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Persian Rug Restoration and Repair

We understand your Persian rug is a work of art and investment. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning knows the tradition of weaving and repairing damaged Persian rugs. Preservation is the key to cleaning, repairing and restoring your rug. Some people don’t know the true value of their rug and the rug will begin to deteriorate. Let the expertise of Green Choice Carpet Cleaning use our weaving techniques and care for your rug at our facility. We will come to your location for a free in-house consultation. Our experts will know exactly which approach to take that with your Persian rug. Once we fully assess the repair that is needed to fix your rug, our expert will give you an affordable price quote for our work.

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Preserving Your Investment

Cleaning your rug is one of the most important steps in our repair process. Walking on a rug filled with dirt and debris will cause damage to the fibers. This will accelerate the damage to the rug and reduce the longevity. A good hand washing will make all of the colors brighter and the fibers soft. Just a good hand washing by our expert will add years to your rug. We use an mild ego-friendly shampoo that is design to pull the dirt out from the foundation. Once the rug is cleaned, it will be dried on the climate controlled room. Once dried, it will be groomed and ready to be repaired.

Repairing Years of Damage

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning knows that the very best repair work is done by skilled weavers. We look at every repair job as a project in the works. Our expert is trained in weaving all types of rug fibers and will know how to work on the rug without damaging it any further. The artistic part of the rug will remain intact. Our experts will use materials and a weaving technique that will be appropriate for your Persian rug. Our expert can actually replicate the original foundation and pattern in the Persian rug. We use dyed yarn that will match and blend in with your original fibers.

The Work is 100% Guaranteed

Our repair work will bring back the original beauty of the Persian rug. The expert work will absolutely amaze you and the rug will look brand new. We are proud to give all of our work a 100% guarantee. Your complete satisfaction is very important to us.

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If you have any questions about our repair and restoration services you can call us, fill out our contact form, or chat with us. We can send a technician to your home or office who can inspect your restoration needs, and give you a full explanation of the best way to repair your items and the cost. This estimate is free. Our phone number is: 1-888-313-9150.

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