Why You Need a Rug Appraisal NYC

If you own an expensive area rug that you think has monetary value but you are not certain of its exact price you should appraise it to verify its worth.

Being aware of the value of you rug and having it appraised is something your insurance company will need as well.

If for instance the rug gets stolen before the appraisal is done you won’t be able to get it appraised and you probably won’t get full or fair compensation for its loss.

If you have inherited an antique area rug by a family member the chances of not knowing the rug’s market value without an appraisal are big.

The market price of an old area rug can change within few years and even if you know its value the original price could go higher.

Quite often handmade rugs worth thousands of dollars are inherited from a family member and the new owner does not even have the slightest idea of how much the rug actually costs.

We at Green Choice can help you with our rug appraisal services. Once you have the rug appraised you may also want to think about cleaning and repairing it.

After having the rug accurately appraised you can list it in your home insurance and be sure the rug is protected in case of theft or any kind of damage.

At Green Choice rug cleaners our rug specialist have decades of experience in the rug industry and have an extensive knowledge of area  rugs as well as the current market conditions.

Appraising your rug with us couldn’t be any easier! You can call us and set up a no-obligation appointment for an appraiser to come to your home and asses it.

Our specialist will take a look at the rug and will let you know if getting a detailed appraisal will be worth it.

If so we will carefully document every feature of the rug and its origins and age.

We then will give you a professional report with all the value details needed. This service is not necessarily expensive and we at Green Choice could offer you an affordable appraisal.

After this is done you will have a document stating the rug’s origin, age and condition. Because of its age and uniqueness your rug will also need maintenance and we can definitely offer you to repair it and restore it in order to retain its value.

If you want to use Green Choice rug appraisal services call us at 1-888-313-9150.

We Make On Site Visits for a Rug Appraisal

If you want to use our on-site rug appraisal, call us today and we will set up an appointment according to your schedule.

There is no need to bring the rug to us; instead we will come to you.

All rug appraisers at Green Choice are certified experts with decades of experience in the rug industry.

While appraising your rug we will carefully asses it. When the appraisal is done, we will provide you with a formal letter that states our evaluation and its current market price.

You can use our appraisal letter for your home insurance or for selling purposes and its monetary value. You may decide to sell it or to keep the rug as a family heirloom.

If you need our appraisal service, call today at 1-888-313-9150 and ask about our easy to use and affordable services.

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