Persian Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

Persian Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

Persian rugs are not just an attractive part of your home’s décor, but rather they are also gorgeous and valuable works of art.Properly maintaining these rugs in your home takes time and effort.You may regularly maintain and clean your rug in your home on a weekly basis through vacuuming and other efforts. However, as with all types of carpeting and rugs, professional Persian rug cleaning service is required from time to time.

Through the deep cleaning process offered through our professional rug cleaning company, dirt and other debris that lodges into the deepest fibers of your rug are extracted through a deep cleaning process. This is a safe and Eco-friendly way to clean your rugs. It will preserve and even restore the appearance of your rug while removing dander, dust and other dirt particles from the rug. Give us a Call for a Free Persian Rug Cleaning Estimate. It’s Easy, and

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Why Green Choice for Persian Rug Cleaning

Green Choice specializes in cleaning Oriental and Persian rug. Other companies may outsource the cleaning of area rugs to other companies because they do not have the expertise or the proper equipment to cleaning Persian rug, but at Green Choice, we have our own rug cleaning factory with a trained and experienced staff. We have the best rug cleaning machines on the market to ensure that your rug receives the best cleaning you can find in Brooklyn.

At our local factory we utilize an innovative method of cleaning Persian rugs as well as other area rugs that maintains their integrity and value while removing dirt particles and more from the rugs. After cleaning we quickly dry your rug and place it in a temperature controlled room that dries your rug quickly. This makes sure that no mold or mildew starts to grow in your rug. When you get your Persian rug back it will look like you just bought a new rug.

Fast Service

Another benefit that you can enjoy when utilizing our Persian rug cleaning service is the speed with which your rugs will be cleaned. You don’t want your home to be without its floor coverings for longer than necessary. All area Persian rugs are cleaned in town at our local factory, so you can typically have your rug back in your within the same day or the following day. In-house service also means that you cut out the middle man in the process.

We are the area rug cleaner for our clients rather than a middle man, so you can enjoy the savings associated with working directly with the cleaning service. In addition to providing you with area rug cleaning services, we also offer in-home cleaning of carpets and upholstery. Whatever your carpet, rug or upholstery needs are, we can help. You can call today to schedule an in-home evaluation to receive a free estimate for our services.

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To contact us for a Free Cleaning Estimate, Scheduling, or to simply ask a Question, give us a call anytime at +1 (800) 589-4364 or use the form below. We typically respond to your email in under 30 minutes during the weekdays and weekends too!
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