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oriental rug cleaning

An Oriental rug is one of the most classic accessories one can have in a home.

This accessory is the epitome of class.

This is why it is important to take care of such a rug if one makes this all important investment.

By working with a professional Oriental rug cleaner in New Jersey like Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, one can make sure that all of their bases are covered.

Experts understand how to clean the rug without damaging it.

This protects the investment and ensures a home looks put together.

Trained Professionals Working with the Oriental Rug

Green Choice know how to work with vintage and delicate rugs. This is why it is important to work with expert cleaners in New Jersey. An Oriental rug is usually quite pricey.

Protecting this investment is important if people want to save money.

Experts understand how to with such delicate and expensive home accessories.

This saves people a lot of money so that they do not have to replace the rug.

Amateurs might even damage the rug during cleaning, which is why it is best only to work with professionals.

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Guaranteed Stain Removal For Area Rug Cleaning NJ

Pick Up and Delivery

Green Choice technicians understand that people do not have a lot of time.

This is why they will pick up, clean, and then deliver the rug back to a client.

This means that people do not have to miss work or take the time to try and roll up this rug and safely bring it to be cleaned.

The little things matter the most when it comes to cleaning a rug.

This is why it is best to work with professionals who understand how to transport the item without damaging it.

Special Coupon for Oriental Area Rug Cleaning New Jersey

You can save 15% off for Oriental Area Rug cleaning at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning.

If you are looking for specialized cleaning for your Oriental rug, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is your company.

We are now offering Special Coupons for different types of area rug cleaning.

We welcome the opportunity to set up one of our free consultation with you and cover our unbeatable service.

We have a state-of-the-art location that is made for rug cleaning and repairs. Our specialist will arrange for free pick-up and delivery service for each client.

What Can Green Choice Do for Me?

Our coupons are about giving each customers savings on our professional cleaning services.

We will provide additional work such as inspecting your rug and clearing out all embedded dirt in the Oriental area rug.

Our specialist will personally treat and hand wash your rug with a special touch.

We’re a proud Eco-friendly organization and all products used on your rug are green. You will receive professional cleaning at a great discount while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Steps to Cleaning Your Rug

The pre-inspection will allow our specialist to search for fading, stains, holes, burns, missing fringes, tears and odors.

Once we have determined the damaged areas, the cleaning procedures will begin. We will use a specialized vacuum to remove dirt, dust and debris from the rug.

All spots will be treated with our organic green products. Our spot remover will dissolved and extract the stain from your Oriental rug.

Hand washing the rug with our mild shampoo will extract the remaining soil from the rug.

Our specialist will rinse the rug and remove all residues. Our facility is equipped with a drying room that is climate controlled and most rugs are completely dry in less than 24 hours.

After the Drying Process

Our specialist will carefully groom the rug fibers and start the repair work.

They will weave, bind, patch holes, fix fringes, dye and take care of the padding.

We are proud to have such a smart, skilled and specialized staff at our facility.

Everything we do is done by hand. Deodorizer will be applied to your Oriental area rug.

It’s non-toxic and will not harm your pets. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning also offers Scotch Guard and anti-moth protection for your rug.

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Restore the Rug

A professional Oriental rug cleaning New Jersey company understands how to work with even the most delicate of items.

This means that the rug will be returned to its original condition.

The right rug cleaner understands how to work with such expensive accessories.

This is a chance to take care of this important rug.

Experts will only use the safest of tools to restore and clean this item.

Working with professionals ensures the rug is protected, the job is done right, and that people can save time.

Safe Green Cleaning Products

Green Choice will only use green cleaners to clean your rug.

Harsh chemicals can cause the dye to run and fade.

Our gentle cleansers will not harm the dye and remove the dust and stains from your rug without damaging it.

After we are done we will dry your rug with out special drying machines and then place it in our temperature controlled drying rooms.

Because our drying technology reduces the drying time to hours instead of days, mold or mildew will not grow in your rug.

Other companies will just hang a wet rug on a rack for a few days, allowing mold to start to grow.

After the drying is done, we wrap your rug and arrange for a delivery time with you.

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Stain Removal for Oriental Area Rug New Jersey

Stain removal for oriental area rug owners begins with hiring a professional company with an experienced staff.

A professional stain removal company has the knowledge and ability to handle a large variety of stains.

Stains on Oriental rugs requires precise expertise in rug stain removal.

A number of home owners try to clean the Oriental rugs themselves with varying results.

We tell our customers to let the professionals handle the Oriental Rug Cleaning, but some home owners simply can’t ignore dirty rugs and try to clean the rugs.

Tips On Cleaning Oriental Rugs

The bad news is that Oriental Rugs get dirty all the time and this could damage their beauty.

The good news is that oriental rugs are easily cleaned with the right products.

The first step is to get rid of the dirt and grime on the rug.

Give the rug a complete vacuuming.

I suggest going over the carpet twice to make sure that all the grime and particles are removed.

Next, I suggest using a bucket of cool soapy water to cleanse the rug properly. Never use strong chemicals on Oriental Rugs.

Strong chemicals might damage the fibers and ruin the color.

Use a brush or sponge to clean the rug. Rinse the rug with cool water.

Take the rug and place it on a flat surface and allow it to dry.

Common Stains

Our company does stain removal for Oriental Area Rugs in New Jersey on a regular basis.

The most common stains that we encounter are caused by household pets and the kids.

This is true for the majority of households with pets and kids. Food is at the top of the list.

It is important to remove the food stain quickly with a damp sponge or it might set into the fibers.

Other common stains are pet urine which is more complicated.

I suggest blotting up the urine with a damp sponge quickly.

It is also a good idea to treat the rug with a bit of vinegar added to cool water to destroy odor.

But if you need a professional help then call on Green Choice for affordable, and professional stain removal.


Oriental Rug Restoration and Repair New Jersey

Oriental rugs are actually works of art.

Many are very unique appearance and are family heirlooms. Some people just admire the beauty of an oriental rug and love the way it look with their furniture.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning understands everything about hand knotting and areas on the rug that need some immediate attention.

We know how to protect and restore your valuable oriental rug.

Our professional teams of rug experts developed a very innovative methods for oriental rug restoration and repair in New Jersey.

 Can My Ripped Oriental Rug Be Fixed?

Our professional team will carefully evaluate your rug for any necessary repairs.

We use a very easy maintenance procedure that will conserve your rug.

Once we have pin pointed a problematic area on the rug, we will repair it immediately.

Our craftsmen are professional rug weavers and know exact which measures to take to restore your rug.

We will repair hand and machine made oriental rugs of all shapes and sizes.

We will use material that matches your rug texture and color.

Our weavers will replicate the original structure of the oriental area rug’s foundation.

We will not change the artistic design of the rug.

We can dye our yarn to match your Oriental rug color scheme.

Do Repairs Take a Long Time?

No, we will work on restoring your rug at our facility.

In most cases, Green Choice carpet service will be able to deliver your oriental rug within a week.

All repairs will be done at our location and we use Eco-friendly products.

We have the most up-to-date equipment and machinery that can clean, repair and restore your area rug. Your rug will be safe the entire time on our premises.

When Will You Deliver My Rugs to My Home?

Once all of the work is done, we will do one more thorough inspection of your oriental area rug prior to loading it into our vehicle.

If there are no visible problems and the rug is in great condition, it will be wrapped carefully and protected for transport.

All of our work is 100% guaranteed and we will improve the overall appearance of your oriental area rug.

We have additional services such as scotch guard and pet urine protection that will keep the rug from getting more stains in the future.

Contact us today and schedule a consultation with one of our specialist.

Rug Repair Near Me NJ

process For Oriental Area Rug

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning understands how important your oriental rug is to you.

We are Professional Oriental Area Rug Cleaners in New Jersey and our experts will use nothing but the best products on your rug.

All fine Oriental rugs need to be washed in order to restore the rug to a more natural state.

All rugs will have a buildup of dust and dirt just from lying on the floor for years.

Our professionals will give you great tips on how we can clean, repair and restore your oriental rug during the free consultation.

We will look at the condition of your oriental rug and examine it closely for any damage.

Our experts will need to measure the carpet and give you an estimate on the price and time frame we can complete the work.


We Pre-Test Your Rug Before Cleaning

 All oriental rugs are pre-tested at our facility for colorfastness and our products are all eco-friendly for your convenience. Many of the stains on your rug will be treated and removed by our professionals.

We put great personal effort into cleaning each rug by hand. It is a proven process that is very effective on oriental rugs.

Green Choice carpet cleaning is fully committed in providing the best service at affordable prices. We believe in keeping our standards and quality at a high level.

Do You Dry My Rug Outside?

No, all drying is done without the use of any excessive heat that can cause harm to the rug.

We have a state of the art facility with a room that is completely temperature controlled and we will hang or lay the rug flat on the floor for drying purposes.

It does not take extremely hot heat to efficiently dry your oriental area rug.

We know how to control shrinkage and your rug will be intact after it is dry.

After the Cleaning What Happens to My Rug?

We will remove all of the dirt by shaking and vacuum.

The rug is treated for stains prior to the shampooing.

Our experts will carefully hand wash every part of the Oriental rug and we use the best green products on the market. The rug is rinsed and it is ready to by dried.

Our experts are trained and experienced in handling oriental rugs of all shapes and sizes.

We will groom your rug back into shape and special attention will be given to the fringes.

The side cords, holes and tears will be repair by a craftsman that have expertise in weaving and re-knotting your oriental rug with matching material.

What Are the Final Steps?

We will deodorize the rug with a pleasant scent and add 3M scotchgard for your convenience.

Your rug will be inspected one more time. We will carefully roll the rug and pack it for delivery.

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