Persian Rug Cleaning in Westchester

Persian rugs are valuable items to have at home.

Aside from their stylish vibe, Persian rugs also symbolize luxury, something most would want to brag about.

Nonetheless, the slow decay of time will definitely influence the overall condition of your Persian rug.

Whether it’s dust and debris, fading color, or plucking on the side of the rug, damages are inevitable.

Fortunately, the use of Green Carpet Cleaning’s services is a possibility one should not let to pass.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning

Let’s cut to the chase and ask the most important question of all – why choose Green Choice Carpet Cleaning?

While there are many carpet and rug cleaning service providers available in Westchester New York, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning outshines them due to the fact that the company employs expert cleaning solutions for the cleaning and repair services to your Persian rugs.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning specializes in cleaning and repairing Persian rug.

We have a fully certified staff and a state of the art rug cleaning facility that will make sure your Persian rug is cleaned and dried in a way the protects your rug during the cleaning and drying process.

When you need your Persian rug cleaned, you should only trust a rug cleaning specialist like Green Choice.

Carpet Cleaning

Services Offered

Aside from being one of the few green companies to offer rug and carpet cleaning services, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning also stands as a premier service provider in their respective market niche.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is a professional cleaner recognized nationwide for their complete range of services, affordability and dependability.

All services offered by Green Choice Carpet Cleaning are affordable since the company sources their own manpower than outsourcing it to other companies thereby reducing costs to significant levels by eliminating middleman expenses and other relevant costs.

Aside from cost savings, quality of service is guaranteed since the company trains and screens their own staff members before actually assigning them in the field.

For rug cleaning, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning offers two types of cleaning methods – smoke and shampoo.

A shampoo-based cleaning method is perfect for cleansing rugs with heavy dirt and potent stains.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is capable of removing even the strongest of stains and spots on your rugs and carpets, regardless of its origin.

All cleaning agents used by Green Choice Carpet Cleaning are also natural and toxic free.

This is to guarantee the rug is chemical-free after the cleaning process.

Pickup and Delivery

To make things lighter on your part, the company offers free pickup and delivery of Persian rugs from anywhere in Westchester, NY. If necessary, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning will also perform same-day cleaning service. Estimates can also be given onsite to guarantee fair and accurate pricing.

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