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Whether your carpet has coffee stains or the ice-cream stains, whether there are marks of crayons, or simply the everyday dust and the dirt, all the carpet in the home or the office need little care and attention.

Carpet cleaning takes many efforts and time and, thus it becomes difficult for the people to clean them.
The homeowners make many efforts in moving the furniture and wait for the carpet fibres to completely dry.

However, in our opinion, the carpet cleaning should not be as much difficult.

If you want to see the best cleaning carpet services, then the green choice carpet is here.

However, our staff is perfectly trained for this cleaning method.
If your carpet has not been professionally cleaned in a few years and you can see built up dirt and stains, then it may time for a carpet shampoo to remove all the dirt, stains and odor that has built up over the years.

There are several carpet cleaning procedures but if you want a real deep cleaning for your carpet then a carpet shampoo cleaning is the best procedure.

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Green Choice Carpet Shampoo Cleaning Process

At Green Choice carpet cleaning NYC our shampoo is based on our specially selected green carpet cleaning.

The shampoo cleaning carpet method consists of a rotary machine that is equipped with the tanks and the brushes. However, after the proper vacuuming, the whole carpet is scrubbed while the solution of shampoo is fed deep inside through brushes.

The carpet cleaning is the best choice for the house owners.

This method is very economical, and an excellent solution as it does deep cleaning and produces good effective results.

For this method, however, a very high level of skills are required.

We make sure the detergent does not contain any harmful ingredients or chemicals that are a potential hazard to your health or environment.

Our green cleaners are just as effective as regular cleaners but it also does not add to the cost and safe to use around small children and pets.

Carpet Cleaning

Why a Professional Shampoo Cleaning?

Hiring Green Choice for a carpet shampoo can save you time and money and ensure you get an excellent carpet cleaning.

If you think that shampoo price are high call us and you will see that our prices are very competitive.

If you consider the time and expense it would take to shampoo your rugs, you will see that Green Choice offers, in fact, a great value.

You do not have to find a place to rent the equipment and then bring it home and then back to the shop again.

Plus we know the best procedures to clean your carpets.

We will make sure we use the right detergent and make sure it will not cause the dye in your carpet to run. And our cleaning machines are more powerful than rental machines.

This means we will extract more dirt and water for a cleaner and quick drying carpet.
We offer the amazing and the top class services to our valuable customers.

The benefits of shampoo carpet cleaning are as follows:
•It includes the usage of a variety of different competing chemicals that remove the dirt from the targeted soil.

•The long dwell time helps to clean the carpet deep inside to the fibres.

•It uses high agitation which has, however, released more soil as compared to other methods.

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