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Carpet Cleaning Somerset NJ

The best reason to go with Green Choice Carpeting Cleaning is because you will get the best quality steam clean or carpet shampoo you can find in Somerset NJ. The company has been using green cleaning methods for awhile, and this is nice because it doesn’t have hash chemicals in it. This cleaning method is particularly good for houses with kids, pets, or people with allergies. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning will work with our client’s schedule and we will offer a free estimate of the carpet that needs to be cleaned. All of our technicians have been certified and they are all friendly to work with.

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Our Rug Cleaning Service in Somerset

Another great service that Green Choice offers is that its customers in Somerset get free pick up and delivery of their rug. This will keep the cost down and make cleaning your rug easy and convenient. The rug will be cleaned in our own rug cleaning facility where only experienced and certified techs will clean your rug. Our trained staff can handle every type of rug and cleaning properly even handmade Persian and oriental rugs.

Our Green Upholstery Cleaning Service

Our clients also like our upholstery service because it will remove dirt and stains and only uses safe green cleaners to keep your sofa or couch free from cleaning chemicals. The technician will do a top quality steam clean. You can’t beat the upholstery cleaning prices either. Our prices are affordable but our cleaning quality and service is the best in the area.

Mattress Cleaning

Green Choice can remove dirt, stains on your mattress by having it steamed cleaned. This process will kill allergens, bed bugs and bacteria from the mattress. The New Jersey carpet cleaning will remove urine stains as well by doing a deep clean to restore the mattress to its original state. The technician will decide what the best way to clean the carpet during the estimate. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning will clean your mattress, and you will not be disappointed.

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You should really consider the Green Choice Carpet Cleaning service because they will do a great job cleaning your rug. You call them at 1-888-313-9150. The staff will get back to you as soon as possible with your preferred method of contact. They will answer your questions or sign you up.

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