Rug Cleaning Long Island

Heavy foot traffic, dirt, and snow can cause rugs to get dirty quickly.

If you’re a resident of Long Island and are tired of the endless battle of trying to keep those rugs clean, Green Choice of Long Island might be your solution.

From domestic to antique Oriental rugs, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning offers affordable and professional solutions for every rug maintenance dilemma.

Certified and Experienced Staff

We follow through with a careful and organized process for cleaning your rugs.

First, our experienced and insured crew will examine and provide you with a cleaning estimate and pick up the rug at your place of residence at a convenient time.

Second, our team of professionals will inspect the rug to determine the best cleaning method.

If deep stains or odors need to be removed, we will pre-soak them in special cleaners.

Your rugs are then given an extensive cleaning and placed in a temperature controlled room to dry.

Once the rug is cleaned, we complete one last inspection to ensure it meets our standards.

It is then wrapped in a special paper until delivery time. Upon request, we also use a special ScotchGuard application for preventative measures to ensure the rug stays clean.

Throughout every step of the process, the goal of our crew is to care for your rug in a timely and professional manner.

The entire cleaning process is completed within two weeks of the initial pick-up.

You will be so happy with the results and the new look of your rug that you won’t believe your eyes!

If you’re in need of Rug Cleaning Services, Give us a Call Today for a Free Estimate in Long Island, it’s Quick, Easy, and Obligation-Free! 1-212-390-0148

In addition to cleaning, we offer additional treatments that will help with the upkeep of your rug. Deodorizing is one service that will help your rug smell clean and fresh.

We also specialize in rug repair including binding, fringe replacement and fixing rips and holes.

Whatever the issue with your rug, you can depend on Green Choice for expert rug cleaning service in Long Island.

Through our state of the art equipment, extensive cleaning process, and attention to customer service, we are creating a long list of satisfied customers in the greater Long Island area.

The first step to a beautiful rug is to contact us and either talk to a representative or set up an appointment with one of our cleaning technicians.

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