Upholstery Cleaning Long Island

Upholstery Cleaning Long Island

If you are like so many other residents in the Long Island area, you regularly clean your home to create a clean, healthy environment for you and your family to live in. Routine vacuuming of the upholstered furnishings can help to remove a variety of allergens like dust and pet dander, and it can remove dirt particles and more that can make your home unclean. While vacuuming will remove some of the particles on the surface of your furniture, more thorough cleaning is necessary periodically to remove dirt, dust and other particles that have made their way deeper into the upholstery. When you use Green Choice Carpet Cleaning‘s upholstery cleaner Long Island services, you can more effectively clean your home’s interior environment. We provide you with an Eco-friendly way to give your home’s upholstered furniture a deeper level of clean that penetrates beyond the furniture’s superficial layers and that also removes stains and odors from your furniture.

A Healthier Method For Cleaning Furnishings

If you are like most residents of Long Island, you periodically vacuum your home’s furnishings using a hand-held attachment.However, this process typically only removes dust and debris on the uppermost layers of the furnishings. Through Green Choice’s green cleaning service, your home’s furnishings will enjoy a deeper level of clean.We utilize Eco-friendly cleansing agents that are safe for those in your home and safe for the environment too.Some companies use harsh cleansers that can cause respiratory issues for a home’s residents, but our cleanser is safe and effective.Further, some upholstery cleaning services will saturate a home’s furnishings with water, which ultimately can foster mold growth.Our service uses less water to eliminate the possibility of mold growth.Our process is not only effective at cleaning furnishings, but it is safer for your home’s occupants and the environment.

A Customized Sofa Cleaning Quote

Each home has different upholstery cleaning needs. Green Choice does want you to be surprised by additional fees charged after we have cleaned your upholstery. To ensure you get an accurate quote for services, we will visit your home free of charge to review your specific upholstery cleaning needs and to provide you with an accurate quote for services. The price we quote initially is the price we will charge you for the specified services. There are no surprises. You can call us today to schedule your in-home consultation. Then take the next step to schedule the appointment for in-home upholstery cleaning to take your home’s cleanliness to a higher level.

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To contact us for a Free Cleaning Estimate, Scheduling, or to simply ask a Question, give us a call anytime at +1 (800) 589-4364 or use the form below. We typically respond to your email in under 30 minutes during the weekdays and weekends too!
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