Affordable Professional Cleaning and Repair for Oriental Rugs NYC

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Affordable Professional Cleaning, Repair, and Restoration for Oriental Rugs NYC

Affordable cleaning and repair services for an  Oriental rug in NYC can be difficult to find. Many companies have untrained employees, charge fees for delivery and pickup of the rug, or don’t have the skills necessary to care for your rug. This is not the case with the professionals at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning.

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Professional Cleaning

Cleaning services are the most common Oriental rug services sought by rug owners. A simple cleaning can go a long way in making your rug look better than it did. Many consumers don’t even notice the accumulation of dirt and grime on their rugs because it happens so gradually. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning can remove stains, odors and overall dust buildup with ease.

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Professional Repair

Rugs are not designed to last forever. They, like other home décor items that receive a lot of wear and tear, will gradually break down and lose their pristine appearance. However, you can slow down this process by getting parts of your rug repaired when they are damaged. Many rugs are equipped with decorative fringe on the edges. This fringe can rip or tangle, making the rug look rough in appearance. Snags within the pile of the Oriental area rug can also detract from the appearance. The associates at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning can repair these flaws in a rug and return a new-looking rug to your door.

Professional Restoration

The restoration of an Oriental rug is quite different from the simple repair of a rug. A rug is much more than a collection of fibers spun into a usable piece of fabric. Instead, it is a piece of art. Many Oriental rugs feature rich colors and exotic designs. Over time, because of the effects of normal wear and tear, dirt, and staining, these colors and designs can become marred or faded. While the structure of your Oriental rug may be intact, the design and overall appearance of your rug might be lacking. At Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, licensed professionals will use dyes and restoration materials to improve the look of your Oriental rug.
They can restore colors and designs to their original luster and deliver back to you a rug that is just like new.

Seeking affordable, professional cleaning, repair and restoration of an Oriental rug in NYC is easy when you use the expertise and knowledge of the individuals at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning.

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