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Award-Winning Handmade Area Rug Cleaning Company in NYC

When most residents of New York City think about cleaning an area rug, they think about using their vacuum to suction dirt, dust and other particles from it just as they would use a vacuum to clean their carpet cleaning carpet. However, just as you would steam clean or shampoo your carpet from time to time, you also will need to professionally clean your area rugs in order to provide them with a more thorough cleaning. In fact, depending on the level of traffic your rug receives, you may consider professionally cleaning your area rugs every six to 12 months. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is a reputable, award-winning handmade area rug cleaning company in NYC that so many others have already trusted to clean their own area rugs.

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How Area Rugs Are Professionally Cleaned

Some local companies will clean area rugs in your own home. While this sounds convenient for you, it typically will not provide your rugs with the level of cleaning that you want. When you use the services of an Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, however, the rugs will be picked up from your home free of charge and taken to the Green Choice rug cleaning facility for cleaning. Each rug is inspected to determine the cleaning method that will yield the best results. Some area rugs are soaked in water to loosen dirt, brushed thoroughly and laid out to dry. Others, however, would become damaged through such an intense cleaning process. Fine rugs with delicate fibers and dyes that may bleed are specially dry cleaned to remove spots, and they may be thoroughly beaten and shaken to remove excess dirt and particles from the deeper fibers of the rug. These are steps that simply cannot be taken when a rug is cleaned in your own home, so you can see that off-site cleaning is your best option.

Carpet Cleaning

Why Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Is Your Best Choice

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is the company many others have already used for rug cleaning and with great results. We  take a green approach to rug cleaning, and this ensures that no toxic substances are introduced to your rug or home during the cleaning process. Further, the company offers free pickup and delivery for your area rugs as well as a complimentary initial consultation in your home. Many area rugs can be cleaned and returned to your home the same day. This is a cleaning process that is fast, friendly, safe and effective. You can easily pick up the phone and request this award-winning service for your own area rugs today.

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