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Even if you regularly clean your home carefully, there comes a time when using a professional cleaning is both easier and cost effective.

Dust can become embedded in your carpets and rugs that a vacuum cannot remove.

Or spilled food and drinks can create a hard to remove stain and odor.

With a small child or pet in the household, your carpets, rug and upholstery can pick up stains and odors quickly.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning can clean your dirty items and get rid of unsightly stains.

If you live in Greenwich, call Green Choice today to learn more about their expert cleaning services.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is the premiere green carpet cleaning service in Greenwich CT .

If you have children or pets in your home, you want to make sure that they are safe and not exposed to potentially harmful chemicals.

Green Choice only used certified green cleaners that are free of harsh chemicals and safe for your environment.

Our advanced deep cleaning with removed even deeply embedded dirt.

If you have stains and odors, our cleaners will remove them from your carpet without the use of harsh chemicals.

When Green Choice is done your carpets will look and feel clean and fresh again and you will be delighted with both our friendly service and competitive prices.

Carpet Cleaning

Our Expert Rug Cleaning

Green Choice offers a superior rug cleaning services because we clean rugs in our state of the art rug cleaning factory. Our rug technicians have years of experience cleaning rugs and will make sure that your rug gets a thorough cleaning without harming the rug.

We know the best way to clean valuable handmade rugs.

We carefully dust your rugs to remove the loose dirt in the pile and then soak the rug to thoroughly remove dirt, stains and odors.

If your rug has not been cleaned in several years and has heavy dirt, you will be amazed at how your will look new after we are done cleaning it.

Best of all, we offer to all our rug cleaning Greenwich clients a free pickup and delivery service.

We will not charge anything to come and pickup the rug at your home and to bring it back to you after we are done.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Service

If your upholstery is looking dirty or has difficult stains on them, then it is time that you call Green Choice Capet Cleaning.

We use the same advanced green cleaning process on your upholstery to get them free of dirt and stains without any harsh chemicals.

Your upholstery will be sparkling clean again but will not have any chemical residue left on it.

If you any questions about our upholstery cleaning service, call us today and will answer any questions you have.

We Remove Stains & Odors in NYC

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