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When you discovered moths were eating your rug, you probably felt pretty horrified.

Bug infestations can be destructive, costly, and frustrating. In order to tackle this problem, we first need to understand what causes it.

Then we need to determine a solution that will be worth your time and money.

Feeding Habits of Clothing Moths

Clothing moths, as we typically call them, are a species of fungus moth whose larvae feed on natural fibers including wool, silk, angora, and other hair fibers.

They are also capable of finding nourishment on synthetic fibers where any protein substances have been spilled.

This includes food or beverage stains, blood, urine, animal waste, and perspiration.

Although adult clothing moths may be spotted in your home, it is their larvae that destroy fabrics.

An adult female lives from 2-30 months and can lay from 100-150 eggs during that time.

She lays her eggs on surfaces she knows her babies will consume.

In five days, the eggs hatch into larvae, which look like small white caterpillars.

If you notice any of the above you must call us as soon as possible since time in this case is of the essence.

Our rug cleaning and repair NYC process and moth treatment are designed to rid your rug of moths and kill their larvae.

Carpet Cleaning

Signs of Clothing Moth Infestation

There are a few ways to tell if you have an infestation of clothing moths in your home.

You may notice the winged adults.

Their larvae can also be spotted, usually in dark, low-traffic areas on the underside of rugs.

Or, you may notice that your rug has bare spots, or loose fibers laying on top of it, which are signs of larvae damage.

By having rug cleaning and repair NYC service you will put an end to the infestation and make sure your rug does not sustain any more damage in the future.

The Solution: Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC

So you’ve determined you have clothing moths, and you’re wondering how to repair moth damaged rugs in New York.

Our grandparents may have relied on mothballs, but those are a toxic option that is dangerous to your family’s health—and they don’t always work.

Hanging cedar blocks around the house is a healthier idea, however it is not always effective either.

Also, most people do not own industrial-strength sewing materials necessary for rug repair.

We are experts in rug cleaning and repair NYC and we have all the necessary materials and equipment to save your rug and stop the moth infestation.

We Remove Stains & Odors in NYC

We Have a 20% Off on All Cleaning Services

The best way to eliminate clothing moths, and repair moth damaged rugs in New York, is to call the professionals at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning.

Ridding your rug of these pests is a major job that cannot be completed at home.

We will thoroughly clean your rugs and mend the moth damage NYC the larvae have caused.

We happily take the necessary steps to rid your rug of pests and rid your mind of stress! For your convenience we have a 15% discount on all cleaning services and processes.

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