Stain Removal for Persian Area Rug

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Stain Removal for Persian Area Rug Westchester NY

People like to fill their home with beautiful luxurious items like Persian rugs. Many Persian rugs are handmade and woven by artisans while some are manufactured. Handmade and manufactured Persian rugs have their own unique appeal and traditional styling that are thousands of years old. Frequently, the rugs serve a very important purpose. They are the main focus point in a room or highlight a specific piece of furniture. Consequently, it is important that the Persian rugs maintain their beauty. When Persian rugs start to look dirty and stain, it is important to find a company that specializes in Persian rug care like Green Choice Carpet  Cleaning of NYC.

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Let Professionals Remove Tough Stains

Persian rugs are beautiful and some are quite expensive. It is understandable that the home owner gets very upset when the Persian rug is stained. The best course of action is to call a professional rug cleaning company to handle the stain removal. Sensibly speaking, the average home owner simply does not have the necessary tools or experience to efficiently clean an expensive Persian rug. The best advice is always to take a deep breath and contact a professional rug cleaner at their earliest convenience.


Carpet Cleaning

Kids and Pets

Kids and pets are a bad combination for Persian rugs. The combination simply does not mesh well together. Sooner or later a spill will occur. The most common spills are food, liquids, pet stains, crayons, ink, and even blood. Removing these types of stains takes special expertise and certainly requires that you find professional stain removal for Persian area rugs in Westchester to get the job done.

Persian Area Rug Maintenance

Here are a few tips for the home owner. It is important to maintain the Persian area rugs between professional cleaning to preserve their beauty. Don’t leave the rug in the same position. This wears down the fibers in that area. Rotate the rug every few weeks. The rug should not be in the line of direct sunlight. This will fade the rug’s colors. Always use filtered blinds or curtains in the location to protect the Persian rugs. This is a very important tip. Vacuum the rug before it starts to show signs of dirt. Never wait until the rug is grimy. This allows grime to build up and quickly destroys the beauty of the Persian area rug.


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