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Oriental Rug Cleaning Westchester

At Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, we are always very careful with your Oriental rug and have a professional rug cleaning factory in place that will get your rug clean, conditioned and restored. It is very important that your rug receives care by very knowledgeable professionals that completely understand the best green methods in Oriental area rug cleaning. Our specialists are certified and trained in working with many different rug fibers and will clean your rug with non-toxic cleaning products. Schedule a free consultation with Green Choice Carpet Cleaning and you will see how knowledgeable our specialists are about Oriental rugs. Let us set up an appointment for you today. Take advantage of our same day service, and our free pickup and delivery services. Having a dust and dirt free Oriental rug is vital if you want to maintain it many years. When dust builds up in the rug, it will act like sandpaper and cut at the rug’s pile with daily foot traffic. The more dust, the quicker this can cause pile loss and even worn out areas. Removing dust will help ensure that your Oriental rug looks great for decades and is why you need regular professional cleaning.

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How Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Will Treat Your Rug

Our services will clean your rug with our green products and it will be handled by the hands of our specialist. We are completely confident that Green Choice Carpet Cleaning will inspect your rug and dust it prior to cleaning it at our facility. We are established with the best state of the art equipment and you can expect professional results. Our specialist will use our green products to remove the stains and embedded dirt from your rug. The rug is soaked and shampooed with a mild green shampoo to remove dirt and grim and to restore the true colors and remove any remaining stains and odors. Your rug will be hand washed in the front and back by our specialist. The rug is rinsed and placed in a climate controlled room to dry for 24 hours. Other companies that do not have our drying technology will just hang a wet rug on a rack for a few days, which can lead to mold and mildew growth, especially if they fail to thoroughly rinse the rug and leave dirty water in the rug. It can even cause the fabric to stretch because of the weight of the wet rug and ruin the shape of your rug. Our method is proven and it will make your Oriental rug looking new again.

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Caring for Your Oriental Area Rug

Our techniques are designed to clean and restore the life of your oriental area rug for many years to come. The Green Choice Carpet Cleaning specialists are certified to deep clean, restore the softness and luster to your rug. All of the pet odor and stains will be gone. We know how to accomplish the results you want to see. All customers will receive our 100% guarantee. Contact us today for your free consultation and let us tell you more about our green services. We are ready to make your rug look new and beautiful.

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