New Jersey Silk Rug Cleaner

Area rugs can be made of several different types of material and fibers.

Silk rugs are among the finest rugs that can be found in a home.

Whether you have one silk rug or several, you want to take steps to properly care for your rug to maintain its style and function in your home.

Some silk rugs are made of natural silk fibers, and others are made of synthetic silk fibers.

Still others may be comprised of both silk and another natural fiber, such as wool.

When looking for a New Jersey silk rug cleaner to care for your rugs, you want to find a rug cleaning company like Green Choice Carpet Cleaning that is skilled at cleaning all types of area rugs with care.


Our Rug Cleaning Process

Some rug cleaning companies will provide you with a quote over the phone.

While this sounds convenient initially, you have to determine what type of rug you have, measure it and more.

You can tell right from the start that Green Choice silk rug cleaning process is different because we will visit your home and provide you with a free estimate that is personalized to your specific area rug cleaning needs.

The representative who visits your home can measure your rug, determine its composition, inspect it for special needs such as spot removal and more.

If you want to proceed with rug cleaning at that time, the representative can even roll the rug up and transport it on your behalf to our local rug cleaning facility.

In many cases, we are able to offer same-day or next-day service for cleaning area rugs.

In addition to standing apart from the competition in these areas, we also go a step above and beyond with our actual cleaning process.

Our rug cleaning process is Eco-friendly.

Utilizing organic cleaners, the process is gentle on your rug and tough on stains.

Other companies may use synthetic cleansers, but these are harsh and may not be what you want applied to your fine silk rug.



Stain Removal for Silk Area Rug New Jersey

Many people have been horrified by the stains that appear on their silk rug.

There is no nightmare bigger than an imported silk area rug with an ugly unsightly stain glaring back at you.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning are experts at efficiently removing stains from silk area rugs.

We are the right choice for professional removal of some of the toughest stain on silk fibers.

Untreated stains can ultimately ruin a rug.

Leave it up to our experts to deal with your stain problem.

Only Professionals for Silk Stain Removal

Stain removal from a silk rug takes great knowledge and skill.

Our experts are fully trained at working with different fabrics, materials, bad odors and various stains.

It is a matter of selecting the right products that will not harm the silk rug, but breakdown the stain.

Our experts know that acid based stains like wine would be treat very differently from a pet urine.

You can be completely confident that our experts can remove the stain for you and protect your silk rug from damage.

Fresh Stains vs. Old Stains

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning knows that the earlier a stain is caught, the easier it is to remove.

Once a stain sets in, it will be more difficult to remove.

This is exactly why Green Choice Carpet Cleaning offers same day service for stain emergencies.

When the stain first appears on your silk rug, contact us immediately. Our expert will arrive at your location and remove the stain.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning can help in preventing any future stains on your silk area rug.

Stain Prevention

After we successfully treat the stain on your silk rug, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning would like to offer our preventive measures.

We can add 3M Scotch Guard on your silk rug.

It will go deep down into your rug’s fibers, so any future stains can be treated immediately.

The Scotch Guard will allow you to completely remove the stain.

If you have any additional question regarding your silk area rug, just pick up the phone and contact us immediately.

We are also expert in thoroughly cleaning silk rugs.

Our services also do many different types of repair and restoration work at our facility.

All of our work is 100% guaranteed and we know that you will love our work.

Customer satisfaction is number 1 with Green Choice Carpet Cleaning services.

Affordable Professional Cleaning, Repair, and Restoration and Silk Rug New Jersey

Our free consultation is the main to key to understand the service of Green Choice Carpet Cleaning services.

Our experts are trained and skilled in the art of rug repair and restoration.

Your Silk rug is valuable and your will need the expert work of Green Choice Carpet Cleaning.

All repair and restoration is done at our facility in New Jersey.

Our experts will use state of the art equipment and products that will fully restore your  rug.

Since all of the work is done on our premises, we offer all New Jersey customers free pickup and delivery services at no charge.

Protect Your Rugs Value

There are so many ways the average rug can become destroyed.

The family pet may be cute, but they can urine, chew and add pet dander to your silk rug.

Moths can invade and chew holes in your rug. Cigarette burns, spills, stains, wear and tear are all common things that occur on rugs.

Whether the rug is an heirloom or just an accessory in a room, you want it to last a long time.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning understand the value of your Silk rug, and we will clean and repair it with the professional hands of our craftsmen and women.

Our rug cleaning will remove dust, stains and odor from your rug so it will look and smell like new.

Green Choice Skilled Repair Experts

Our staff of carefully selected members are well qualified to do all types of rug repairs that will make an old rug look new again.

All of our people are up-to-date with the latest techniques in repairing and restoring rugs.

Before any work is done they will closely inspect each rug and determine exactly the type of work should be done.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning offers you a guarantee of full satisfaction.

We will patch, mend rips, tighten and re-weave the tassels & fringes, remove mold and mildew. All pet odors will be removed by our Eco-friendly deodorizers.

Repairs at Affordable Prices

If you have a rug that need to be repair, don’t hesitate because you think it’s expensive, call Green Choice.

We will patch up holes with our material.

We are experts at rug dying, weave with matching yarn and brighten any faded colors on the silk rug.

We offer top quality work at very competitive prices. Just leave your rug in the very capable hands of our experts, we will do a job that will knock you off your feet.


Award-Winning Silk Area Rug Cleaning Company in New Jersey

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning has it’s perks! Our experts can understand how children, the dog and house guests can have an accident on your priceless silk area rug.

In fact, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning are experts at stain removal and other types of rug maintenance.

Whenever anything falls on your silk rug, it must be properly cleaned immediately before the stain sets into the fibers.

You can trust your silk area rug with Green Choice Carpet Cleaning.

Our expert will come to your location for one of our free in-home consultations. They will look at the rug and inspect it for problematic areas that we can fix.

Our friendly customer service will arrange for our free pickup and delivery service.

All of the work is done at our state of the art facility.

Our Green Cleaning Process

Once we receive your silk rug, it will be inspected and the dirt will be removed from the rug.

Our facility is fully equipment with state of the art machines and products for your silk rug.

It will be pre-treated with our eco-friendly stain remover.

We can remove chewing gum, coffee stains, pet urine, chocolate, cooking oils, wine, juice, ketchup, lipstick, nail polish and so much more.

Our expert understands how delicate a silk rug can be, so it will be handled with the best care. You can rest assured that your rug is in great hands.

Once the rug is cleaned, it will be dried, groomed and prepared for any repairs

Our Repair and Restoration For Your Silk Rug

The number one thing that we have to repair is fringes.

Many rugs will lose fringes due to vacuuming and foot traffic.

Our expert can easily fix this problem for you.

If the rug need to be re-weaved and holes need to be filled, our experts can do this work for you.

We never shy away from a difficult job; let us assess the silk area rug during the free consultation.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning will stand by our 100% guarantee for all New Jersey customers.

The final step after repairs

We will do one more final inspection of your rug to ensure all of the work is complete.

Our expert will add a deodorizer that will give your rug a clean, fresh scent.

We will also add 3M Scotch Guard and moth repellent to your rug.

The rug is delivered back to your home and place on the floor by our expert.

Exclusive 5 Step Silk Area Rug Cleaning Process New Jersey

Anyone would wish to have his or her rug sparkling despite receiving many visitors.

However, one can only make his or her rug to be flawless by choosing the dependable Silk rug cleaning company This company will help you in maintaining the appearance and the health of one’s rug.

Depending on the number of visitors that use a Silk carpet, it is advisable to clean the rugs on a regular basis so that they remain glamorous.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning prides of giving its clients the best through the use of specialized rug cleaning techniques and tools.

Green Choice cleaning company does not use toxic chemicals to clean the Silk rugs.

This is so because the chemicals are likely to damage the fibers.

Therefore, this company has resorted to the use of natural detergents for desirable results.

Green Choice cleaning company has specialized 5 step Silk area rug cleaning process in New Jersey for the deep cleaning of rugs without causing damage to them.

5 Step Silk Area Rug Cleaning Process

The initial step that we undertake during the cleaning process involves inspection of Silk rugs.

The areas of interest in the rugs are thoroughly inspected irrespective of their size or shape.

The areas that are weak or damaged are given due care during the cleaning process.

Color loss is also checked for 24 hours before cleaning starts.

The second process involves dusting.

This process is done using an air compressor.

This compressor is of high power and is used to remove all the dirt before the washing begins. After dusting, washing begins.

This is done by hand or a mil rug machine.

All the products that are used in washing are natural.

However, stained rugs must be socked for at least 24 hours.

Rinsing is done twice after the washing. However, rugs that are washed using mills are rinsed by jets.

After rinsing, the rugs are dried overnight at a suitable controlled temperatures which is about 65 -85 degrees.

Dehumidifiers and fans are also turned on to help speed up the drying process.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Green Choice

It is affordable for one to have his or her rugs cleaned by Green Choice.

This is so because there are no hidden charges.

The company also offers convenient appointments and is fully operational. Moreover, the staffs are highly skilled, courteous, dedicated, and certified.

NJ Rug Cleaning

Free Pickup/Delivery for Silk Area Rug New Jersey

Silk area rugs and vintage carpets are items many people consider as treasures.

Unfortunately, since they are in display 24/7, damages to its condition are inevitable.

From stains, tears, fades and plucks, imperfections will soon emerge from your home’s tapestries.

What can you do to restore it back to mint condition?

Hiring the right area rug cleaner in New Jersey seems to be the best option open during this crisis.

Green Choice rug Cleaning Services

There are many carpet cleaning companies, but only few can match the reputation of  Green Choice Carpet Cleaning.

With our experience and expert knowledge in the carpet cleaning business, we provides a broad range of cleaning and repair services suitable for all types of rugs and carpets, ranging from the most damaged to the most sensitive.

Catering to clients nationwide, Green Choice has created their brand as an industry-leader for this respective service niche.

Service Features

The cleaning process is the most important part of any rug or carpet service.

If cleaning is managed poorly or insufficiently, your rug  will most likely suffer the consequences.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning executes specifically designed and perfected steps to make sure the fabric is entirely clean and odorless.

Most companies simply vacuum your rugs or carpets, yet with Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, your rugs will undergo several steps of cleaning and drying.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning uses only safe cleaning agents to avoid damaging sensitive fabric as well as to avoid leaving harmful debris and residue you or your family might inhale or consume.

Free Pickup/Delivery for Silk Area Rug New Jersey

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning company is fully aware how busy our clients are on a daily basis.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning offers free pickup/delivery for Silk area rug clients in New Jersey.

This unique feature is something Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is proud to offer to its clients.

With free pickup/delivery, our clients will be given the luxury of time to manage other more important responsibilities in their life.

Using this exclusive service feature, you can grab extra minutes of browsing the web or spend time with your kids at the park or mall while your responsibilities are being taken care of by a professional carpet cleaner.

The price rates for Green Choice Carpet Cleaning’s services are also notably affordable and competitive. In fact, you may not find any other company that provides affordable cleaning services alongside complimentary pickup and delivery.

Special Coupon for Silk Area Rug Cleaning New Jersey

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning would like to extend customer appreciation by giving you 15% off of your next silk rug cleaning.

This offer is good for one household per coupon.

It’s not valid with other coupon offers.

Contact us today and get your free no-obligation consultation with our specialist.

They will measure your rug and assess the pre-existing damages. All silk area rug cleaning is done at our facility.

We are completely prepared to handle your silk rug with our state of the art equipment and fully trained staff. All customers will receive our free pickup and delivery service.

Cleaning at Great Discounts

Your silk area rug will receive outstanding service from our trained specialist.

They are ready to inspect your silk rug for stains, damages and odors.

Our specialist will decide how to proceed with the cleaning.

The dust will be removed with a compressed air tool design to pull the dirt from the foundation of your rug.

The spots, stains and spill marks will be pre-treated with a biodegradable, non-toxic, Eco-friendly stain remover.

This will dissolve and diminish the stain immediately.

All of our techniques are safe and effective for silk area rugs.

Our specialist will clean your rug by hand.

The rug will have softer fibers and it will be completely clean.

All rugs will be place in our temperature controlled room for 24 hours.

Protecting Your Investment

Our specialist understands the value of your silk rug and it will be in safe hands at our facility.

All of our work will preserve the life of your investment. We are trained to clean and repair some of the most delicate handmade rugs.

Each rug will be carefully groomed and receive special attention from our specialist. Our repairs will add even more value to your silk area rug.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning uses cutting edge technology to bring back the brilliant colors in your silk rug.

You can have peace of mind knowing that our work is 100% guaranteed.

Repairing Your Silk Area Rug

Our specialist will re-fringe and re-weave your rug.

If your rug needs some repair work, let Green Choice Carpet Cleaning do it for you.

We have all of the necessary tools and material at our location that can mend your silk area rug and make it look new.

Deodorizer, Scotchguard and Moth Repellent can be added for additional protection to your silk rug.

NJ Rug Cleaning

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