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Where do customers turn when they need their silk rugs cleaned?

These rugs require special cleaning techniques, quality solutions, and a company with the knowledge for cleaning these delicate fibers. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning also cleans rugs and is a premier silk rug cleaner with experts who have the experience to clean silk rugs. Green Choice is committed to providing the best rug cleaning experience for each customer and doing it without the use of harmful or toxic cleaning chemicals. Rugs will last longer when cleaned with Eco-friendly solutions that do not deteriorate the delicate silk fibers over time. Using green solutions will not leave a residue in rug fibers or cause allergic reactions. Those suffering with upper respiratory ailments will not aggravate their conditions because of noxious fumes in the chemicals.

Quality and Affordability

If it is convenient, rugs are cleaned at the customer’s location or taken to the company’s factory where trained and certified experts clean silk rugs. All off-site work is performed in the company’s factory that saves customers both money and time because there rugs are not sent to other locations for cleaning. Rugs not cleaned on the company’s site means additional cost to the customer and loss of control of the cleaning process. Cleaning silk rugs requires a thorough knowledge of the material and using the right cleaning solutions to preserve the fibers. With either the steam or the shampoo method, the only products used are Eco-friendly chemicals. Although shampooing is the most effective way to remove dirt, spots, and stains, a rug cleaning expert will determine the best method for a customer’s silk rugs. Whatever the method chosen, experts at Green Choice are able to remove all types of spots and stains from rugs. As an added service, a customer does not need to leave his or her location to get a free on-site estimate. Additionally, there is no charge for picking up a rug or for delivering a rug back to a home or business. If a customer needs a rug or rugs cleaned in a hurry, there is same day service available. If customers are looking for a Connecticut silk rug cleaner, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is the company to trust for their rug cleaning needs. An expert will evaluate and give customers free estimates for cleaning their cherished silk rugs. It is the goal of the company to clean rugs without using toxic chemicals.

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