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Handmade rugs have been treasured as works of art for centuries.

Whether you own Persian, an Oriental or any other type of handmade rug, they are the result of careful craftsmanship and part of tradition that can go back centuries.

Because most handmade rugs are tied to local traditions, how they are made and what they are made of can vary from rug to rug.

Even if you regularly vacuum your rug, over time the rug will pick up dust and stains that you cannot remove.

When it comes time to call a professional to clean your rug you should only choose a company like Green Choice Carpet Cleaning that can expertly handle and clean the different types of handmade rugs.

If you choose the wrong cleaner they can damage your rug during cleaning.


Green Choice Can Clean All Types of Rugs

The first thing Green Choice does when it receives your handmade rug is to give it a careful inspection.

Most handmade rugs use vegetable dyes which can run if the cleaning detergent is too harsh.

Before cleaning, we test the rug to make sure we use a safe cleaning process that will enhance the rug, not damage it.

If you give your rug to an inexperienced cleaner, they can ruin your rug by causing the dyes to run and destroy the design.

At Green Choice we carefully examine each rug before cleaning to determine the best cleaning process for your rug.

During the cleaning process we can remove many of the problems that are common to rugs.

We can eliminate pet urine stains, odors, food stains, and embedded dust in your rug.

Even if you regularly vacuum your rug it can still contain a large amount of embedded dust.

As the dust works its way into rug, vacuuming will not reach it and it can harm the fiber of rug.

When Green Choice cleans your rug, our washing deep cleans the fibers, removing dust and stains.

When we are finished cleaning your rug you will surprised at how much more vibrant it looks.

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Free Pick-Up/Delivery for Handmade Area Rug Brooklyn

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is a full-service rug company that offers both deep cleaning and repair services.

The deep cleaning process is organic by design.

Using only natural ingredients, the deep cleaning process will be effective at removing even the most stubborn stains and spots from any type of area rug without causing damage to the rug or affecting the health and safety of your family and pets.

In addition to deep cleaning services, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning also offers you expert rug repair and restoration.

Your rug may not require repair services for many years, but over time, many rugs will become damaged from different elements.

From water damage and pet damage to the acts of time causing fraying and more, rug damage can cause your beautiful rug to look imperfect and even unsightly on your floor.

The rug restoration services offered by Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, however, will erase the damage done to rug and return your rug to pristine condition.

award-winning handmade area rug cleaning company

Many of the best handmade area rugs are highly durable in nature, and they can be well-maintained and cleaned through regular vacuuming efforts.

Some of the finer handmade rugs, such as silk area rugs, can also be vacuumed but with more care and less frequently.

Vacuuming an area rug is a great way to regularly clean away debris and particles that have settled onto the top of the rug.

This may include allergens like dust and dander that can affect the health of your home’s occupants as well as dirt that can simply make the rug look dirty.

Even regular vacuuming, however, is not enough to fully keep a rug clean.

With periodic deep cleaning from an award-winning handmade area rug cleaning company in Brooklyn like Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, you can more fully maintain the cleanliness and beautiful appearance of your area rug.

Unique Cleaning Needs

When you call an award-winning rug cleaning company like Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, you will learn more about the unique cleaning needs that different area rugs may have.

While there are an endless selection of styles and colors of area rugs that you may have chosen from when you purchased your area rug, the rugs may all appear more or less the same. However, there are many different materials that may be used to make a handmade area rug.

Many handmade area rugs are made of natural fibers like wool or silk, but others may utilize a blend of fibers.

The fibers may be dyed and colored using different processes as well.

Because of these unique differences found in different rugs, the cleaning needs of your rug may be far different than the cleaning needs of your neighbor’s rug.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning takes into account the different cleaning needs of area rugs and offers a free evaluation of your area rug in your own home.

Through the evaluation process, the needs of your specific rug will be determined, and you will receive a specialized quote based on those needs.

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Organic Green Handmade Area Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

More Brooklyn area residents are making the decision to stop using harsh chemicals to clean their home.

Instead of using cleaning products that contain ingredients that may harm your family or pets, you may have chosen to use green cleaning products or even to make your own cleaning products using ingredients found around the house.

While you may no longer clean your bathtub, sink, tile floor and more with harsh cleaning agents, you do still need to have your area rugs professionally cleaned.

Deep cleaning can remove the deeper levels of dirt as well as spots and stains that your vacuum cannot touch.

Many rug cleaning services do make use of a cleaning process that uses harsh ingredients.

When you use organic green handmade area rug cleaning Brooklyn, however, you can enjoy a healthier, safer way to deep clean the area rugs in your home.

Some of the ingredients that other rug cleaning companies use in their handmade area rug cleaning process actually have an EPA warning issued against them.

These are ingredients that are believed to cause health issues in pets and kids, and they may not be safe for use in your home.

Cleaning your rugs is essential, as it can remove bacteria, allergens and more that may make your family sick. It also can restore the look of your rug so that it looks cleaner and fresher in its place on your floor.

While you want to enjoy these benefits, you don’t want to risk harming your family or pets.

With green handmade rug cleaning from Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, you can enjoy the many benefits of an area rug that has been deep cleaned without the many drawbacks associated with the cleaning process other rug cleaning companies use.

Maintaining Your Rug

Of course, the other option is to simply let your rug become more dirty over time.

When your rug is not professionally cleaned on a regular basis, it will simply become overwhelmed by allergens, bacteria and more.

It will become an unsightly aspect of your home décor as the colors fade and signs of foot traffic become ever-more visible.

Eventually, it may develop an unpleasant odor, and you will have no choice but to discard the rug before the end of its useful life.

Properly maintaining your rug in a healthy way with organic cleaning services from Green Choice Carpet Cleaning can help you to extend the life of your rug and keep it in great condition for many years.

Schedule an in-home rug evaluation with Green Choice Carpet Cleaning to get the process started.


Local Handmade Area Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

When you call Green Choice Carpet Cleaning for rug cleaning service, your rug will be thoroughly cleaned to remove all of the blemishes and spots that can detract from the beauty and appeal of your rug will be removed.

These spots can develop over time with regular uses, so regular rug cleaning services will be necessary throughout the life of your rug.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning uses an organic cleaning process that is tailored to meet the specific needs of your area rug. Some rugs will benefit from an intensive dry cleaning method with spot treatment for stains.

Other rugs may enjoy better cleaning results through a wet process.

A wet method may include steaming the rug or soaking it thoroughly before brushing it.

Both methods are effective at removing dirt from the deeper fibers in a rug as well as in removing stains.

However, one method may be more suitable for the dyes and fiber type of your specific rug.

Your Call In to Green Choice Carpet Cleaning

When you call Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, you can schedule a complimentary evaluation of your rug in your own home.

The evaluation will be performed by one of the company’s skilled rug experts who will determine which cleaning process is best for your rug.

The company will transport your rug to its own local cleaning facility without cost to you.

There, it will be professionally cleaned by well-trained experts.

The rug will then be returned to your home, making this a convenient way to clean your rug.

You can give Green Choice Carpet Cleaning a call today to schedule your complimentary rug evaluation.


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Stain Removal for Handmade Area Rug Brooklyn

A stain on an area rug can be a true eyesore.

A gorgeous, handmade area rug is a fine, decorative piece that should be treasured. When properly maintained over the years, it may add style and comfort to your home for many decades.

However, in most homes across the Brooklyn area, rugs are placed in well-used rooms of the home. Because of their strategic location in prime areas of the home, they are often subject to spills, stains, pet messes and more.

Proper care of your handmade area rug is necessary to keep it in great shape, so you don’t want to apply just any cleaning product you find at the local store to your rug.

Instead, you want to work with the experts at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning for stain removal for handmade area rug Brooklyn.

The Benefits of Using Expert Stain Removal Service

A rug can be exposed to numerous types of stains. Food-related stains from from chocolate, ketchup, mustard, coffee and more are common, and other types of stains from pet urine, ground-in mud and more may also be present on your lovely area rug.

There are numerous products available on local store shelves that claim to be able to safely remove these and other types of stains from carpets as well as area rugs. However, not all area rugs are the same.

Some are made of wool, and others are made of silk, blended fibers and more. Some have steadfast dyes, and others use dyes that are more susceptible to running when exposed to water.

When the wrong method is used to clean a rug, you may make the stain worse by spreading it over a larger area.

Another possibility is that you may remove the stain but damage the rug through your efforts.

With expert stain removal for rugs, your area rug will be expertly cleaned to eliminate the stain without damaging the rug.


Handmade Rug Restoration and Repair Brooklyn

When your rug is damaged, you have two choices.

You can either throw your rug away and replace it with a new one, or you can try to repair or restore it.

Keeping a damaged area rug on your floor is simply not a feasible option.

An area rug spans across many square feet of your home, and a damaged rug can make your entire space look drab and dreary.

Choosing to use handmade rug restoration and repair Brooklyn can help you to continue to enjoy the beauty of your rug without contending with the hassle of trying to replace it.

When you choose to repair it, however, you want to ensure that your rug is repaired with precision.

You want each of the fibers and colors to match perfectly, and you don’t want to be able to tell where the original rug ended and the repaired area began.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning’s Method

Choosing Green Choice Carpet Cleaning for rug restoration is perhaps the best thing you can do for your rug after it has been damaged.

This process includes rug experts precisely matching the fiber type and thickness, the type and color of dyes used and the weaving or knotting method.

It can take significant effort to repair a rug with perfection, but Green Choice Carpet Cleaning has the skills and method needed to follow through and to provide you with the results you really want.

Call Green Choice Carpet Cleaning for rug repair and restoration services today.

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