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Green Upholstery Cleaning Queens

Upholstered furnishings are found in almost every home in the Queens area. These may include couches, recliners, armchairs, foot rests and so much more. Some Queens residents are looking for professional upholstery cleaning service to remove a tough stain from just one piece of furniture. Others may want all of their upholstered furnishings professionally cleaned. Like carpet and area rugs, upholstery can easily collect dander, dirt and more deep inside the fibers of the fabric. This can make a home look and smell dirty even after it has just been cleaned. With the services of Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, a green upholstery cleaner Queens, your home’s upholstered surfaces can be impeccably cleaned in an Eco-friendly way.

A Closer Look At Our Services

With our green upholstery service, we will first visit your home free of charge to provide you with a customized quote.

Whether you only need a single stain removed from your couch or want a quote for all of your furnishings to be cleaned, Green Choice can provide you with a quote tailored to meet your needs.

When we clean your furnishings, we will use green cleansers to gently yet effectively remove those tough stains.

Our powerful cleaning machines are designed to extract a greater amount of moisture and particles from the furnishings than the machines our competition uses.

This means that your furniture will not only be cleaner but it will also dry more quickly.

This prevents the possibility for mold growth and damage to your furnishings.

All of our services are performed by our team of expertly trained cleaners who know how to provide you with the highest quality of professional results.

Further, because Green Choice Upholstery Cleaning Queens only uses green cleansers, you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals being used on your furniture or close to your family and pets.


Upholstery Shampoo Cleaning NYC

Thorough, Fast Cleaning

You may be interested in only getting stains or odors removed from your sofa or couch, but you may consider the benefits of a thorough, efficient cleaning of all of your home’s upholstered surfaces.

Our cleaning process can remove known allergens from your furnishings, and this can make your entire home a cleaner environment with better air quality for your family to live in.

Professional upholstery cleaning is recommended for your home’s furnishings each time you perform “spring cleaning.” It will give your home a more thorough level of clean than simply vacuuming your furnishings does.

Our steam cleaning and shampoo cleaning doesn’t just clean the surface, but sends its cleaning power deep into the upholstery and extracts dust and dirt from areas regular vacuuming cannot reach.

Stains and odors can removed so you furniture will look and smell like new again.

You can get a quote to remove a single spot, to clean all of your furnishings or both when you call us today.

About Upholstery Cleaning

Even if you keep a clean household, your upholstery is subject to everyday dirt and stains. People carry in dirt, dust and allergens on their clothing. Food particles grease and drink stains can leave messy film that can weaken upholstery fabrics. Periodic cleaning helps to remove these substances from fabric fibers and leave your furniture clean and odor-free.

Do-It-Yourself Upholstery Cleaning Problems

Many people take on the task of cleaning upholstery themselves. However, this type of cleaning can be time-consuming and problematical. Householders must buy or rent heavy cleaning equipment and learn how to use these machines. These machines may be clumsy to use and sometimes do not reach into crevices of the furniture. In addition, many different types of fabrics are used for upholstery. Not all of these fabrics are colorfast and can bleed color. Other fabrics, such as Haitian cotton, require special cleaning solutions to prevent yellow staining.
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Carpets looks new.. Awesome

My carpets looks like brand new now. Great job.. even the pet stains are gone. Happy to contact the right person. Thank you guys

Good job, Fully satisfied

I am fully satisfied with the service that Greenchoice provided. Highly recommended. guys keep it up.

Using Green products is amazing

I am totally impressed not only by the perfection of the work but also the materials that are used. They are using Green products which is amazing. Keep it up

Best Cleaners inNY

I was searching for a good carpet cleaners in NY and i tried a few . I am totally satisfied by the work provided by Greenchoice. Highly recommended

Love the way they work

I really had doubts about these guys but once got the quote its all went fine. Timely pick up, Friendly customer care and Timely delivery in affordable price. I recommend them to friends

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