleaning machines you can find anywhere.

As a result, we can handle all types of rugs including Persian and Oriental rugs.

From dusting to drying, our technology is far beyond our competitors and you can see this in our results.

Investing in a green company in Queens protects the carpet or rug, the home, and ensures that all stains and dirt are removed from a rug.

Once returned, a home owner will think that a brand new rug has been purchased. Experts understand how to get the job done right.

With a wide range of supplies, Green Choice will pick up rugs, bring them to the factory, and get to work cleaning them.

Even the hardest stains can be removed with the right techniques and equipment.


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