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Free Pick-Up/Delivery for Persian Area Rug Manhattan NYC

A dirty Persian area rug in your home can be a true eyesore. If you are like other Manhattan area residents, you purchased your once beautiful area rug for a specific purpose. Often, these rugs are purchased to complete the look of a room and add that final decorative touch to a space that was lacking. Because they do take up so much space on a floor and are a focal point that attracts the attention of the eye, any signs of excessive dirt, spots and more can really detract from the style and cleanliness of a room. While you want to have your own Persian rug cleaned by a professional for the best results possible, you may be looking for a great way to save money on this service. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning provides you with a great way to save through its free pick-up and delivery service.

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Transporting Your Rug for Cleaning Service

You may have contacted a few other rug cleaning companies for professional cleaning service, and some may have offered to clean your rug in your own home. Keep in mind, however, that to thoroughly clean these large rugs, they may need to be immersed in water, thoroughly soaked, combed and allowed to dry. Another option may be to clean them with a dry method that thoroughly shakes and beats the ground-in dirt loose from the fibers. These are both intensive cleaning methods that require a great deal of space to complete. So thoroughly cleaning Persian area rugs in your own home is simply not possible if you want the best results. Because of this, transporting the rug to a special rug cleaning facility is necessary. Some companies will require you to transport the rug on your own, but most people don’t have the time, energy or vehicular means necessary to complete this task on their own. Some companies may offer a transportation service, but they will charge you an additional fee. A more affordable option is to use the free pick-up/delivery for Persian rug Manhattan NYC from Green Choice Carpet Cleaning.

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Before You Schedule Pick-Up

If you are ready to get started with professional rug cleaning service from Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, call to schedule an appointment. Before your rug will be picked up and transported to the cleaning facility, a rug expert will visit your home free of charge to provide you with a customized quote for the cleaning services your rug needs. This may include a wet cleaning process, a dry cleaning process, spot treatment or a combination of these options.

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