Silk Rug Cleaning Manhattan

Many people in Manhattan are fortunate enough to own silk rugs that have been passed down from one generation to the next.

People who own expensive silk rugs usually keep them out of high traffic areas and some don’t put them on the floor at all but hang them on the wall like tapestries.

So when these rugs became stained or soiled it can actually be an occasion for panic.

On the other hand, some owners simply want to have their rug professionally cleaned every few years to maintain its beauty and make sure it’s in good enough shape to pass on to the next generation.

As a Manhattan silk rug cleaner, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning has cleaned many silk carpets.

We know that silk is a natural and delicate fabric and our green cleansers are just the thing to restore a rug to its original vividness and beauty.


A Green Company

We’re a green company, which means the products we use are environmentally friendly and won’t damage our customer’s silk rug. Our prices are competitive and our staff has years of training and experience in rug cleaning.

They also have all the right certifications that would allow them to professionally clean rugs and carpets. Our customers will never have to worry that their rug is in the hands of people who aren’t sure of what they’re doing.

When the customer calls Green Choice will send a professional to their home.

They’ll carefully evaluate the rug, then give a free estimate.

We will let the customer know exactly what is going to be done to their rug and whether it can be completely cleaned without damaging it.

With our company, the customer will never have surprises.

Carpet Cleaning

No Subcontractors

Our company will then take the silk rug to our own factory and clean it there.

Green Choice does not charge for either picking the rug up or bringing it back and if the customer is in a hurry we can agree to clean the rug that day.

We don’t have subcontractors do the cleaning for us, which saves both time and money.

We clean silk rugs by hand washing them with a gentle, green cleanser.

However, we also understand that even hot water can by itself damage a silk rug, so we have a special, gentle cleaning technique with these very valuable and beautiful rugs.

While silk may seem a strong fiber, when it is wet it can be stretched so care has to be taken to protect the wet silk fibers.

We also know how to manually remove spots and stains from the rug.

Green Choice will always make sure to use environmentally friendly cleansers to do these jobs.

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