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Expert Upholstery Cleaning NYC

If you live in the big apple, life moves in a very fast pace. When you barely have the time to clean your house, do you think you can still spare a few hours to clean your carpets and furniture?.

We at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning understand how hectic and demanding your life can be. We can help you with the time consuming and painstaking challenges of upholstery cleaning. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is the top choice for same day upholstery cleaning services.

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Same Day Couch Cleaning Service

We offer same day upholstery cleaning services. You don’t have to wait weeks or months to get your couch cleaned. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning’ professional technicians are just one phone call away. Unlike other companies that offer upholstery cleaning, we don’t make our customers wait. We always arrive on time, and our record has never been broken.

We’re the top choice for professional sofa cleaning because we use 100% Safe Cleaning Methods. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning use natural cleaning solutions that are safe for your family. Our experienced technicians also take great care in using the best cleaning method to remove all types of stains and smells- without damaging your couch and sofa. We choose the best cleaning solutions to clean your valued couch and to maintain the vibrant colors of your throw pillows.

All our cleaning technicians are knowledgeable in their field, and they’re more than happy to share a few tips in maintaining your couch and other furniture. After our technicians give your couch the best upholstery cleaning, they’ll give you some reminders to keep your couch looking clean longer.

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Why Should You Choose Green Choice Carpet Cleaning?

We are the best at what we do. Having served many families and business owners throughout the years, our brand of expert upholstery cleaning NYC has become a trusted brand for reliable cleaning services.

There are so many different upholstery materials used for furniture. Your couch doesn’t have to be made of expensive materials for a cleaning company to know its value. We know that the value of a couch is not based on the amount of money you spent to purchase it, its value lies in the years of comfort and many memories you have because of it.

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