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Professional Silk Area Rug Cleaning NYC

Many of the most beautifully decorated homes across the New York City area have gorgeous silk area rugs sprawled across the floors. Silk area rugs can add style and sophistication to any room. Their brilliant sheen and gorgeous hues can accent and define your space with amazing results. However, they also can be difficult to care for. The fine silken fibers in these area rugs can easily show dirt and debris that falls onto them, and this can detract from the overall beauty and style they provide to your space. Vacuuming area rugs should be done with care, and this can be an effective way to remove some of the dirt that accumulates on these rugs. However, more thorough cleaning is also recommended if you want to maintain the beautiful condition of these rugs for years to come. Professional silk area rug cleaning NYC is available through Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, and this service can provide your rugs with more thorough cleaning results than you will enjoy from your vacuum.

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Why Professional Cleaning is Recommended

In many homes, residents own their own steam cleaning machine and will regular steam clean their carpets and wool area rugs on their own. These machines often inject a significant amount of warm moisture, then extract the moisture through a suction process. They also make use of over-the-counter cleansing agents. Silk rugs, however, need to be professionally cleaned with care. Factors such as excessively warm water, too much water and cleansers that are too harsh or that are not entirely removed from the rug during the cleaning process can all cause damage to your fine silk rug. The machine you may have at home is simply not designed to clean silk rugs with care. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, however, offers you a convenient, affordable method for expertly cleaning these rugs. The process removes dirt, stains and more without damaging the silk fibers in a rug. 

Carpet Cleaning

The Expert Services of Green Choice Carpet Cleaning

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is not the only company that offers professional silk area rug cleaning NYC, but it is the best choice. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning’s unique cleaning method makes use of gentle, organic cleansers, and the process is performed by expert rug cleaners. Further, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning offers other services that will make the process more effective and convenient, and this includes a complimentary in-home consultation and a free pick-up and delivery service. Simply contact Green Choice Carpet Cleaning to schedule cleaning service for your silk area rugs today.

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