Pets Stains and Odor Removal 

For pet owners, pets are treated like family members and provide companionship for their lucky owners.

But having a pet in your home can make it difficult to keep it clean.

Even well-trained pet can leave stains and odors, which can make a home look and smell dirty and unclean.

Dogs and cats will often urinate on the carpets and rugs, causing stains and odors. Getting rid of pet urine can be difficult because you may not know when or where it happened. If urine is left in the carpets.

it will make it more difficult to remove later and can start to cause stains and spots. That is why you need to use a professional cleaner like Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC.

We know the best and safest way to remove pet urine and odors.

The cleaning technicians at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning professionals are trained to clean all types of carpet, rugs, and upholstery.

They have the knowledge to understand what type of stain and the best cleaning process to remove stains and odors.

Our highly-trained and skilled workers know how to start their work properly.

They first examine the rugs deeply with a particular type of ultraviolet light. Hence, these lights expose the areas that are affected by the urine of pets.

We use a special kind of method that easily detects the odorous urine areas that cannot be easily visible to the naked eye.

Our green cleaning solutions and deep shampoo process will reach deep in the carpet or rug and remove the stains and odors.

When we are done you will have a clean and fresh home again free of the nasty pet odors.

Plus your carpets and rugs will be clean again and free of any bacteria caused by urine.

I want to learn more about our stain and odor removal service, call us at 1-212-390-0148

Protect Your Carpet and Rugs from Urine Damage

We at Green Choice love pets.

We know the worth of pets in our customers’ lives. These are the living things that add colors and beauty to a dull life. The pets always support us and help to live healthily and happily.

However, it can be ambitious to keep a home clean from pet urine.

When pet urine is left in your carpet or rug, it can start to damage your rug and carpet.

Pet urine can lead to bacteria growth which, if you have small children, is something you want to prevent since it can lead to sickness.

Pet urine will also damage the dye in your rug and lead to a color run.

If you have a valuable handmade rug, it can cause the colors to run and can damage large areas of the rug.

The color run will not only degrade the appearance of your rug but will cause it to lose its value. If you want to protect your rugs, then you need to have urine and odors removed by Green Choice Carpet of NYC.

Carpet Cleaning

Green Choice Stain and Odor Removal

Our deep cleaning process has effectively removed stains and odors to the satisfaction of our many clients in the NYC metro area.

Our stain and odor removal service have saved our clients money because they did not have to buy new carpet to replace their old one.

When we clean your carpets, we first spay the problem areas to loosen up the stains and urine.

Then we spay and vacuum the area again with our use an industrial strength vacuum to remove the cleaning detergent and the stains.

Our deep cleaning process lifts up the urine and odors from your carpets remove stains and odors for good.

Our carpet cleaning and protection treatments include odor neutralizing, sanitizing and disinfection of the carpet or rug.

Green Choice has its own rug cleaning factory to clean your area rugs.

We will soak your rug and apply our special rug cleaning formula that has a neutral PH that protects dyes from urine during cleaning.

After cleaning we use our centrifuge drying machine that removes up to 95% of the water in minutes.

This means any water containing the urine and odor is gone and the quick drying protects the rug against color run.

If you are thinking it time to replace your rug because of pet damage, Green Choice can save you money and restore your rug to to like new condition.

Don't Throw It Away, Clean It!

We at Green Choice Carpet have the aim to provide you a better, healthier, and clean environment for living.

We use safe and clean products to clean the rugs that are affected by pet urine.

Our staff take care of children and pets and only use non-toxic products for cleaning purposes.

Our service for pet stain and odor removal in New York is easy and affordable.

We use the best hot water extraction and deep shampoo cleaning to make sure your carpets will look like brand new again.

If you want to learn more about our service or book a cleaning appointment, call us at 1-212-390-0148.

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Carpets looks new.. Awesome

My carpets looks like brand new now. Great job.. even the pet stains are gone. Happy to contact the right person. Thank you guys

Good job, Fully satisfied

I am fully satisfied with the service that Greenchoice provided. Highly recommended. guys keep it up.

Using Green products is amazing

I am totally impressed not only by the perfection of the work but also the materials that are used. They are using Green products which is amazing. Keep it up

Best Cleaners inNY

I was searching for a good carpet cleaners in NY and i tried a few . I am totally satisfied by the work provided by Greenchoice. Highly recommended

Love the way they work

I really had doubts about these guys but once got the quote its all went fine. Timely pick up, Friendly customer care and Timely delivery in affordable price. I recommend them to friends

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