Persian Rug Cleaning New Jersey

Persian Rug Cleaning New Jersey

Persian Area Rug Cleaning should be done by the best carpet cleaning business. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is completely dedicated to cleaning your Persian rug and doing all of the necessary repairs to restore your rug. Everything must start with the free in-home consultation. The consultation will begin with our expert having the opportunity to get a close look at the Persian rug. It is important that we measure and examine the rug for damages. Once we have determined what it will take to restore the rug, we will be able to offer the customer a price quote. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning will work on your rug at our location. We have the best state of the art products and equipment; we’re ready to work on your Persian rug.

We Inspect Every Rug Before Cleaning

Our experts are specialized in handling all types of handmade rugs and your rug will be in safe hands. We will start by doing a pre-inspection that will show all of the repairing and restoring we need to do for your rug. All rugs are treated individually, because no two jobs are the same. The dust will be removed from the rug and we will test the colorfastness. Our expert will treat each stain with a pre-treatment solution. Our hand washing is second to none and we will gently shampoo the rug without causing any further damage. The rug will be rinsed and ready to go to our climate controlled room for drying.

Getting the Rug Back into Shape

Our expert will brush the rug and get it ready for repairs. All holes, tears, missing tassels, fringes and high traffic areas will be corrected by our expert. They will carefully match our yarn with all of the colors in your rug. Our experts are also great craftsmen and women that have many years of experience in the carpet cleaning business. No one will work harder for you than a Green Choice Carpet Cleaning expert.

The Finishing Touches

We will add the deodorizer, 3M Scotchgard and Moth repellent to your clean rug. These protections are design to extend the life of your Persian rug. Our experts will do one more final inspect before the rug is returned to your home. We will roll, wrap and load your rug in our van. Upon arrival to your home, we will place the rug on the floor. If you need professional Persian area rug cleaning in New Jersey, call Green Choice today.

Fast Service

Nobody wants their space to be without a Persian rug for long. If you and your family have grown accustomed to a specific rug being on the floor in a room, your room can seem bare and drab when the rug is removed for cleaning. Some cleaning services will require you to hassle with removing the rug from your home and transporting it to their retail location. Then they will transport it to a third party who they contract to clean rugs on their behalf. This is an inconvenient and time-consuming way to get a rug cleaned.

your rug will be cleaned quickly

If you use Green Choice Carpet cleaning, however, your rug will be cleaned quickly and with no hassle on your part. You can call us today to schedule a complimentary estimate for rug cleaning services. We will visit your home to provide you with the estimate.

rug pick-up and delivery service

With our complimentary rug pick-up and delivery service, we can take the rug to be cleaned at the time we provide you with the estimate or at another time that is more convenient for you. Because our skilled rug cleaning experts clean the rugs in our private facility, we won’t pass on the time or cost of outsourcing rug cleaning to a third party to you. Our service is not only faster and more convenient, but it also is more affordable too.

The Results

You may be inclined to think that a Persian rug cleaning service that is faster and more affordable would be less effective at removing dirt tracks and stubborn stains from a rug, but that isn’t the case at all. Our innovative cleaning process is designed to remove all of the spots and stains from the rug.

Our process is safe

Our process is safe for the rug itself, safe for your family and safe for the environment too. You don’t have to pay more than necessary for the results you want when you use our rug cleaning service. Call Green Choice today to get a quote for cleaning your Persian rug.

Affordable Professional Cleaning, Repair and Restoration and Persian Rug New Jersey

Everyone loves a clean house. There is something to be said when someone walks in and they can relax on a pristine rug in your living room or basement. Chances are, if you have a carpet, you know the difficulties of keeping it clean.

keep your carpet clean

At Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, we know what it takes to keep your carpet clean and make it last for years and years, well beyond what basic cleaning can do. Let’s face it, you can only prevent dirt and dust from coming into your home so much. After taking your shoes off before you walk around the house or even using and outside mat to keep shoes clean, your carpet may still need a good cleaning from the hard working tools of a professional.

Professional Repair and Restoration Service

Depending on the size and style of your carpet, we have just what you need to keep it clean and maintain your rug. Our rug cleaning will work on Persian rugs and Persian rug restoration. If your rug has developed rips Green Choice can fix it so you will not even see old rips in the rug. If the dye has faded we have color restoration to revive the color of your rug.

Different Types of Cleaning for Your Rug

Taking the rug outside and beating the dust off cannot remove all the dust and dirt. Our professional cleaning crew will take it off your hands and return it to you good as new. We can hand wash all Persian area rugs. Soaking and hand washing is the only way to deep cleaning a Persian rug and remove dust, stains and odor from them. This is also the safest way to cleaning a Persian rug. Most importantly we will do our best to keep your rug looking and feeling brand new. Our team of professionals take each customer on a case by case basis and depending on the size, style and requirements from the customer, we will be able to meet their request to the best of our abilities. If you value a clean home and need affordable professional cleaning, repair and restoration and Persian rugs in New Jersey then call Green today.

Expert Persian Area Rug Cleaning New Jersey

What can cleaning do for my Persian rug?

You will bring back the brilliant colors and a glossier looking Persian rug. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning knows that washing the rug will give it added protection and longevity. A dirty rug will deteriorate much quicker
Rugs can store dirt, hair, allergens, crumbs, stains, nail polish, dust, moisture, and particles. All of these things will reduce the value of your rug. Washing the rug will eliminate moths and mildew from growing in the foundation. Our free consultation at your home will allow us to evaluate the condition of your Persian rug. Expert Persian area rug cleaning in New Jersey will help you restore your rug to its full beauty.

What Professionals Can Remove from Your Rug

We can remove all of the dirt, clay, sand, animal dander, gum, food particles, pet feces, limestone, moisture, resins, coffee stains and oils. Our experts have seen it all and we can correct the problem with a good cleaning at our facility. We always pre-inspection and then we remove the dust from the Persian rug. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning are proud to say that we use green products to clean your rug. We take pride in using the very best environmentally safe products at our location. We also treat the stains and spots in your rug prior to doing our professional wash by hand.

Washing and Drying the Persian Rug

You would be surprise by the umber of unsafe products on the market that will destroy a precious Persian rug. We only use a very mild Eco-friendly shampoo to remove the dirt and stains from your rug. Our professionals will clean both side of the rug and no harmful chemicals will ever touch your rug. Once the hand washing is done, your rug will be place flat on the floor in a climate controlled room at our location.

Final Steps

We will groom the rug and start all of the repair work. Our experts will weave the ripped areas of the rug. We will re-weave the small holes and the fringes will be repaired on the rug. The skilled hands of our experts will make your rug look new all over again. The rug will be deodorized and Scotchguard will be added to prevent any future spills. We will also treat the rug with moth repellent. Our services will deliver the rug to your home and place it back on the floor.

Free Pick-Up/Delivery for Persian Area Rug New Jersey

Free Pick-Up/Delivery for Persian Area Rug New Jersey

Are you sick of looking at the lifeless Persian rug on the floor? Contact Green Choice Carpet Cleaning and one of our experts will come to your location for a free consultation. They will do a full assessment of your Persian area rug and take some simple measurements. Our expert will tell you about our state of the art facility which is equipped with up-to-date tools for cleaning rugs. Unlike many other services, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning would not dream of charging you for the consultation. Some competitors charge up to $45 for showing up. We are ready to drive to your location, talk to you about our work and schedule your cleaning. We’ll pick up your area rug for free and deliver it back to your home after the work is done. There is no charge for transporting your rug to and from our facility.

We Make It Easy to Clean Your Rugs

Many rugs are very large in size. Why should you be concerned about tying a rug on your car roof or lifting a large heavy rug to place in and out of your trunk? We have the necessary transportation and room for very large and heavy rugs. The free pickup and delivery for Persian area rug cleaning in New Jersey is provided because we value all of our New Jersey customers. You can trust Green Choice Carpet Cleaning with your Persian area rug. It will be in the great hands of our skillful experts at our rug cleaning factory. You just sit home and relax while we take good care of your rug cleaning needs.

Cleaning your Persian rug at our location

Since we have a state of the art location and equipment, it only makes sense that we service your rug here. We have all of the room to accommodate your Persian rug. Your rug will be inspected and the dust will be removed. Our experts are ready to clean your Persian area rug by hand. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning only uses organic green products on your rug. We will never use any products that are harmful for humans or your pets. The front and back of your rug will be done by our expert. Your rug will be dried in our climate controlled room.

Grooming, Repairing and Deodorizing

We will groom your rug with brushes and prepare it for repair work. Our experts can repair all tears, worn areas, holes and missing fringes on your rug. They will match colors and dye any necessary areas on the rug if require repair and restoration services. Once all of the repair work is done, the rug will be inspected again. Our expert will roll, wrap and deliver your rug free of charge.

Request A Callback

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