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Handmade rugs have been treasured as works of art for centuries.

Whether you own Persian, an Oriental or any other type of handmade rug, they are the result of careful craftsmanship and part of tradition that can go back centuries.

Because most handmade rugs are tied to local traditions, how they are made and what they are made of can vary from rug to rug.

Even if you regularly vacuum your rug, over time the rug will pick up dust and stains that you cannot remove.

When it comes time to call a professional to clean your rug you should only choose a company like Green Choice Rug Cleaning NYC that can expertly handle and clean the different types of handmade rugs.

If you choose the wrong cleaner they can damage your rug during cleaning.

We at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning provides professional and high-quality homemade rug washing services at your place.

We provide our cleaning services for all types of carpets and rugs. Whether it is oriental carpets, wool rugs, silk rugs or more.

We provide our convenient and extraordinary cleaning services for all types of stuff. The most important thing to know is all the work is done by workers with their extra-efficient hands. Isn’t amazing?

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Green Choice Can Clean All Types of Rugs

There is no doubt in it that two handmade rugs can never be the same in its structure and stuff.

Every carpet or rug has a unique condition that sometimes requires a customized cleaning process.

We can never apply a single cleaning process on all the rugs or carpets.
First, however, we inspect and analyze the condition of the handmade rug.

Then after that its construction, dyes and the state of the dust to avoid any damage.

The first thing Green Choice does when it receives your handmade rug is to give it a careful inspection. Most handmade rugs use vegetable dyes which can run if the cleaning detergent is too harsh.

Before cleaning, we test the rug to make sure we use a safe cleaning process that will enhance the rug, not damage it.

If you give your rug to an inexperienced cleaner, they can ruin your rug by causing the dyes to run and destroy the design.

At Green Choice we carefully examine each rug before cleaning to determine the best cleaning process for your rug.

During the cleaning process we can remove many of the problems that are common to rugs.

We can eliminate pet urine stains, odors, food stains, and embedded dust in your rug. Even if you regularly vacuum your rug it can still contain a large amount of embedded dust.

As the dust works its way into rug, vacuuming will not reach it and it can harm the fiber of rug.

When Green Choice cleans your rug, our washing deep cleans the fibers, removing dust and stains. When we are finished cleaning your rug you will surprised at how much more vibrant it looks.

WE at Green Choice Carpet cleaning start our cleaning process with the inspection that is followed by the dusting.

This is very much important because the sand or the grit deeply embedded in the roots of the rug and act as the sandpaper.

This caused damage to the roots or foundation of your beautiful homemade rug. Thus, it is important to remove all these particles before wetting the handmade rug.

No doubt that our guarantee washing process and thoroughly rinsing or drying process removes all the pet completely taints and the bad odor with 100% success and at the affordable price.

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