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If your home is like most in the Manhattan area, you have numerous upholstered surfaces in your home. Many homes have upholstered sofas and armchairs, dining room chairs, bed headboards and more. These are furnishings that can become dirty over time even without regular use. Dust and debris can settle on them and settle deep in the fibers of the fabric. They can become even more dirty with regular use as oils, crumbs and other forms of dirt become embedded in the fabric. Cleaning these furnishings in your home is necessary periodically. While numerous professional cleaning companies offer upholstery cleaning services in the local area, you may be looking for a green upholstery cleaning Manhattan service like Green Choice Carpet Cleaning.

How a Green Cleaning Service is Different

There is a general misconception that a green cleaning service is less effective. The fact is that you do not have to expose yourself, your family or your pets to harsh cleansing substances in order to clean your upholstered furnishings. Some local cleaning services do use harsh cleansing agents, but our cleansers are Eco-friendly and safe as well as entirely effective at removing spots, stains and dirt from your furnishings. Further, the Green Choice cleaning process is designed to use less water than other methods use. Your furnishings can easily become saturated with water with other cleaning methods. This not only is needlessly wasteful, but it also can damage your furnishings and spur mold growth. Our service is entirely effective, safe for you and your family and Eco-friendly for the environment.

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When You're Ready for Green Upholstery Cleaning

When you are ready to have your home’s upholstered surfaces professionally cleaned in an environmentally friendly way, consider calling Green Choice for fast, friendly service. We will first schedule an in-home consultation with you around your schedule. Our expert cleaning technicians will arrive at your home promptly as scheduled to review your upholstery cleaning needs and to provide you with a free, personalized quote for services. You can learn more about our cleaning process at this consultation meeting, and you can also schedule the in-home upholstery cleaning service at that time. After the service has been performed, your home will look, feel and smell cleaner and fresher. This is a way to make your home environment more healthy for your family without damaging the environment in the process. Contact us for a free in-home consultation for upholstery cleaning today.

Sparkling Clean And Fresh

You sit on your chairs and couches every day and when they are dirty, it is easy for your visitors to see they are dirty. Let Green Choice upholstery cleaning clean your upholstered furniture thoroughly to make it sparkling clean and fresh. If you’d like to improve the appearance, smell and condition of your upholstered furniture, consider what Green Choice upholstery has to offer. Green Choice has a dedicated team of well-trained technicians that provide excellent upholstery cleaning services that help you relax while we do the cleaning for you. Day after day, you sit and lie on your upholstery that is full of dirt and stains. This can only cause health problems for you because as dirt and germs collect on your upholstered furniture, you are exposed to the contaminants every time you lounge on your favorite couch or chair. But we can help you deep clean your upholstery so that you can feel confident lounging on it. Our upholstery cleaning solution is the best because it is specially formulated to thoroughly clean your upholstery without causing damage to it or leaving any residue behind. Regardless of the type of your upholstered furniture fabric, Green Choice upholstery cleaning can combine advanced equipment and expertise with specially formulated cleaning products to thoroughly clean your upholstery. Even if you need to get rid of that tough stain on your upholstery, we are here to help. Contact us today!

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