Stain Removal for Handmade Area Rug Cleaning NYC

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Stain Removal for Handmade Area Rug Cleaning NYC

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Stain Removal for Handmade Area Rug NYC

A handmade rug can add character and uniqueness to a room that a rug made by machines cannot. Handmade rugs are often one of a< kind. Because they are made by human hands and not relegated to an impersonal machine, every handmade rug tells its own story. Handmade rugs are usually more expensive than factory rugs, however, so caring for the rug is doubly important.

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A Gentler Hand

Stain removal for a handmade rug is quite different than stain removal for a machine-made area rug. Rugs that are made by machine are often more durable than handmade rugs. The fibers in a machine-made rug are tightly bound in a way that no human hand could replicate. Therefore, stains on a machine-made rug can be vigorously scrubbed without risking the integrity of the rug. This is not true for handmade rugs. Vigorous scrubbing or harsh chemicals can irreparably damage a handmade rug. Fibers may become loosened, the shape of the rug can be altered, and hand dyes can be stripped from the rug fibers if the stain removal process is not performed with extreme care.

Carpet Cleaning

Categorizing the Stain

A professional cleaning company knows that to effectively remove stains from a fragile, handmade area rug it is important to categorize the nature of the stain. Because harsh processes like scrubbing or using dangerous chemicals is typically not possible with a handmade rug, categorizing the stain can make all the difference. Usually, stains are placed into one of three categories: acidic stains, basic stains and organic stains. Acidic stains, like red wine or soda, are treated differently than organic stains like blood or urine. Consumers who need stain removal for a handmade area rug in NYC should choose a company that knows the difference between various stains and has stain-removal procedures for different stain types.

The Cleaning Process

Hiring a professional cleaning company is usually the best way to go about removing a stain from a handmade rug. There are simply too many extenuating factors with handmade rugs for a homeowner to effectively and safely remove a stain. The stain is often pretreated, soaked, loosened, washed and dried in an exclusive process by a stain removal company. When the stain removal is performed by licensed, knowledgeable professionals like those at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, the consumer’s investment is protected and quality is guaranteed.

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Green Cleaning Technology

When Green Choice Carpets comes to your home, we will bring the most advanced green cleaning technology that has been tested and certified as safe and green. Our staff have been carefully trained in the best way to clean carpets and remove stains and odors. Our cleaning products do not use any toxic cleaning chemicals but green detergents that will thoroughly remove dirt and grime from your carpets, rugs and upholstery. With our deep cleaning process, dust and allergens are removed. As a result, you will breathe fresher and cleaner air. Best of all, our green cleaners are free of harsh chemicals that could pose health risks to small children and pets.

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Customer Testimonials

Here's what our clients say
  • After our pet had an accident on our rugs we called Green Choice to remove it and the stain. The rug was off white and the stain ruined the appearance. After Green Choice was finished the stain we gone and the rug looked great. I thought we would have buy a new rug but Green Choice saved our rug for a very good price. They provided a great service and I recommend them highly.

  • I needed to have an Oriental rug cleaned after a few years of sitting in my living room. It was dusty and few food and drink spills on it. Given the price I paid for it, I check around for a service with good reviews and settles on Green Choice. A plus is that they also give free pick up and delivery. I got the rug back in a week and it looks great. No dirt and no stains. Great job of Oriental rug cleaning Green Choice.


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