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Use Professionals for Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Given the fact that Brooklyn has a number of specialists for any issue that may arise, it will not be difficult to find professional area rug cleaners. That being said, it is important that the rug cleaners are knowledgeable and understand how to clean oriental area rugs. If the wrong equipment is used or a chemical mixture has a negative reaction, it can lead to major damages on the rug itself. If a person looks for a company that specialized in Oriental rug restoration and repair, they will also be able to find a group of people that can effectively clean the area rug as well. Leading Name in Oriental, Persian and Area Rug Cleaning

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Green Choice Can Repair Oriental Rugs

At the same time, there are some rugs that simply need to be repaired and maintained so that they can continue to be used. Since oriental area rugs are handmade, there are locations that can repair certain strands or frayed areas on a rug. Oriental rug restoration and repair is something that is specialized, yet not hard to find. This is extremely beneficial for a person who loves the rug that they have and simply doesn’t want to get rid of it. People who work with handmade rugs know the care and attention that must go into restoring a rug, ensuring that the finished product will be satisfactory. Oriental area rug cleaning ensures that elegant and exotic rugs are looking their best at all times.

Maintaining these types of rugs is very important, but it can lead to a longer lifespan for the rug itself and will accent a home for many more years. Before a person throws out a dirty or tattered rug, they should look into cleaners and restoration specialists in the Brooklyn area.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Oriental Rugs?

Oriental rugs originate from India, China, and Iran, which are countries referred to as the Orients. The rugs generally have rich colors and the designs are also unique. Many households across the globe make use of them today. They are equally presented in various shapes. The major materials used in making oriental rugs are cotton and wool. Some brands of oriental rugs are made with synthetic materials or silk. You can add more life to the room by laying an Oriental rug on the floor. However, oriental rugs, like virtually any type of rug, do collect dirt and become dirty and dusty over time. All you need to put things under control is the right cleaning technique. In this write-up, we will open your eyes top some special techniques you can adopt for Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NY.

The right precautions

Before you start cleaning the oriental rugs, check the label on the rug from the factory to understand the cleaning precautions specified by the manufacturers. The cleaning technique to adopt can be determined by the type of material with which the rug is made, like synthetic materials, cotton, wool or silk. Silk rugs are better cleaned by professionals

Regular vacuuming

Regular vacuuming of the oriental rugs can keep it clean. However, vacuuming is not proper for silk oriental rugs or antique oriental rug as this can reduce the market value of the rug and also damage it.

Avoid direct sunlight

When cleaning the oriental rugs, do not put under the direct sunlight. This is because direct sunlight can spoil them by making the colors to fade over time. The color will fade over time quite alright, but placing it under direct sunlight can hasten the rate at which the rug fades.

Is it colorfast?

Before you start cleaning the oriental rugs, find out if it is colorfast. Colorfast oriental rugs do not bleed when being cleaned. Oriental rugs that are not colorfast almost always come with a label, reading “dry clean only” Light cleaning is best for oriental rugs that bleed. A professional rug cleaner can, however, carry out the deep cleaning of oriental rugs that are not colorfast.

Sweep before you use

Before you start cleaning the rug, first sweep it using a carpet sweeper or a broom with straw bristles. The sweeping should be done in one direction. The sweeping should not be done back and forth and this can have a damaging effect on the rig. Electric carpet sweeper can equally work effectively.


The tips above can help you with Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NY. However, you must consult a professional if the oriental rugs are made of silk or requires deep cleaning.

How Do You Hand Wash An Oriental Rug?

You need to carry out an Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NY periodically; this will help to get rid of grime and dust from the rug and prevent premature wear of the precious rug.  The steps below will guide you on how to hand wash your oriental rug.

  • Use a beater bar vacuum cleaner to vacuum the underside of the rug; this will remove the sand and dirt trapped to the underside,You can do this gradually starting from one edge of the rug towards the middle until you cover the entire underside.
  • Next, you should vacuum the surface of the rug and make sure you do this thoroughly, You can also start from one edge and vacuum it methodologically towards the middle until you reach the other edge of the Oriental rug.
  • Look for a liquid cleaner made for wool fabrics, warm water, a scrub brush with nylon bristle and a small bucket,Add some of the liquid cleaners to the warm water and mix thoroughly; this will generate a sudsy combination just perfect for hand-washing the Oriental rug.
  • Dip the brush into the soap solution and use the brush to scoop up suds and water,Bring it on the wool pile and start scrubbing in the direction one bound edge to another, maintaining a proximately one-foot stroke. Try to wash about one square at a time.,This methodological approach will ensure that you cover every inch of the Oriental rug.
  • After washing the square foot of the carpet, comb the rug in a direction as if you are petting a cat using the sud-free scrub brush after completing the cleaning of one section, go to the other section and repeat the same until you have completed the entire cleaning process.
  • Next, lay the Oriental rug flat on the floor and allow it to air dry. However, it is better to place it outside where it can air dry in the open. Be that as it may, you should avoid placing it under the direct glare of the sun, as this can have a damaging effect on the Oriental rug, If you are drying it indoors, you can switch on the fan to quicken the drying, which may take a minimum of two days.

After drying, vacuum the Oriental rug from one bound edge to another. This will get rid of any soap sediment the highlighted colors will become more vivid and the lustrous appearance of the rug will show for all to see. You can hand over the Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NY to professionals if you do not have what it takes to clean it by yourself.

How Do You Get Dog Urine Out Of An Oriental Rug?

Your oriental rug is precious, same is your dog.They are so dear that you may not be able to do away with any of the two. Keeping the two of them close means you may have your dog urinating on your Oriental rug once in a while. When such a thing happens, you should never delay with Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NY to remove the urine from the rug as this will remove the visual stain and the invisible stench oozing out of the precious Oriental rug.

Factors to note

The stench and depth of the stain of the urine on the Oriental rug depend on the fiber type of the rug, the density, and construction of the rug. The fiber type can be jute, cotton, natural wool or synthetic. The diet of your dog can equally determine the strength of the stench. The residue left on your oriental rug by the dog’s urine is rich in salt crystals, which can be moisturized by the moisture in the air to generate a gas that stinks. The strength of the stench also depends on the humidity. So, how can you get rid of that stench and stain of the dog’s urine? Continue reading to find out.

Instant action

Immediately you see the urine stain, carry out Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NY without delay,Rinse the affected area using clear water. You can then remove the moisture using a dry or wet vacuum. You can repeat this about three times. It is time to switch on the fan and focus it on the affected area of the Oriental rug. The fan can help dry out the liquid and prevent damage to the floor under the rug. Enzyme products can equally be of help, but it is better applied by a trained professional. Before carrying out the treatment described above, first of all, test the rug for color bleed; this way, you can avoid doing more harm than good.

Bleaching or staining    

Urine stains are usually in lighter colors, like light blue, beige or white. Studies have also shown that urine can extracts a darker color of dye or tannins out of the natural fiber like jute, wool or cotton. The affected area usually looks like someone has spilled liquid coffee on the Oriental rug. You can remove the stain with neutral spotting agents sold on the market or a detergent vinegar solution. Blot the excess urine and apply the detergent solution on the area. You can start the cleaning from the outer edges of the stain and work your way towards the center.


If the stain is too deep or you do not understand how to deal with it at home, you should not hesitate to consult professionals for Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NY. They have what it takes to make your oriental rug look fresh again.

Can You Steam Clean A Wool Rug?

Your wool rug will be subjected to wear and tear consequent of daily use. This is even more so if it is spread in an area that sees heavy traffic. Some of the things that can deface the wool rug are food spills, pet accidents, and dirt. They can make that precious expensive wool rug of yours to look unsightly. You should never hesitate to get rid of those stains once you notice them. You can steam clean a wool rug. However, you may not be able to carry this out if you are not adequately informed or trained in this regard. If you reside in Brooklyn, New York, you can get in touch with any of the outlets providing Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NY and they can help out. Nevertheless, you may want to check out our DIY procedures below to get the wool rug steam-cleaned by yourself home.

Things you will need

  • BroomClothesline
  • Water
  • Detergent
  • Steam cleaner
  • Vacuum
  • Baking soda
  • Procedure

First of all, steam cleans a test area of the carpet to find out if there is a sticky residue. Do not use that cleaning solution if it is sticky on the wool rug. Steam-clean in both directions. After cleaning, hang it on the cloth line in the open to air dry. Be wary of bad weather while spreading the rug to dry outside. It can dry faster if spread in a sunny area. Check the padding for mildew or mold and throw it away if you discover any mold growth on the padding. After it has dried, lay the rug on the uninfected padding and vacuum it to help fluff up the fibers of the rug.

Tips to consider

If the vacuum has a full carpet bag fitted, check it once in a while to find out if it is full already. Before you use that detergent product for Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NY, find out if it does not contain any bleach. If it does, do not use it. If you do, it will discolor your precious rug and case the colored wool to fade.


You can adopt the method described above for Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NY or you can hand over to professional cleaners in your Brooklyn locality if you do not have the time to spare for the cleaning. Whichever you choose, do not delay in returning the rug back to its normal color.

Green Choice has its own advanced rug cleaning factory in Brooklyn

An Oriental rug is a rug that was handmade in the Middle East but outside of Iran. This includes many different countries including Morocco, Turkey, India and Armenia. Machine made rugs, even if they were manufactured in Turkey or India, or not considered to be an Oriental rug because they are not handmade. The history of Oriental rugs goes back centuries and the craftsmanship is based on the ancient methods of making handmade rugs. While these rugs are called Oriental, they come from diverse artistic traditions. Each area has its owns traditions and this creates the distinctive artistry of each rug. The symbolism of a Moroccan rug is different from an Afghanistan rug. Because the dyes the are made from local plants, even the colors can have a distinctive hue. But wherever the rug originated, these are elegant creations that need to be looked after and cleaned if you want to keep its looks and protect it from wearing out. If you want to have your Oriental rug cleaned, you should make sure that the cleaners knows how to clean the rug and will not damage it during cleaning. While an Oriental rug can last for generations if properly cared for, they can be damaged if they are not cleaned by a professional cleaner. If a cleaner uses the wrong cleaning solution, or if a rug has pet urine, the dyes can run and damage the rug. Green Choice Carpet inspects each rug before cleaning and makes sure the best cleaning process is used. Green Choice has its own advanced rug cleaning factory where we give Oriental rugs a deep cleaning that safely removed dust, stains and odors. With our deep pool cleaning, we can soak your rug and remove embedded dust and stains. If your rug needs a repair, we provide a full range of repairs from fringe replacement to color restoration. With our trained and experienced staff, we can make your rug look just like new again. We have our own state of the art rug cleaning facility and a staff that is trained in cleaning delicate rugs. Our cleaning process is the result of our decades of experience in the rug cleaning industry.

We are ready to assist you with your rug cleaning inquiry

Green Choice’s knowledgeable staff and technicians are trained to advise our clients on best rug cleaning guidelines to follow between cleaning visits. For example, you should make sure that you blot all stains right away without rubbing into the fabric of the rug in order to minimize the the effect of the stain. Also, you should keep a bottle of rug cleaning detergent handy to help you with get rid of your stubborn stains fast. These measures can prove to be handy and cost efficient, however if you need professional rug cleaning service, give Green Choice a call and we will come to your location to efficiently remove the stains out professionally. We also offer same-day service! So, if youʼre in a hurry do not hesitate to give us a call today. For more information give us a call at 1 (800) 589-4364. We are ready to assist you with your rug cleaning inquiry.

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