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Moroccan Rug

After building, buying, or renting your house or apartment, it is important for you to decorate or design your home.

Different items can be used to decorate or design your houses such as chandeliers, marble tiles, lovely art pieces, and much more.

But, one that does not get mentioned often is the rug, getting a rug that fits perfectly with your space can make a very huge difference.

There are different types of rugs such as wool rugs, cotton rugs, nylon rugs, polyester rugs, and olefin rugs, just to name a few.

However, in this article, we will be talking about a special type of rug that is not only beautiful on the eye, but also durable.

This rug is called the Moroccan rug, in the paragraphs that follow this, we will aim to explain what the Moroccan rug is, how to clean and take care of it, why you should use our professional carpet cleaning services and lots more.

What is Moroccan rug and where did it come from?

While the northern African nation of Morocco is well known for its tourist attractions, the Moroccan rugs are one which now attracts a lot of attention from many foreigners.

Moroccan rugs are rugs that are made by the indigenes of Morocco themselves.

They include textiles, weaves, and carpets and have been around since ancient times.

The traditional making of the rug is said to be older than the nation itself.

These rugs were originally made for utility purpose, but in recent times, they are being used for decorative purposes.

Moroccan rugs are usually thick making it perfect for both cold and hot environments do whether you stay in Iceland or you are in the Sahara desert, this rug would be perfect for you.

These rugs not only add softness and warmth to your home, but they can also act as a bold and beautiful centerpiece that will surely appeal to your visitors.

Styles of Moroccan Rugs

Styles of Moroccan Rugs

There are different types of Moroccan that are commonly used and we will mention the commonly used ones.

  • Beni Ourain: This Moroccan style is the one that suits a modern chic look the most.
  • It has great designing and local palette of simple diamonds which makes it easy to spot them.
  • Beni Mguild: This Moroccan style has complex diamond patterns on a single color foundation of blue, red, purple or magenta.
  • There is a style called Zaiane which is essentially a more expensive version of the Beni Mguild.
  • Ourika: This Moroccan style very popular due to its friendly and fun look.
  • It is made from putting bright concentric precious stones on a white wool ground.
  • Azilal: This Moroccan style has a very simple but appealing look and feel.
  • The catch with this modern style is that it seems to have every line or shape in the rug in movement. It can thus serve as a very good center piece.
  • Boucherouite: just like the name sounds, can serve as a stunning masterpiece or work of art. This Moroccan rug covers all the different types that are mainly derived from recycled thread and fabrics. These rugs range from low to high depending on the pattern and or the color combination.
  • Boujad: This Moroccan rug style is for people who little intense mixture of colors and shapes.
  • It features a mixture of orange and red, with floating geometric shapes, squares or wobbly looking diamonds. These designs are not for everybody and a regular buyer would not know how to use it unless it is been used for a specific purpose.
  • Rehamna: These Moroccan rugs are very similar to the Persian rugs and are easy to not by their distinctive blood-red plus magenta coloring.

How to Clean Moroccan Rugs at Home

After much contemplation, you have finally chosen and purchased one of the Moroccan styled rugs we suggested above.

You bring it to your home and after some time, you feel it needs to be cleaned. Naturally, it is advised you bring to a professional rug cleaner so that it will be cleaned and washed thoroughly.

This is the best thing to do and we will talk more about why you should use the services of a professional rug cleaner later on in this article.

But, at this time, let us assume you want to do a little exercise and you will like to quickly clean your Moroccan rug.

These are some of the steps you need to follow to clean your rug at home.

But, first, you have to know the type of rug you want to clean as different types of Moroccan rugs have different cleaning methods.

For example, the boucherite rug is a little hard to wash when compared to its counterparts because it has a higher pile, while a flat weave rug, on the other hand, is easier to wash.

You should also avoid the use of any chemical as they are known to remove the natural dye in Moroccan rugs and damage it.

Cleaning a low pile rug like the Beni Ourani rug

Spot or soft Cleaning: If you want to clean a spill on the rug, you start by using a paper towel to clean the spot, after which you use baking soda to absorb as much liquid in the rug as possible.

You can then proceed to use a vacuum cleaner to clean it.

But if the stain stills remain, you should use a blend of vinegar and baking soda.

In the case of a pet stain, use an equal mixture of cold water and distilled vinegar, this will also help remove any scent the rug might have.

Deep Cleaning: If you want a more thorough cleaning, It to use more than just water to clean the rug.

Luckily, low pile rugs like the Beni Ourani rug are made of natural colors without additional dying which makes them easier to clean.

For a deep clean, you will need a space with sufficient sunlight, a clean brush, a vacuum cleaner, and water.

The first thing you need to remove as much dirt in the rug as possible.

You do this by shaking and dusting it thoroughly.

The next thing to do is to use the “high” height setting on your vacuum to remove any more dirt in the rug.

Next, arrange the rug in a way that will allow water to run off easily. You can use something tall like a ladder so as to allow as much dirty water runoff as possible.

For this part, I advise you use a power washer to pour water on the rug, it makes it easier and more effective as the pressured water better remove the dirt in the rug. Run the water from top to bottom and on both sides of the rug.

You can now use the brush to clean any dark spots the rug might still have.

If your rug is very dirty, you can use light softly to wash. Do not use a hard soap to prevent the rug’s dye from washing off.

When you feel you have removed as much dirt from the rug as possible, then it is time to dry it.

The weather at the time you wash the rug will determine the time required for it to dry.

If it is on a day where there is sufficient sunlight, you might need about 1 to 2 hours. However, more time will be required on a less sunny day.

Cleaning a high pile rug like the Boucherite rug

Clean a high pile rug is considerably tougher than with the low rug, this is because you have to be gentle when cleaning it to avoid pieces of the rug from falling out.

Since they are mostly made of fabric, you clean or wash it the way you would wash your cloth.

After doing the soft cleaning as we did above, you wash it with soft detergent and squeeze it, then leave it to dry under the sun.

But remember to do this gently.

Why you should call the professionals to clean your rug

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While cleaning your Moroccan rug and home might be fun, it is important for you to ensure your rugs are properly washed be professionals.

This is because

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